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  1. Morton on Tuesday Evening

    More likely if the game ends in a draw
  2. Where Do You Think We'll Finish?

    I was thinking yesterday that we seem to have a few midfielders now, but well short of defensive and striker cover. Maybe the release of Barton will mean some activity soon?
  3. World Cup Pop Up

    Congrats thistle4celtic1
  4. Stenny Away

    Dools was captain yesterday
  5. Davie McParland

    RIP Davie and condolences to your family. I never saw you play but no doubt you were a legend. Sad year for Thistle
  6. Team rebuilding

    good signings for Dunfermline? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44818090
  7. Hearts friendly

    So was his dad
  8. World Cup Musings

    I wonder what Belgium think now about beating England instead of settling for runner up in the group?
  9. World Cup Musings

    I wonder if the tv will stop showing the stupid adverts with the smug guy going on about England being certs to win? Still as he said his daughter can get one in 2030
  10. World Cup Musings

    That stat confused me, England scored and the keeper saved from Kane, so it had to be more than 1
  11. Team rebuilding

    Dunfermline was mentioned but I've not seen it confirmed anywhere
  12. Team rebuilding

    Stevie Lawless?