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  1. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    Anyone else hearing rumour of new owner coming in? Chinese American.
  2. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    I would be amazed if ANYONE could make a profit off of Thistle, honestly. Even borrowing or mortgaging against the assets. After 110+ pages, have we all agreed to move on from the “raze the stadium and put up flats” plan?
  3. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    Ninety ninety ninety six pages to go-o-o. I wanna be sedated. No one to sign, no bus to go-o-o. I wanna be sedated.
  4. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    I think as a result of the “How does a team in the Scottish 2nd tier, with average attendances in the lower four digits, make sense for a consortium that owns Barnsley and Nice?”
  5. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    In that case, it’s one of the biggest successes of any board since I’ve been supporting the club!
  6. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    “The shortfall has been partly covered by the fees...” Are they saying: 1. The previous board factored the sell-on fees into the budget before actually having that money? And they STILL were running at a deficit? 2. The previous board did not factor the sell-on fees into the budget, meaning they were running at an even CRAZIER deficit? And Beattie & Co. have decided to apply the sell-on fees to help paper over those cracks? And either way, are we talking about portions of the Fitzpatrick/Lindsay fees? Or all of it? Still confused.
  7. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    Okay, hear me out.... The team bus was canceled because it was actually a McGill’s bus. It turns out the mystery second bidder was none other than the Easdales, who are trying to stay ahead of the next Rangers liquidation by having a new club at the ready. The training ground was scuppered because they were near a deal to put the new training ground on the old Misco site in - you heard it here first - Greenock which they bought in 2018. The benefits bring it was on the waterfront and very close to an RBS mortgage centre. In preparation, they’d already begun building an underground tunnel between the two. Well, less of a tunnel and more of a pneumatic tube for lending. Meanwhile, NewCity was not keen on these guys trying to take their Barnsley Junior and turn it into The Future Rangers 3.0, so they got the directors sacked and installed their own preferred folks. The McGills Bus just happened to be the last remnant, along with the 200k which GC wanted to use to sign ONE player, slightly out of favor Borna Barisic at, you guessed it, Rangers. Due to language differences, he was able to convince Barisic that “K” is the abbreviation for “millions” and was ready to swoop if the Easdales could convince Gerrard to hand him his walking papers. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “well that’s all quite obvious, but how exactly is Jackie Macnamara tied up in all of this? And THAT is where it gets really interesting....
  8. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    I would hope a full time club our size would always use a team bus regardless of venue. Being a team should mean traveling to the game together, playing the game together, and leaving together.
  9. ChiThistle

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    I figured it would be dicey, even at something like a 5% “second sale” clause that team 3 would have to agree to. It just sucks that we are talking about a guy who very well may be a Championship stalwart this season, could end up in the Scotland team, and we will only have about 800k to show for it.
  10. ChiThistle

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Saw that Ryan Shawcross suffered a freak ankle injury for Stoke that opens up more playing time for Liam Lindsay. Anyone know if sell-on clauses typically go more than one sale beyond?
  11. ChiThistle

    Mitch Austin

    It will be awesome when Caldwell yanks him from a game, and he responds with a middle finger salute and a Stone Cold Stunner.
  12. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    Appears to be an opinion/analysis piece, which is often light on facts or new info (read anything Derek Johnstone has “written”). Interesting the ET doesn’t specify that it’s an opinion piece though. Normally there’s an “opinion” or “analysis” banner, isn’t there? Maybe it’s different viewing on a mobile device? Or maybe they count on the headline with “<author_name>:” to signify it’s not technically a news story? Weird.
  13. ChiThistle

    Alex Jones is a Jag

    URL did not work for me, but in the Bradford City highlights I saw, he’s got some skill - including nifty footwork and playmaking ability - when healthy. Hope this turns out to be a Banzo-type situation where we stick with the guy and he pays off in the long term.
  14. ChiThistle

    Partick Thistle Vs Airdrieonians -League Cup

    Hopefully a pub where they don’t let many in.
  15. ChiThistle

    New Owner

    I dunno how much you can really say if there’s no formal activity. Official statements from most companies usually wait until there’s fire, not smoke. Even club statements regarding transfers usually wait - the papers report the rumours as they get them and the clubs report anything that’s actually happened.