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  1. English Leagues One and Two have concluded using the points-per-game system.
  2. Can't say I'm surprised. Or disappointed.
  3. The biggest mistake we made in recent times in regard to right backs was ignoring Liam Smith when Hearts freed him.
  4. He declined their contract offer.
  5. No-one's leaving yet, according to the Ross Docherty announcement. Players contracted until 10 June have received contract extensions until the end of the month. Announcement says to expect further news next week.
  6. The club confirmed on 27 March that it hoped to use the furlough scheme and make up the difference so that "no member of staff across the club will be left worse off by the current situation". The statement referred to "certain groups", but I assumed that applied to players.
  7. Aye, he's not one of the 14. Fox, Sneddon, Williamson, O'Ware, Brownlie, Penrice, Bannigan, Gordon, Niang, Zanatta, Lyons, Mansell, Graham, and Rudden.
  8. C'mon, man, even Dick Campbell managed that.
  9. Agreed. Another point I'd make is that I'm far from happy to see the current Chairman back at the helm. I said before - and my position remains unchanged - that her presence could suffocate the chances of fan ownership succeeding. But you could argue that the previous board's machinations have ultimately cemented her position, at least in the short term. And that's partly because she's really lucky to have been able to cede control of club communications to a competent operator this time around (hope that's evidence of lessons having been learned). That's one appointment I'd congratulate Beattie and co on.
  10. If they're a matter of public record and haven't changed any then you're not adding anything new to the debate. Ergo, you're a bore. Your view pretty much boils down to 'no-one can hold a candle to my pals when it comes to running/managing a football club'. The guys you hitched your wagon to initiated one of the most divisive periods in the recent history of PTFC. To what end and to whose benefit? We've gone full circle. Sorry, no, we're actually in a worse position than we were prior to their intervention. As I said, feel free to list who's responsible and why, starting with the current manager. But if you aren't proposing a solution then who really gives a sh*t?
  11. Finally, Jim says what everyone knew he was getting at all along.
  12. One other thing @jaf...will your table take the results of recent fundraising initiatives, mitigating action taken by clubs (i.e. furloughing players), club statements and projected season ticket sales into account? Or will it be based solely on accounts?