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  1. Great thread. Will read again.
  2. Liam Buchanan, Archie and Marc Twaddle. David Hutton and Chris Higgins for Clyde.
  3. Darian MacKinnon's shaping up to be a future addition to that list.
  4. That doesn't appear to have stretched to your sarcastic reply on the fundraising thread, Andy.
  5. The sad reality is that Dools is on his way to being released by a third Championship club in a year.
  6. Got in without any hassle.
  7. *shakes head* It doesn't appear that anything's been learned from last season. That's someone who's now, in my opinion, letting ego override rational thought. Her professional instinct *must* be telling her this is the wrong move at completely the wrong time.
  8. That "someone" was also on the board during the top six season and the season immediately prior to that. She couldn't halt the slide when she took over as chair, and it's my belief that any association with the club, implied or otherwise, is damaging. But to frame your post in a way that suggests she was only here during the bad times is disingenuous.
  9. Neither of them said that.
  10. We were relegated while Beattie was Chairman.
  11. The rot started under Beattie and continued under Jacqui Low. I'm pretty sure both of them are guilty of attempting to undermine each other via the media and members of the fan base. Their machinations have knocked the club of course to a degree. Anyone highlighting the failings of one without recognising the role of the other is guilty of a "rewriting of history", to quote Norge.
  12. What exactly are you accusing me of? Because if it's anything included in that post then you're way wide of the mark. And who's camp am I in exactly? Before you answer that, I'd refer you to my post on 23 November about a certain individual's toxic legacy.