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  1. He always got abuse for supposedly being defensive (probably more in away games) but he had some wonderful attacking players like Somner, Melrose, McAdam, Houston, John Craig and the quite brilliant Donald Park. We beat Rangers and Celtic during his time (Rangers on a few occasions) and most other teams as well. Bertie’s time at Firhill was probably my favourite
  2. Totally agree, if Sneddon comes out as you would expect then O'Ware wouldn't have needed to foul him. Still all O'Ware's stupidity that caused it though. Unlike some on the forum I don't rate Sneddon at all, he's a bit like Scully, decent shot stopper but doesn't seem to inspire any confidence in the defence.
  3. he was out for a while last season. I can't remember the injury but is it related to this latest one?
  4. It said that on the matchday info page on the official site
  5. too far from the normal flightpaths for landing I would say
  6. jaggy

    New Owner

    she was on the terrace at Stenny on Saturday with a few others in a small group.
  7. I'm sure Motherwell had a strip like that
  8. The guy is quite incredible, a real professional
  9. I don’t think it’s Liam Buchanan, far too early, but I don’t recognise the Jag. The strip must be late 90’s. Is it Owen Archdeacon for Morton?
  10. aaahahhhahhhhhhh bonus 3 - 8 ties bonus 4 - 3 teams thanks bb
  11. He replaced Rough so that would be 81 or 82? Probably 2 or 3 years before sponsored jerseys
  12. Not the best quality so I’m not sure of a few but it looks like John Lapsley in the middle and Andy Anderson on the right with Dougie McNab in goal. It looks like v. Morton
  13. Killie away. 5 A Hansen, 6 Campbell, 3 Kellachan. Ian Gibson in top pic? Bobby Houston in the bottom. Not sure of the other Jag
  14. I wondered if it came from him but then thought surely not. The last scarf I got from him was crap
  15. That is a nice scarf, I wouldn’t mind one. Maybe in the club shop?