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  1. If we get Brian Graham do we think McCall has finished this window or do we think he’s still looking for more?
  2. Hopefully Bannigan picks up fewer cards now that MacKinnon is in the team
  3. Don’t think celtic got out of second gear, perhaps because they didn’t need to. Can’t fault McCall for optimising the weak hand he has inherited. He’s slowly getting us moving in the right direction. Hopefully at least two more in this window and we can progress
  4. The gap between midfield and strikers too wide
  5. Wet paper bag would have been stronger
  6. Jeez.. how embarrassed am I..... must be because I've got my head in my hands everytime he's on the ball
  7. Who's the tall guy standing next to Joe Cardle in the photo of the players? Perhaps i'm reading too much into a "potential signing target currently training with us"! But I just don't recognize him as one of our current players... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-51100079?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story
  8. Think our average league placing over the last 15 seasons is about 13-14th.. which coincidentally or not is perhaps where we are in terms of level of our average support. Clearly we've been struggling recently but in terms of support we are probably/definitely a bigger club than Ross C, Livi and Hamilton, maybe St Johnstone too, but smaller than both Dundee clubs, Dunfermline and Falkirk, so maybe 13th is our spot in terms of support. Other things being equal (which they aren't) that would mean in an average season we'd just been relegated or just being promoted. So right in the "yo yo" spot. As posters have pointed out, other factors come into play. One thing that does seem to remain constant is the general size of any clubs support. You cannot manufacture an increase and even tho' Thistle have been letting Kids in for Free it hasn't yet, and maybe never will, lead to an increase in support. Maybe our support would be lower without it. But we do seem to simply tred water in terms of our support over the last 20-30 years. Maybe it's the same for every club. I recall ex chairman Jim Oliver saying that the best time to be chairman was when we were chasing promotion, everyone was excited, then ecstatic when we won it, fairly chirpy during the first season back in the premier league, then critical thereafter i.e. struggling in 10th position in the SPL wasn't as much fun as the 3rd, 2nd, 1st in the championship. So the solution seems to be to be perpetually in 3rd, 2nd, 1st spot........... For me the most obvious differentiatior in terms of are we "punching above our weight" is the manager. Davie McParland, Bertie Auld, John Lambie and Archie are the few that managed it. The vast majority over that 50 year period failed. I think McCall has the talent to do it, so provided he is given a workable budget, plus if the academy keeps going and yields some more talent, then there's no reason why we can't do what Livi, Hamilton, Ross C, St Johnstone are currently doing - but it's possible that Dundee, Dunfermline and Falkirk may get their act together soon (along with Dundee U) and be competing with us for promotion. But the real challenge comes after promotion - how do you sustain it, how do you become an established premier league club that no longer yo-yo's... in terms of support we should be aiming for the St Johnstone template (Motherwell I think have a consistently bigger support than us?). But St Johnstone have benefited from free land to build a stadium (which in turn was funded by the sale of Muirton) and Jeff Brown was constantly writing big cheques for many seasons (according to the late Brown McMaster), and they have a talented manager, and stability. But if we are debt free, and if St Johnstone are now living within their means with no external funding (?) then perhaps we can realistically target it too? Of course my argument gets crashed if St Johnstone are now living within their means and slowly slip out of the top league in the next season or two! Meanwhile, we've been around the bottom of the championship for about 15 months, so let's get that sorted first! But with McCall in charge i'm confident about the future.
  9. Does Docherty replace him in that position next season?
  10. Speaking to the clubs website, Allan Maitland said: “Darian’s been absolutely brilliant for Hamilton ever since his arrival. He’s a true professional on and off the park and we wish him all the best in the future.” “Darian will remain as part of our academy coaching staff with his current post as u16s coach. He’s still an important part of the club’s academy plans going forward.”
  11. No big surprise Banningan, Penrice and OWare (plus Fox) is what McCall sees as the building of a spine of a team.. I'm not sure there are going to be any more contract extension offers, and if that is the case then McCall will be looking to dispose of up to 17-19 players that he inherited (5 have already gone). Maybe Gordon who is under contract for another season anyway and maybe Cole if he proves himself and if available but not sure he wants to keep anyone else. 10 players I believe out of contract in the summer and on top of that Mansell, Williamson and Zanatta may be forced out the door at the same time. So a massive overhall between this window and the next one. Hopefully we get news of arrivals this week!
  12. The manager is keen to strengthen both his squad and his starting line-up in January but says that it can be difficult to find the right players in the January market. “Every manager will tell you it’s difficult to work in the January window. The loan market can be quite useful in that regard but I’d like to think we’ll be able to get two or three on longer term contracts who we want to be here so that at the start of next season we have a base of 13 or 14 players rather than seven or eight.”
  13. Bannigan's new contract says McCall rates him more highly than 'solid professional' (as do I). I would put him and Fox in the key player box and maybe put Slater in the inconsistent box... 13 players out of contract in the summer I believe, with I reckon only O'Ware, Penrice and maybe Saunders getting renewal offers... that would leave 10 plus I think Williamson and Mansell being paid off, add to that the 4 already gone (plus Wilson) = 17 out of Caldwell's 24 chopped. Leaving the two keepers, Penrice, OWare, Saunders, Bannigan, Cole (if we could keep him beyond this season), Just my opinion of course! Edit - forgot about Gordon! And if my view was correct it's interesting that Sneddon, Penrice, OWare, Bannigan, Gordon were all at the club before Caldwell joined, so only Fox (who was here before) and Saunders, Cole would be Caldwell signings. A fair old gutting!