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  1. We'd already shown our passion by singing for 120 minutes. Fans were behind the team from start to finish! Two guys behind me were having a bet on who could get furthest on the pitch if we scored. Feck all passion there, just two tossers probably along for their only game of the year looking for attention as Brick-top says.
  2. Happy to have lost in an earlier round at HOME to QoS, Happy to be just two points behind having played a game more! Morton fud easily pleased!
  3. Bannigan had taken a knock, so don't think it was a mistake. Hope he is fit for Wednesday. We were poor, passing game was missing most of the game. Not many positives to take from this, though good to see the fans chantting Balatoni at the end. Hope he gets over his disappointment and we will all get over ours with a win on Wednesday.
  4. Could be a good shout. I was looking to take in the Espanyol - Valencia game in a few weeks time and see Sant Andreu are at home that weekend. Love Barca's football but if I was buying a strip then would be happier to support the 'One team is Barca' http://www.sant-andr...marreta2012.htm
  5. Erskine's goal was great and well worth raving about, had Erskine scored Clark's goal I'd be raving about that one too. Personal choice, both would have been worthy winners in my book.
  6. Ermm would I be right in thinking we do not have to win either of our two games in hand or the Morton match and we can still still be top! 3 draws is good enough! Oh recent form guide something Tons fans have been banging on about ...now has to go back to 9 games for Morton to be ahead and that is just by a single goal.
  7. Dire 1st half, salvaged by Balatoni's goal. Better 2nd half, with Elliot making a massive impact on his introduction. He was unlucky not to score earlier after a very good effort, which brought out a fine save. Delighted he got his reward with a great finish to secure the points. Elliot has looked the part the last couple of games when coming on, and is offering options that could prove very useful in the run-in. Big 3 points for us today.
  8. Good guy and great to have someone on board that has been interested enough to come and watch us over the last few seasons.
  9. Every season we see a lot of players moving on, some of which we think will leave a big hole. Cairney being the last, and great last season that he had we've not really missed him. I'm being positive and think regardless who goes, Jackie will have able replacements waiting in the wings. Fortunately in Jackie we have a manager who clearly plans ahead, whereas us fans tend to wet our pants and think our promotion chances are doomed at any thought of change. We will be fine.
  10. Same - I still have the dayglo one from the early 80's, with the badge in the middle. It will never fit again, however could never part with it. Safely stashed in the 'you're not keeping that old thing' drawer.
  11. Would take him now.. it was his 1st start for QP, after 4 sub apprearances. Already scored 4 goals! He clearly has an eye for goal and gets stuck in too. Would be surprised if he was still at Queens beyond January as looks a real find.
  12. Seeing a North Korean winner wave a South Korean flag would be fun!
  13. We should coast this without getting out of second gear... ... so going 2-1 Clyde ( Berwick, Culter!!!)
  14. One area that need to be addressed is the Man of the Match award. We have all sat through the announcement and thought.. .'are you havin a laugh'.. so as well as rule changes to help referees and assisant referees there should be a change to help those charged with picking the man of the match. If we have a points system..and what do points make... prizes.. yes prizes.. so when a player does something good.. he gets a big cuddly toy... to carry around the pitch during the game.. Now if a player is lugging around a 3 lions (5 points each) , 2 giraffes (3 points each) and a teddy (1 point - an.. aye not bad but not sure he meant is award) and the rest of the team is empty handed.. it has to be a clue FFS than he is more deserving than some diddy running around empty handed.
  15. You may have something there as it would allow more room for the bigger goals. And it will be better for players warming up .. some grounds there is so little room players have to go up and down sideways.. it's ridiculous .. with a track they could sprint if they wanted. Keep up the innovative ideas!