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  1. Welcome Thomas O ‘Ware

    Rod Stewart was singing his praises years ago
  2. dun (d-day) away

    Wrong info, Doolan 100%fit
  3. Ross County 3/4/18

  4. St Johnstone At Mcdiarmid Park

    yes ,plenty parking usually with stewarding.
  5. Name Our New Training Facility- Just For Fun!

    The Weirthistle
  6. Doolan 100

  7. Doolan 100

    yes Kris missed a penalty away to Falkirk.Clipping the outside of the keepers right hand post.
  8. Jags Related Gg's Today's!

    Dolos ??? 4.50 wednesday
  9. going to have a few quid on all four of thoseCheers
  10. Jam Tarts 25/02/2017

    yip, how unfit would any footballer be that they are done in by halftime ,Chasing big Ade
  11. Jags Related Gg's Today's!

    yes agree with that.Maybe miss doolan's mount in the last at Kelso can ease the pain
  12. Calvin Zola

    All three were mince.Especially those in RED AND YELLOW
  13. Andy Little

    his cousin Syd says your are having a laugh.
  14. The Curious Case Of Adebayo Azeez

    hi kenny,Could we maybe push a Barton up front,thinking a big pair up top might be a better bet.
  15. Doolan 100

    Rebel, A mate of mine thinks that both Kris Doolan and Lyle Taylor's stats are quite similar, .ie pro appearances and also pro goals. How right do you think that is?