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  1. Ayr at home

    That just looked like 11 random guys in Thistle strips running about like headless chickens. I don't know the Ayr team at all but I could immediately figure out what their formation was how they intended to play, I have no idea what the jags formation was and what the game plan was. The only thing that came to mind was that the groundsman must have asked the team not to use the middle of the pitch for fear it may wear out. I also thought we were by far the better team when it came to passing the ball in our own half so as not to cause the sensitive boys in the Ayr side any fear or alarm by actually passing the ball forward. And as much as I'd like to see a non hierarchical society, on a football pitch I'd like to see a leader. Side side side side...
  2. Albion Rovers v Partick Thistle

    First half looked like a game you'd watch at your local Rec's, second half better as Albion tired. Need to up our game for Saturday against Ayr otherwise I think we may have problems.
  3. Team rebuilding

    Gone for a Barton https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/adam-barton-leaves-the-club/
  4. Team rebuilding

    Joe Cardle...mibbeez?
  5. Team rebuilding

    Cammy Bell close to signing (allegedly).
  6. Season Tickets 2018/19

    The web site was, is, and continues to be, total mince. ‘Just phone up’ shouldn’t be the answer in this day and age. I’m afraid people equate web savvy clubs with professional clubs. Get it sorted PTFC!
  7. St Johnstone 27/1/18

    To go a bit old school, I believe that the team have finally discovered how to 'put in a shift' (yes it also helps that we have a number of chaps coming back from injury). Cargill and Woods my unexpected joint MOTM.
  8. Sellick Home 23/1

    Highlights are never kind to midfielders I think. Abdul was generally good with some moments of rustiness.
  9. Sellick Home 23/1

    Cheers chaps
  10. Sellick Home 23/1

    My mate has just asked if Jags supporters can pay at gate tomorrow and I can't find anywhere on ficial site that gives me that info. Anyone know?
  11. Line Up V Dungdee

    Two assists from Doolan! I can't remember the last time he had one! Not usually big part of his game. His coolness at the second was sublime.
  12. Motherwell 30/9/17

    I am utterly despondent. I just don't see where a win is going to come from this season.
  13. Hearts 23/9/17

    I think we can rattle the Hearts. I'm very positive even after last night. Remind me again...why is the kick off 4pm? Is there something else happening?
  14. Adding Gets Cup Game To Season Ticket

    This better work tonight. The email receipt says 'pick up ticket before 5pm' whereas I've specifically asked for it to be added to my season ticket. It has to be said that this ticket system seems a bit of a shambles. Any web site should be tested using all browsers and it should be crystal clear how to use it. Don't buy IT on the cheap jags!
  15. Adding Gets Cup Game To Season Ticket

    Ended up phoning in. Web site doesn't seem to work with Safari and Chrome but got it to work with Firefox, still couldn't add it to season ticket 'though. Resorted to telephone.