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  1. Not a humping like many predicted, but lets be under no illusions: WE BLEW IT! Best chance to reach a semi-final in decades.
  2. Yellow & Redneck

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Are any of our new boys cup tied for this match?
  3. Yellow & Redneck

    Winter window

    Tam McManus saying no further business to be done.
  4. Yellow & Redneck

    Stranraer Cup Game

    Good to hear that people made their feelings about Britton, Low, and Caldwell heard...oh wait...
  5. Yellow & Redneck

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    Fan pressure can work. The "Keep The North Stand Red and Yellow" banner from the young guys got a bit of attention and the desired effect. Would take a lot more this time, but I am all for any action that fans think necessary. Will be the first to volunteer.
  6. Yellow & Redneck

    Winter window

    We will moan and grumble on the forum, yet come Saturday nothing will happen. Unless the fans are actually willing to take action either by boycotting, protesting, or having banners, nothing is going to change.
  7. Yellow & Redneck

    Give the manager and board a message from the fans

    If we don't get 3pts on Saturday, I'd be more than happy to display a massive F--- Off Calwell & Low banner complete with flashing lights. That would send a proper message to the charlatans running this club into the sewer.
  8. Yellow & Redneck

    Winter window

    Hopefully that means Cammy Bell is away. He can fight it out with Thorsten Stuckmann and Craig Hinchcliffe as possibly the slowest goalkeepers I have seen at Firhill.
  9. Yellow & Redneck

    Caldwell and Low update from PTFC

    Most of the points are bang on the money. However, until the fans actually take some proactive action in expressing these feelings, I don't think the club will take much notice. Until banners are unfurled in the JL Stand, or there are coordinated boycotts of certain home matches, mass action, or protests outside the main offices, I have a feeling it will be business as usual. Of course this is difficult to organise if there isn't any real appetite for it.
  10. Yellow & Redneck

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    The worst of it is that both Caldwell and Low seem absolutely oblivious to the reality unfolding. We had those two jokers mention the word "promotion" in a video just released yesterday. I'm sorry, but I don't think someone off their tits on ketamine and poppers is as disconnected from reality than our board and management staff. Talk about burying your head in the sand! Jesus! When Archie left, the expectations for the season should have been altered accordingly. That is what any sensible person would have done. Therefore a member of the old-guard should have come in as manager, and with no-frills, managed to draw enough games to see us safe in lower mid-table.
  11. Yellow & Redneck

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    Caldwell has been a ridiculously poor appointment, but the fault here can be put squarely at the feet of Jacqui Low and Gerry Britton who (for all Gerry has done for the club) I regard as utter stain-brains with no idea how to run a football club. Everything from recruitment to a conscious awareness of how deep in the sh!t we are seem to go over both their heads. I cannot believe they are about to hand over a cheque for GC to sign the players he wants next month. It's an utter farce. And until the fans start making their dissatisfaction very well known and very vocal, I don't think the club will take notice. Second bottom of the league going into the New Year. What an utter embarrassment this club is.
  12. Yellow & Redneck

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    Someone who should be singled out for praise is young Jamie Sneddon. Think he had a very good game yesterday given the conditions. There were two driven shots in particular that bounced on the wet turf right in front of him, yet he smothered them perfectly. The guy is young and is going to make some mistakes, but I would have him over Bell any day of the week. Really encouraging to see a young keeper come in and play well.
  13. Yellow & Redneck

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Caldwell has a lot to answer for too. Nothing I have seen so far has suggested that even with a capable team he would be able to get results. Another top class decision from the board.
  14. Yellow & Redneck

    The Gaffer

    I did see that a lot of the players were out on the lash last night. Hope that was an arranged thing, as opposed to the team just getting pished on a Tuesday night.
  15. Yellow & Redneck

    Alloa away

    From a team that 2 years ago could have realistically pushed Hearts for a shot at European football, to a club that has lost to a bunch of part-timers is a bloody disgrace. Lord knows how it has happened, but I don't think I have seen a Thistle squad quite like this. Absolute losers every one of them.