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  1. You don’t even wanna know what I had to do to get the free shipping!
  2. Disclosure request could potentially tie things up, as “documents” in this case will refer to emails, chat messages, phone logs, etc. Much of this is better reviewed in electronic format - hopefully we have that capability. I’m sure their side will attempt to under-disclose and provide incomplete info.
  3. Just got my shirts - quality/fit are excellent. Thanks @BowenBoys!
  4. Phil et al, do you know if the printer will ship overseas? Thanks!
  5. Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I’d say we are in this position due to a mix of our inability to spot young talent and maybe just a lack of identity. The talent that’s gone out the door in the last 5 years or so (Dools, Erskine, Nisbet, O’Donnell, Taylor-Sinclair, etc) hasn’t really been replicated and neither has the unified team feel from the promotion season when you had young, hungry players who visibly believed in themselves and each other. Kids v Experience - the idea that we are outsiders and nobody believes in us, but us (but that’s all we need). I haven’t really felt like that as a fan in some time. When you keep losing and no one has any answers, chemistry is often part of it. With Dools and Erskine, you had two pros that embodied the club and personified our identity - we’re a smallish club punching above our weight in a large city (in possibly the dumbest football league). I don’t think we’ve since had such players who personify the team in the same way. In the time since I think we’ve made some dodgy decisions with management, lack of consistency with the first team, and at board level (e.g. those monthly comms) that’s all come together to leave us feeling “So who are we, again?” Every season lately has felt like a rebuild and we can’t get out of first gear. Given recent league developments, I’d like the club to try re-establishing a bit of that outsider, “us against the world” mentality, both on the pitch and off. We have a toothless yellow sun for a mascot, after all. We are, on some level, a club for weirdos and outsiders by design. And maybe with this relegation McCall 2.0 will unearth some gems and the cycle will stop.
  6. So McCall gets one win in his first league match back. If he can keep this pace...<takes out calculator>.....oh my! Mon the Jags! Congrats to all the Jags fans tonight. Hopefully more good stuff to come.
  7. Ah makes my heart happy. McCall was manager when I first got introduced to Thistle. Still remember Ami Small arranging for me to meet him, Dools, and Jackie. Incredibly hospitable to a faraway supporter like me. Best of luck, Ian!
  8. Eh. I find people who throw around the term “snowflakes” usually are ones who don’t deal with change very well. Definitely not sexist to not want Shelley Kerr as a manager. Didn’t think Kingleo’s argument was sexist at all - comparing a Kerr appointment to a Yorkie’s isn’t exactly flattering but it was in regards to experience at least. Judge the person on her merits - that’s fine. She shouldn’t get special treatment due to her gender. But simply deriding it as “trendy” with no specific objections to her qualifications and then expanding it to “popular choice” to appoint those “non-male and straight into positions these days” just smacks of fear/frustration about how the world is now and how it ain’t the world you grew up in. Who’s to say we can afford Shelley Kerr anyway.
  9. Toss this out there for debate.... What if we went way against the grain and hired Shelley Kerr?
  10. Just kidding. Admin, please lock/delete this thread. Enjoy your day, everyone.
  11. You guys, I just finished submitting a short message to NewCity via their web site. I’m sure a response will be forthcoming and will update everyone accordingly.
  12. For anyone trying to understand the aims/origins of the fan ownership group, I thought the interview posted earlier was a good start. Kudos for transparency. As an aside, where the hell are the journos on this? American journalists would have already published, retracted, and re-published by now. Are they waiting for a press release they can slightly reword so it looks like they made an effort?
  13. I was more concerned about the disinterest of following a club with no ambition. I think the consortium has potential to change fortunes for the better, which might be some way to reverse the trend of dwindling attendances. I wonder if fan ownership can offer the same.
  14. Does fan ownership for a club our size necessarily exclude us from, you know, dreaming of a long-term goal of some kind of European competition? Would be interested if it’s had any positive effect on attendances for the smaller clubs on the list- either direct or indirect. For me, the concern of fading away due to disinterest is bigger than fading away due to some consortium coming in and potentially wrecking things. The consortium gives me, rightly or wrongly, a glimmer of hope that the club could expand its fan base and, by proxy, its ambitions.