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  1. There was a game v Celtic I’m sure he was getting treatment off the park then the ref took an age (good few minutes) to allow him back on but folk were going mental at the situation of him just standing there. Would be amazed at folk abusing players that bad in games we never won and as a collective were usually terrible anyway.
  2. That was one of the worst ever. Saunders, Anderson,McMillan,Harkins & Mansell should be ashamed of their own personal display. That was a relegated team playing tonight.
  3. The January window was a complete farce. Only an idiot with zero football experience would expect about four players who have been out about 12 weeks to instantly come back firing on all cylinders. The fact he’s an ex player makes his decision to only sign a centre half to replace one who’s loan ended even more bonkers.
  4. What I don’t get is you can cost up transfers etc all you want and have it agreed but at the end of the day what players of any calibre wants to join a team 9th in the championship?
  5. The fact you don’t find drawing at home to Alloa after leading twice embarrassing sums us up right now. For clarity they should never have had a public night out.
  6. Yeah was slightly annoyed watching videos of them pished after drawing 2-2 at home to alloa.
  7. 100% sackable. The guy sold himself on his ability to improve the squad, now maybe he’s bit off more than he can chew but if I got a job based on apparently what he did after 4 games of sheer embarrassment I’d worry myself
  8. As a footballer I utterly hate Christie Elliott
  9. The zebra finance really help spread the cost.
  10. What a bonkers reply. His correct position as a converted right back as he’s proven he’s mince everywhere else?