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  1. ChiThistle

    Chief Scout Appointed

    Is this our first “official” chief scout?
  2. ChiThistle

    Phil Bowen

    I think the obvious response to this news is.... What is Phil NOT telling us here? And why is he purposely stalling development on the training ground? I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the fact he let Kris Doolan walk is just hard to get over.
  3. ChiThistle

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    That would be chump change if they sell him for that. Hopefully a bidding war ensues.
  4. ChiThistle

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Reading through this thread confirms one thing for me - I sure don’t envy the challenges faced by anyone running a club our size. Relying on team success/promotion to ultimately keep staff employed, often not owning your own training ground and having to arrange alternatives, hoping for the right cup tie to squeeze that extra bit of gate cash in, f**king around with your seating arrangements to get every last drop of cash from OF visits, relying on the miracle of EuroMillions winners (not to mention the double miracle of them being THISTLE SUPPORTERS) to help fund a youth academy which we were told was the future (and now may not be?), maybe hoping for that extra bit of sell-on cash for a Liam Lindsay type (sounds like a human rights violation, but Barnsley PLEASE sell Liam Lindsay) to help paper over the funding cracks. When you think about it, it’s all a little ridiculous. I’d imagine some on here (including myself) imagine it would be fun having a crack at running the club, but then I remember that livelihoods are at stake for players and staff alike, and it makes me realize you probably have to be a bit mental to take on this job, even if you already know what you’re getting into. With my American clubs never having to worry about cash flow and my other team being Bolton (why god must you hate me so?), it really puts the challenge of keeping this club going into perspective for me. I think the fans have every right to judge the decisions being made by/actions taken by the club, but I’d like to take a moment to offer at least a little of my respect to the people who took on the task of keeping this club going. I hope they have the same end goal we do. PS Shi**y decisions notwithstanding.
  5. ChiThistle

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    Mansell goal, Banzo penalty... All I need now is for Jack Storer to come on and be a polite gentleman for 20 minutes and this coupon is going to pay off handsomely!
  6. ChiThistle

    Alloa 16/02

    2019 is feeling awright so far.
  7. ChiThistle

    Winter window

    Not sure why people on here slag Storey so much. He averaged 7 goals per appearance for ICT - he just hasn’t hit top gear for us yet.
  8. ChiThistle

    Coulibaly - in case it gets deleted

    I seem to recall a lot of positive comments about the Coulibaly signing (myself included) and I’m one of the maybe few that are hoping there’s still something there. I still don’t have a problem with the signing on its face because it was basically a flier - the equivalent of having 5 bucks in your pocket and spending it on a scratch-off lottery ticket. But the problem for me is our signing policy always feels like this. Except we have 20 bucks left and we spend it on 20 tickets thinking the law of averages must surely mean 3 or 4 will be winners. And, excepting Coulibaly, never a striker with any sort of goal scoring record in any league. As a sell-on kind of club, you’d think we could develop both a training center AND some kind of reasonable scouting program.
  9. ChiThistle

    Winter window

    Bark McGuigan
  10. ChiThistle

    Winter window

    If we win tomorrow, I’ll return Gary Caldwell’s dog......safe and sound....
  11. ChiThistle

    Buy A Brick Scheme

    Not clear at the guidelines. Where are we supposed to throw these bricks? And can I bring my own brick? I didn’t read through it.
  12. ChiThistle

    A Good News Story

    Good luck to him. Hopefully he can make up for lost time. Also hoping to one day hear his name chanted along to the chorus of Life in a Northern Town.
  13. ChiThistle

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    I feel like with every successive failure, Archie supporters are being asked, “Is this enough to change your mind?” And the answer continues to be, “No, onto the next.” So for the staunch Archie supporters out there, is there a limit to your unwavering support? Would it be another relegation? Failure to at least make playoffs? Something in between? Would Archie be untouchable this season no matter what?
  14. ChiThistle

    Home v Morton

    Win’s a win. Happy Saturday Jags fans!
  15. ChiThistle

    Team rebuilding

    I just went to sponsor his shirt and was told the premium kit would be £1.2 million.