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  1. Halliwell, Mooc, Turner, Tommy Stewart, Grehan, Bryan Hodge, and Dargo. Super Kev and Paul Keegan were also some of the worst players I have seen in a long time. And unfortunately more loan signings than I care to remember. Steve Lennon, Naismith, and Cole from Rangers to name a few.
  2. As well as Doolan, some people are seriously suggesting that Erskine should come back on a loan deal. No wonder the club is in such a state with nostalgic nonsense like that. "To hell with success, just as long as my favourite Jags are back." Utter tinpot club mentality.
  3. As hopeless as he was on the field, I could not help but like Shuggie Murray. I think his influence was best felt off the field through his attitude and mentality, as opposed to on the field as shown through the medium of reckless two-footed tackles.
  4. It is a good thing that the uncertainty around the club that has lasted the best part of a year could be finally coming to an end. Hopefully Colin can communicate with Gerry and Ian and get a budget in place for January. After a lot of doom and gloom, I am cautiously optimistic about the future.
  5. McCall needs to get more out of this squad as bad as they are. On paper the squad is no worse than Alloa or Arbroath, yet we are getting sod all from them. McGinty and Saunders clearly doesn't work, and if I were Sneddon, I would be raging at continuing to be put behind Fox. Poor boy has done nothing wrong yet finds himself second choice.
  6. Most important thing tomorrow other than the 3pts is a good attendance. Time to get the fans back onside. Many said they wouldn't be back until Caldwell was gone. Time for them to literally put their money where their mouth is and get back through the turnstiles tomorrow.
  7. I genuinely think that McCall has inherited a better squad from Caldwell than Caldwell did from Archibald. It will not be easy, but I do think McCall at the very least have a semi decent starting 11 capable of keeping in touch with the playoffs up until January where he can make what changes he feels necessary.
  8. Until fans start making their voices heard about the state of our club, this will keep happening. It is absolutely pathetic.
  9. Well presented and tidy haircut.
  10. A week or so ago, this all seemed like a done deal. Since then, the media have gone rather quiet on the whole affair. Does anyone know if discussions are even ongoing at this moment in time?
  11. The level of mass hysteria on this thread is rather amusing. Seems some people know the ambitions and objectives of this consortium better than them themselves. Only a tin-pot club like Thistle could so vehemently oppose investment without any real evidence of ulterior motives on the part of the buyer. "We might be pure sh!te, but at least we have a 'pure woke' away strip, and aren't Rangers or Celtic," seems to be the dominate attitude and culture. I think I will hold overly sceptical judgement for a chance at on field success until any damning evidence comes my way.
  12. Various news outlets are now reporting that the deal could be complete by next week. Looks like this could actually be happening.
  13. Has anyone received a reply to the email to confirm a place?
  14. Some Jags fans seriously need to calm down and look at the decision rationally. The guy was going to turn 34 this season, and clearly wasn't going to be getting regular first team football. I'd be pretty shocked if he wasn't offered a new deal, but Doolan not being content to warm the bench, and being all too aware that he only has one or two years left decided to seek first team football elsewhere. I don't see how that is Caldwell's fault. Doolan is a Jags legend, and always will be. But he is not a medium or long term solution to the current problems, and a fresh start is what is needed. I think this season showed that, despite dropping a division, Doolan's sharpness had declined slightly, and McDonald proved to be a far better option. That coupled with Doolan's high wages would not have made it a prudent move to keep him as second or third fiddle next season, when he could have been off getting first team football. I hope that for his sake that Ayr United fail to get promotion, and he can join back up with Ian McCall next season who will be looking for at least two new strikers. That would seem a fitting and almost poetic conclusion to one of the greatest players to grace the Firhill turf. But from the fans point of view, all this "f..k Caldwell" "I'm not renewing my season ticket..." blah blah blah nonsense has to stop. As I said, for all we know, Doolan was offered a new deal and maybe even an Academy coaching role, but wanted to seek first team games before the end of his career (Mark Roberts anyone?). The last two years collectively have been an absolute nightmare. So sentimentality needs to be discarded, and a fresh start needed. I'm really saddened to hear Doolan is gone, but since he, McDonald, and Storey have also left, we will be rebuilding a brand new attacking line next year. And who knows, maybe Caldwell will pull a masterstroke and unearth another gem who in a decades time we will be having the exact same conversation about as we are now. So pull it together. Doolan will get a fitting testimonial, and has been enshrined as a Thistle legend for as long as the club will exist. But football isn't stagnant, and change is needed.