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  1. How does that work with the 28 day rule. Would the SPFL wait the full 28 days before paying the clubs the balance due to them, just in case a club (which had already voted yes) changes its mind and retracts their vote within the 28 days, just as Dundee appears to have done albeit in a shorter time scale.
  2. This is the stuff of desperation!
  3. "you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone" - this is my thought about the future....any others come to mind?
  4. I have decided....I love it....I think!
  5. Only if there are any floodlights left working!
  6. A great read. I feel better already!
  7. Magnificent! We need more slides!
  8. Over land and sea...…..I too will be there and whatever happens, whatever Manager or Board or whatever Division we end up in, I will be renewing my season ticket because I am a Thistle Supporter...always have been and always will be!
  9. I thought Scott McDonald was the stand-out for us yesterday. No shortage of skill, drive, cuteness from him and he hardly wasted a ball all game. He was the player that Caldwell consistently used to pass on any tactical changes and to be his on-field general by encouraging and coaching throughout. A super 'captains display' all round from Scott...although he was not named as the such! If we can get improved performances from others (Spittal, Storey, Banzo and Cardle etc.) and introduce Fitzpatrick more often, then I think we will be fine.
  10. This Board are paralysed with the fear of changing the manager so soon after his Power -a - Point -ment regardless of the current situation. May and Low are together steering their ships the same way....to the rocks with a 'head in the sand' - 'it will all come good in the end' philosophy!
  11. I'm forgetting that if you sit in the 'Directors Box' then you won't see the fact that the lights are out!