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  1. Wouldn't another solution be to do what many European leagues have done, and simply scrap the League Cup (and maybe even the Challenge Cup) next season. That would give the SPFL a little more leeway in relation to start/end dates?
  2. ...they have. We have been rank rotten for going on four years. Calamity in the boardroom. An ousted chairman returns. Board members who contribute nothing. Club legends treated like utter dirt. Rumours of financial mismanagement from official sources at the club. And the response from the fans? ...Crickets. A wee mumble and grumble. But unlike other sides, was there protests outside the stadium? No. Protests inside the stadium? No. Coordinated action from the fans? Erm, no. So lets not kid ourselves that either the fans or the board will mount some caviller effort to overturn any decision made by the SPFL and its associated clubs. Sorry. Might sound harsh. But that's the simple fact of the matter.
  3. We would completely deserve to be relegated. Rank-rotten all year, and if it wasn't automatically it would be in the play-offs. Be done with it.
  4. Does anyone remember a report that circulated about 13 or 14 years ago that Alan Cowan wanted Thistle fans to sit apart in the JHS to make the place "look more full?" I can't remember if it was ever substantiated or not.
  5. That's really disappointing to hear. Hope there is a way of streamlining the process as that seems excessive for a small Championship club's forum.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows the timescale for new members to join the forum (maybe Admins will know)? Have a couple of friends who I said should get involved in the forum, but have been waiting close to a month for verification. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Could be an important point come the end of the season. However, don't think we have a right to have a go at Rangers, Raith, et al. after our celebrations last night. 1-1 draw against a poor Pars side and you would have thought our league status was secure with some fans jumping onto the pitch. Then lo and behold, massive applause at full time. Don't think some of our fans seem to grasp the bloody predicament we are in. We NEED wins. All truth be told, I didn't think it was our worst performance of the season. We looked comfortable apart from the inexcusable collective brain fart at the corner once again (what the hell are the coaches working on all week?) But generally thought out decision making in the final 3rd was poor. Lacking a killer touch, and you can see Rudden desperately needs a goal to get his confidence up. Six pointer on Saturday!
  8. Any other scenario, taking a point back down the A9 is a good result. However, given our current situation, it still isn't good enough.
  9. We thoroughly deserve everything that's coming to us. Words utterly fail me. A woman who oversaw financial ineptitude, and used the club as a vehicle for whatever social agenda she desired. I am done with this club. Utterly done.
  10. I'm really interested in some of the posts here as this has been a sticking point with me for a long time. Although we have always had the bumper tag-line "Glasgow's Alternative," what is to stop Queens Park, Pollock, Maryhill, etc. being Glasgow's alternative? With their illustrious history, amazing youth academy, and well financed model, we are in real danger of becoming Glasgow's 4th team behind a full-time Queens Park in a few seasons (if we don't arrest the slide). So my point is, by saying we are Glasgow's alternative club, we are once again just basing our entire club on what we aren't (the OF) as opposed to what we are. And I find the wishy-washy labels like "family friendly" or "inclusive" being applied to about 95% of Scottish teams; I don't think that's what drives people to really support a football team. Ask most fans why they support a club and they'll tell you it's because of where they grew up, or it was who their mum/dad/whoever supported. Maybe we are an exception to that rule; I don't know. Just interesting.
  11. I agree with you in the context of your original argument. However across the board, I do find the "at least we aren't the Old Firm" trope a tiring one. Thistle have become such a cultureless club in my opinion (sorry), so a Jags fan saying the prevailing culture of Thistle is that we are not the Old Firm is equivalent to a Scottish person saying their culture is based on the fact they aren't English. Club culture can't be based on what you aren't, only what you are. The general behaviour of OF fans, along with the glory hunting and sectarian bile I find sickening. However I'm not against trying to emulate their domestic success, nor get fans through the gate. Ultimately that's what a football team should be. I get the general impression at times that success is a second thought, as long as we aren't anything like the OF.
  12. McCall needs to look at the goalkeeper situation also. Arthur: nice guy and club legend. However that in no way qualifies him as a competent goalkeeper coach. The quality of our keepers have steadily declined since his arrival which is a worry. Other than Scully, I think Arthur's predecessors; Hinchy and Gallacher were much better at improving the standard between the posts.
  13. Not exactly sure, but she was pitchside at the Celtic game. Officially unofficially involved.
  14. Real apathy with our fans as well. Any other club would be protesting and beating down the doors, yet so many of our fans seem resigned to it. Jacqui back involved, nepotism in terms of coaches and staff, and a complete lack of responsibility at boardroom level. I fear that relegation to the third tier could be the least of our issues in the coming years.
  15. Reading his match reaction makes me wonder if he hasn't lost his mind completely. Totally delusional.