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  1. Morton on Tuesday Evening

    No excuses. As soon as we have the ball in the Morton half, we should be lofting high-balls at Scully and see what happens.
  2. Team rebuilding

    Barton is a total waster. Still, it is annoying that the debt free club can't make any serious moves until "the three" were moved on, whilst Dundee United are putting their money where their mouth is in signing Frans, Booth, and Barton. As much of a pr*ck Barton proved to be; I still think he will be one of the division's better players next season.
  3. Team rebuilding

    McCarthy with a knock, Elliot having chest surgery, and now Cammy Bell injured. Is Junior Mendes & Co. using medicine or witch-craft on our bloody players?
  4. Team rebuilding

    And so it begins. Again...
  5. Team rebuilding

    I think Sammon could do a job in the Championship the same way that Craig did the season we went up. Not a long term solution by any means, but wouldn't be averse to bringing him in. All depends if he was one of the players who "didn't give a sh*t" according to Archibald in that Daily Record interview yesterday.
  6. Team rebuilding

    Guy appears to be a total ars3hole, and has the same haircut as Mark Roberts. Coincidence? I think not. Could be a decent addition.
  7. Team rebuilding

    On paper looks okay. Tall player, and certainly a hot-head. Happy with that since last season's squad was filled with either wimps or abject lazy sods. I still hope we keep hold of Storey though. I think he could do well in the Championship if he is played in the correct position. Ideally like to see another CB who can also play LB when needed (Gary Miller like player), a genuine RB, an experienced CM, and maybe another wide player.
  8. Team rebuilding

    Striker playing as a trialist was Louis Rowe, a 19 year old Barnsley attacker. Only 19 years old, but a big-boy. Looks strong. Could be one for the future.
  9. Team rebuilding

    I think Storey could be a decent player at Champ level, IF Archie plays him as a striker.
  10. Team rebuilding

    Between the board stating that slashing the budget was a false economy, and the decision to give to the playing budget the money saved in not opening the Colin Weir Stand, I can't help but be disappointed in our lack of activity, and the calibre and track record of the guys we are looking at.
  11. Team rebuilding

    Same rumour also printed in the paper today. Heard good things about him. Barjonas, Bannigan, and perhaps Craig Slater would make for a strong CM. Barton would probably have to go however.
  12. Team rebuilding

    We have just been relegated, the season is fast approaching, we have a drastic shortage of players, we can't get the worst of the players that our fabulous manager signed off the books, nor does any sane thinking human think we have even a small chance of actually winning the league this season. I'm being realistic.
  13. Team rebuilding

    Indeed could be the case. If it is however, I am stunned that Archibald and the club would even let him do that. Some very well-founded information about his behaviour last season would have made me think that he would not be welcome back.
  14. Team rebuilding

    Just checked. It is indeed real. So, two scenarios: 1 - Osman has ran out of t-shirts and just happens to be wearing a Thistle training top to whatever pre-season he is indeed attending. 2- Archie has invited him back to either train with the team, or indeed to perhaps look at resigning him. Osman's presence around the team last season was poisonous, and insubordinate (especially towards the end of the season); and this was very well documented. If that is indeed the case, Archie has proven himself as the moron he is, with a stubborn refusal to learn from his mistakes. It is absolute beggars belief if that is indeed the case. Barton, Keown, Storey, and Osman all back together again. This club is an absolute joke at the moment.
  15. Team rebuilding

    Someone on the FB page just posted a picture of Osman on his Instagram in a Thistle training shirt entitled "pre-season Day 2." Could some with Instagram perhaps verify if this is indeed true by checking his story?