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  1. Two goals lost from Thistle throw-ins and another because our goalkeeper is glued to his line, but, you know, Kenny Miller.
  2. I'm guessing the Premiership loanee is a returning fan favourite.
  3. Would look great on PowerPoint...
  4. That's incorrect. We're limited to four domestic (Scottish) loanees at any one time. This can be supplemented by any number of loans from different jurisdictions, AFAIK.
  5. That's a pretty simplistic and altogether negative view. One that isn't backed up by last year's activity in this window.
  6. Utter sh*t in the televised game against Talbot. Picking up a healthy wage in addition to the pay packet from his regular job.
  7. I'm a bit lost....the club's running at a deficit?
  8. I don't read that as him ruling out loans for Rangers players. What it suggests to me is he's eyeing up three loanees in January, in addition to extensions to Cole and Kakay's loans.
  9. No. A group of shareholders wanted to sell their shares. They apparently had a plan to sell it to a consortium of foreign investors. That failed, for whatever reason, so they had to look for an alternative. That alternative was Colin Weir, who seems to have been persuaded by the argument of fan ownership to make his investment. The selling shareholders had a choice. Stay and look for alternative methods of investment or sell to Colin Weir. They sold.
  10. We are where we are because a group of shareholders wanted to sell their shares.
  11. Craig Moore's signed an 18-month extension to his Ayr contract.
  12. 2-4 in January '16. Probably should've been abandoned, but that was never going to happen with Dundee leading 1-4 after 40 minutes.
  13. I think my post is pretty self-explanatory. Great win. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, folks.
  14. The guys that sit and grumble on the forum *every* Saturday continue to outdo themselves.