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  1. jaggy

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

    Was it QOS? I know Dobbie was top scorer
  2. jaggy

    Tunnock's CWSCC Quarter Finals

    Home game please. I want to win this thing! i got a Facebook reminder it was 7 years ago that we beat Cowdenbeath in the semi (final wasn’t until April)
  3. jaggy

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

  4. jaggy

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

    hhaahhhahhhhhhha Cove Rangers
  5. jaggy

    Poor crowd expected Nomads game

    Watched the 2nd half on an iPad in the middle of the night in the Far East of Russia. I’ve not made many games this season due to work travel, but what I think has improved is that we seem to move the ball quicker than earlier in the season. There seems to be less passing the ball slowly across the back from one wing to another. Kakay and Penrice were good going forward and Miller seemed to stick to being a striker most of the time. 2 well worked goals, and obviously Miller should have scored as well, but thankfully it never cost us. I’m looking forward to being home and going to the Arbroath game.
  6. jaggy

    New Owner

    How can I ignore this thread? When I click next topic I always seem to end up back reading more never ending arguments
  7. jaggy

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Could it have been Easter Monday?
  8. jaggy

    New Owner

    3 more pages of drivel since I last looked 24 hours ago
  9. jaggy

    Caldwell Sacked

    I never quite understood what he did to get the Sunderland job to be honest. he won the championship for St M, but that isn’t a huge achievement. Archie did more in his first few years, the Ross County guys won the championship at the first time of asking, Martin Canning arguably achieved more over a longer period. Strange how some managers are perceived
  10. jaggy

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Oh dear! Did you have to? Ian Cameron and Christian Dailly play off first leg
  11. jaggy

    Glasgow Cup Tie - Tuesday Evening

    Someone mentioned after the last game we must play a certain amount of regular first team players, maybe 5. Of course the arse cheeks don’t need to
  12. jaggy

    Thistle v Fake thistle.

    Great result, hopefully follow up with a home win next week
  13. jaggy

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I didn't think so, but the initial post quotes 2 Jags, so I can only assume it's not Martin
  14. jaggy

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Did he play for us? I don't remember him signing