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  1. McCall has won 3? games since coming in. That’s easily more than Caldwell did when he came in until January...... Anyway, McCall has to find a way of keeping us in touch and then he does have scope to make changes in January....... 4 loans expire and he could terminate the 5th plus dispose of Jones and the absent Australian. Using them as examples. Yes the later would cost money to release but we might not have a choice.
  2. Yes, McCall needs to find a way of getting this failing squad to get some points. Tough job given he’s probably horrified at what he has to work with, but he must find a way before January
  3. Which is my consolation.... Mc Call built it.... but the board need to back him in January to start the overhaul and dismantle this dismal squad
  4. Definitely not....we need a new spine of team... we’re weak back, middle and front. Just that I think our defence is particularly rank. I heard McCall say recently that we have a good squad and it doesn’t need major overhaul in January... I guess he said that just to keep morale up..
  5. We’ll need a new defence in January
  6. FFS. 2 down in 18mins.
  7. Did that list fall out of McCall’s back pocket, LIB? As for Bannigan, I think he’s done ok but might do better once the team confidence improves. Perhaps he’s trying too hard at times. The manager rates him highly and I’m sure I read somewhere he wants Bannigan on a longer contract.
  8. The forum has been down for a few days..... Thanks to those who were at the game for posting their thoughts
  9. Be interested to hear from someone who was there........ seems we played much better than Saturday? Didn't take our chances and of course we always concede.. McCall saying some changes in January but not wholesale ones, aiming for mid-table at that point......
  10. worked ok for the first time in days today...
  11. I respect your opinion. Would winning the league change it?