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  1. Presumably our board would vote in favour if we weren’t bottom of the league. It’s all self interest. We will probably avoid the drop through league reconstruction to accommodate Utd but keep Hearts in the league.
  2. If we can win on Saturday (I’m being optimistic) we then need to claw back “just” a further 3 points over Alloa from our remaining 8 games. Given our current struggle to score and Alloa’s impressive run that seems like a tall order. With a game in hand it’s still in our hands to get 8th but we really have no margin for error now.
  3. Just heard IMC on the radio... they heavily edited it into a compressed 30secs but one thing he said (and I'm doing my best to get the quotation correct) "we will be fine in the long term, my record shows that"...…. The word "long" sticks out...… Anyway, here's hoping we get our first victory of 2020 on Tuesday at the 10th attempt and then they come like buses after that....
  4. The difference is Hamilton WON and we didn't win today... Today's result is only good if we can start scoring goals and getting victories. Failure to beat Alloa on Saturday and we can forget about finishing 8th. IMO.
  5. Let's not get deluded about getting a "great result" today.. Since Utd beat us 4-1 they have played 7 league games and won just once... so whilst they are the best team in the league they're clearly running below their earlier season form... I'm not taking away from us getting a point today but we need wins, and as I've pointed out above we aren't scoring enough goals.... Maybe being undefeated in two games will give some of our players confidence going into two critical home games this week, but let's have a sense of balance about our position (still bottom) having gained a point against a Utd team clearly not in top gear for the last 7 games, and having fallen a further two points behind part time Alloa. We need WINS and we need them NOW.
  6. Despite a point we fall further behind Alloa… increasingly they look good enough to avoid the bottom two places. For all the talk about Fox being a liability it's noticeable since that start of the year we have scored just 5 goals in 7 league matches, two of which I think were penalties... so we aint scoring enough to stay up.. … and just to rub it in Sean McGinty scores a last min equaliser to salvage a point for Morton.
  7. Ref changed his mind.... it was the only way we would have scored tonight From text commentary: With 8 minutes remaining Thistle looked to have been handed a chance to win the game when they were awarded a penalty but with bannigan over the ball ready to take the spot kick the referee spoke to his assistant and play restarted with a Queens free kick or an earlier offside call.
  8. Big opportunity tonight and we blew it. I think we’re all out of excuses.
  9. It’s not working, change needed for start of second half.
  10. Must be lords and lady's first then..... Come the revolution..............
  11. If I’m reading the bbc table correctly then a win for us on Tuesday puts us on same points as them plus a game in hand for us, and 1 point behind Alloa with a game in hand over them too. No more excuses, we need to win.
  12. Given her performance first time around it suggests she would not be successful in any personal goals, but we would suffer again as a consequence.
  13. I believe she wants to use the club as a vehicle for her personal gain, not financially but status wise. She amply demonstrated her leadership incompetence in appointing an egotistical maniac as manager, despite an awful cv and not doing proper due diligence (remember the club were forced to edit their version of Caldwell’s managerial history after a complaint from one of his previous employers). I was told Gerry B pleaded with her not to appoint him. Despite caldwell being a transparent fraud as a manager my abiding memory of her is being all agog at every pearl of wisdom he uttered, she couldn’t see past him. That in itself means she shouldn’t be anywhere near the club. She clearly knows fck all about football and my fear -should IMC turn things around - is that his style (old fashioned compared to the “modern methodical detailed analytical “ of the genius Caldwell) - is that IMC won’t take kindly to any input from someone he probably doesn’t respect. And if Ian doesn’t turn things around then she will be the one selecting the next manager. Why any Jags fan thinks Low is good for Thistle is beyond my comprehension. Her performance as Chairman stinks. And when the going got tough she hid herself away, abandoned the promised regular communication with the fans because-quite clearly she lost her bottle. And that from a PR guru! Right enough, what’s not to like about Low. Mind you some offenders change their ways so maybe it will all be different this time...
  14. I understand your frustration but we need as many folk at the games as possible to try and help lift this team off the bottom. If IMC can do that then of course Jackie will take the credit no doubt
  15. Haud me back... Cannot wait for more false promises ("i'll be on a jcb making sure the training ground is open on time"...... "we'll be having frequent fan communication and engagement" and "Gary Caldwell was the clear best choice for manager" .......) Whether she likes it or not - and she won't and she will simply sweep it under the carpet - she's starting off with some negative ratings amongst the majority (possibly vast majority) of the support. Of course, maybe she's been to the school of humility and might actually admit she screwed things up but don't hold your breath.. IMC will be enrolling in a powerpoint course on Monday.