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  1. Club say games behind closed doors after weekend, BBC say SPFL and SFA to meet government at some point-nothing decided yet. Club being pragmatic or jumping the gun?
  2. 'No plans yet to cancel Scottish games'. Despite government saying all 500+ events should be cancelled! Bloody shameful SFA, some things more important than football and cashflow.
  3. So, what happens if they shut down the season because of COVID 19? Three options Games played behind closed doors (televised?). Games played after emergency over. (Probably mean running into the summer) Just stop league now, maybe finish cup games later (we're relegated) Any other options?
  4. Still the best we've played all season. We're talking a very low bar here.
  5. Best we've played all season, but even at that the old faults come back to haunt us. Inability to defend corners and unable to turn pressure into goals. Tommy Robson was stickout mom for me. We're getting better, but is it too late?
  6. Complaining about foul on keeper I think. Christ knows why, no-one near him.
  7. 'fingerprint recognezed'? Jesus H Christ. Can they not even afford a spell checker?
  8. Bunter probably not the man if your team in a dogfight. Different situation if he's managing a team with a bit of wind in their sails.
  9. Running out of games. At this point I'd take finishing in play off position. Not enough time left for team to gel but by the end of the season we might be there or thereabouts so would fancy us in the playoffs,
  10. Since last sending off Bannigan has come back a changed player. He's obviously figured out himself (or been told by management) that he doesn't need to be so tight on a player or make tackles in the middle of the park. Discretion is the better part of valour.
  11. Work rate all round superb. Bannigan imperious.
  12. That just might be the most unsatisfactory 4-1 win of all time.
  13. A wee shame but I can understand how they feel the need to. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50425490
  14. Great, band in top form. Talked to Syd after gig, had to hold back a tear.