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  1. Nobody taking into account Hearts' home advantage? Should have a good support behind them. As long as we keep the SPFL quiet for the first half, we can hopefully rattle them.
  2. Wondering if anyone who has got the new O'Neils home shirt could advise me on the sizing? Usually a large on the Joma shirts. Is it roughly the same?
  3. Right. How do you stop the mask from steaming up your specs?
  4. Noticed that O'Neils and Kingsley creator David Shrigley collaborated to design the new Whitehawk FC home and away kit. Both have a rainbow ribbon running across the bottom to signal peak "wokeness." Wouldn't surprise me if O'Neils collaborate with DS to design our away kit too.
  5. Whilst this thread has resurfaced, can I ask that the Admins/Mods speed up the rate in which they verify new members. Got a friend and life-long Jags fan who has been waiting close to 4 months to join this forum and he's still not been accepted. Seems a bit overkill for a (unfortunately) a League One team's forum.
  6. A lot will depend on where the legal action takes place. That could range from Scottish civil courts all the way up to the Court for Arbitration in Sport. Regardless, the doctrine of precedent may help, and we should strike while the iron is hot. A precedent has already been established in Belgium and France in regards to relegated teams. That can only work in our favour.
  7. Hypothetically, could a 13 team SPL work next season? In England last season, Bury went to the wall leaving League One with an odd number of teams (23). As far as I know they were able to rejig fixtures by giving clubs a "bye weekend" every so often. Next season could see the bottom two relegated with 12 teams again for 21-22 season.
  8. I hope that's the last of the former players returning to Firhill. Boggles my mind people are seriously suggesting Doolan and Erskine. Time to look to the future.
  9. With Fox invoking his relegation release clause, can it be assumed that the club is operating on the principle that we will be a League 1 club next season?
  10. Happy to see Fox gone. Part of the problem, not the solution. Shouldn't have been brought back to the club in the first place. Best of luck for the rest of his career, but we can do better.
  11. I'd start with some of the current board and then move from there. Place needs gutted from top to bottom. Windows open to let the stench of failure drift away.
  12. Daily Record reporting up to 50% wage cuts next season. Surely Archibald or Scally will need to be moved on? Any club with two FT assistants is madness; but a L1 club!
  13. Club is on its arse, but at least we are "woke." F*** sake.
  14. 5pts since January and not a single win. I think we should be looking far closer to home for someone to blame for the situation we find ourselves in.