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  1. I'll be Back is one of the 62, beforehand I was wondering how "The Terminator" fitted in until I came across the song title. You worked it out, I didn't! I have the list in ordered as best I can across and down the pic.
  2. With the help of the songbook, I think I have 62 of the 70 though a few are guesses that may not be right. Not posting atm in case anyone is trying to work them out.
  3. Some others, just tracks not mentioned before from the first one, as a lot of duplicates: 14. Yesterday ( Today is Tomorrow) 15. Michelle ( Girl with Beret next to Eiffel Tower) 16. For no One ( 4 with 1 scored out) 17. Golden Slumbers ( Golden dog sleeping) 18. Revolution (Rise up poster with fist) 19. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Club, Heart and big drum) Some guesses... 20. Paperback writer (Open book) ; 21. Can't Buy me Love (I.O.U. Present); 22. From Me to You (U2 sign); 23. Hello Goodbye (Hello sign) I'm thinking some clues are to lyrics which will lead to the title, as the ones your mention re the dollar sign, , lamp moon and stars just not coming to me as a track., unless some of the more obscure tracks. PS. Would never have got: Summer Light. Where is Rocky Raccoon and Because as still not seeing them! As struggling I have found a complete lyrics list. https://drbeat.li/album/Bücher/beatles_complete.pdf As this will be cheating, I will not post anything I may find until it is clear no one will be adding to the list. I'll create a left to right list from the top.
  4. Looks like you have hit on another three, agree on "Carry that Weight", "Revolution" is a great shout too, could be two in one with the Russians on the merry-go-round. "I'm so tired "is also a great shout. I also think you are right, that it is a lorry going the other way. Just saw it as a TV! Still don't have the bloody track though! Breaking the pic down, think we have most, though possibly there is another if the woman with the baby, next to "Baby you're a Rich Man" is a different track. Then again, possibly some others, hiding in plain sight.
  5. Got it the girl bottom left.... 'She's Leaving Home' Still stumped on the Car if not 'Drive my Car'
  6. Good shouts Jaggernaut , can't believe I missed 'Eight days a Week', so obvious now that you have pointed it out. It will be 'Birthday' with the present, just could not remember that one. Saw the Turkey and got stuck on Lennon's 'Cold Turkey'. Re 32. Drive My Car, stumped with this.. looks like a Yellow car in front of what looks like a TV. Cannot make out the symbols on the side, so that may be part of the clue. Also think the bottom left, girl with the stick must mean something. Still stumped though!
  7. Clearly I have too much time on my hands on a Saturday afternoon these days! I think I have found 26, 27 if counting 'Cold Turkey' by John Lennon. The bottom half left segment is doing my head in, just not getting them! Tried to order in them from the top left to bottom right. 1. She Climbed in the Bathroom Window 2. Blackbird 3. Here Comes the Sun 4. Norwegian Wood 5. Helter Skelter 6. The Fool on the Hill 7. The Long and Winding Road. 8. Glass Onion 9. Taxman 10. Lovely Rita (Meter Maid) 11. Back in the USSR (Merry-go-round) 12. Maxwell's Silver Hammer 13. Strawberry Fields 14. Baby You're a Rich Man 15. When My Guitar Gently Weeps 16. Let it Be 17. Ticket to Ride 18. Hello Goodbye 19. Octopus's Garden 20. Yellow Submarine 21. Help 22. Twist and Shout 23. Come Together 24. Penny Lane 25. I Am The Walrus 26. Here There and Everywhere 27. Cold Turkey
  8. Ross County away.... Erskine on the halfway line facing towards our goal, receives a pass and lets just say it gets away from him, eventually gets the ball under control just outside our box. Expecting to hear the …' you could not trap a bag of cement', but as the game was around xmas, some wag (not his wife) suggested that someone should get him a sat-nav for xmas.
  9. Season ticket renewed last week. Why? How other clubs could vote - and it has now turned out to look very detrimental to us, barring a restructure of the leagues - was never going to have a bearing on what this club means to me. It is very easy to feel cheated at the moment and thinking about giving up. However, although other clubs and the governing body may be able to relegate us, don't let them kill us. At this difficult time it not be possible for everyone that usually commits to a season ticket can do, however even any game anyone can manage will help. We will bounce back.
  10. We'd already shown our passion by singing for 120 minutes. Fans were behind the team from start to finish! Two guys behind me were having a bet on who could get furthest on the pitch if we scored. Feck all passion there, just two tossers probably along for their only game of the year looking for attention as Brick-top says.
  11. Happy to have lost in an earlier round at HOME to QoS, Happy to be just two points behind having played a game more! Morton fud easily pleased!
  12. Bannigan had taken a knock, so don't think it was a mistake. Hope he is fit for Wednesday. We were poor, passing game was missing most of the game. Not many positives to take from this, though good to see the fans chantting Balatoni at the end. Hope he gets over his disappointment and we will all get over ours with a win on Wednesday.
  13. Could be a good shout. I was looking to take in the Espanyol - Valencia game in a few weeks time and see Sant Andreu are at home that weekend. Love Barca's football but if I was buying a strip then would be happier to support the 'One team is Barca' http://www.sant-andr...marreta2012.htm
  14. Erskine's goal was great and well worth raving about, had Erskine scored Clark's goal I'd be raving about that one too. Personal choice, both would have been worthy winners in my book.