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  1. I lived abroad at the time and signed up to watch the match on Dundee TV, but the first half didn’t broadcast so I only saw the 2nd half. Did Fox get sent off and Gallagher came on and save the subsequent penalty? Dodgy decision from what I remember. The only consolation was they refunded the payment
  2. Fantastic player. First I heard of him was when Clydebank got to the Spring Cup Final in 76 when quite a few Jags went along to Firhill to support the Bankies v Airdrie. There were the usual Shed Shenanigans with Section B, and as I stood in our normal singing bit of The Shed with the Bankies a flying bottle just missed me and smacked the guy next to me. Those were the days, now they just throw them at players!
  3. A good watch, but it annoyed me that some stories weren't finished when others cut in with their 'amusing' stories. Did Roughie really have 16000 at his testimonial?
  4. Cheers for sharing. Worth watching for some insight into the referee's thinking. My daughter's partner grew up with him in EK and also did a lot of running with him.
  5. Ok, first I’ve ever uploaded and shared on YouTube so give it a try and let me know if it works or not Jags on News at 10
  6. I saved as a video on my phone, hopefully the upload works. I’ve never tried on the forum before
  7. Ronnie Glavin of course. That was a cracking top and I had a replica, but it used to bug me when I was young that our replica tops (when thy were mainly yellow) always seemed more orangey yellow than what the actual team wore. The first time the replica was decent was when we changed to stripes.
  8. so 9th place is safe (or 11th in the Premiership) with no play off? and teams vying for promotion playoff are denied the chance of promotion? Brechin relegated to non-league? If yes who comes up? If not why not? I know it's unprecedented times but it's quite unfair, especially when in our position we've played one less game than the team above us. QOS have played 14 home & 14 away, we've played 13 home & 14 away (even though game in hand is away). We need a Duckworth Lewis method Anyway I'm sure we'll get shafted and be relegated just like in 2004
  9. Just have a 'guess how many Shankland will score' comp
  10. conceding at home, some things never change