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  1. Jim, just realised who you are mate - we have spoken a few times via e-mail ([email protected]), including about this very item lol - I sent you pictures ages ago, you told me you thought it was the same one that Greaves Sports had for a while haha. I thought I had the pics still on my camera, but sadly not - I'll have to get more taken when I'm next over at my mum's because it's in storage there. Haven't forgotten about the DVD either mate James
  2. send me your email address and i will try to get some pics to you soon. The display was framed when bought but there was no glass in the frame. Wouldnt cost much to get it done, even perspex would look fine.
  3. nice one - drop me a line at [email protected] so we can get this arranged. I am happy to do the DVD transfers, well worth it to see the footage again
  4. e-mail me and we can get something sorted between us - I can easily copy the VHS to DVD for you, and also have one waiting for jaggernaut when he gets back for his kind offer earlier
  5. No, but it would be GREAT for out playing surface
  6. I nearly choked there....funniest thing I've seen on a forum for a while
  7. Chico, Albert Craig, Roddy Grant, Georgie Shaw, Gerry (Gerry, Gerry...) Britton, Paul Kinnaird, Willie Jamieson, Stephen Docherty, Tom Smith, Tommy Turner, Scott Shaggy Paterson, Big Mad Mental Martin Hardie, Peter Lindau-do-do-do, Alan Archibald, Nicky Walker (whose name is actually Joseph, btw), Kenny Arthur, Paul Paton, David Rowson, Kris Doolan, Chris Erskine, Craig Nelson, Rod MacDoanld, Alex Burns, Alan Rough, Alex Rae, Bobby Lawrie, Dennis McQuade, Jimmy Bone...... ....sorry, but I only associate with ONE team C'mon the Jags!!!!
  8. naw, it was the *ahem* stout guy who used to do the PA that played it. Aye, it was cringeworthy, but I link it to good times....what would be the harm bringing it back?? Superstitious, yes, but maybe worth a shot lol
  9. It's been a while since we heard the banana splits at Firhill...whatever happened to the use of that as entrance music? I associate it with good times at the Jags, like our back to back promotions and decent cup runs in the early 2000's....do you think it's re-introduction could perhaps bring us some luck? If not, then what suggestions would you have for Jags entrance music? I would slant towards the A-team theme lol, it would fire the side up
  10. Thanks a lot, that would be very much appreciated - no worries about the timescale, I'm just grateful to get the footage back You are a gem my friend!
  11. I'm not trying to be horrible here, but c'mon guys - 50 views of my initial post and no replies/ PMs??? The title of the thread is self explanatory - I am looking for said video. If none of the 50 viewers have the tape, then why look? And if any one of the 50 viewers looked because they *have* the tape, then please, please help....I would love to get this footage!!! I can either buy the video from you, or can pay for you to have a copy made on DVD!!! C'mon fellow Jags fans, it'd make another Jag very, very happy All the best James
  12. I have for sale a nice 1971 LC Final related job-lot - details as follows: * Large mounted display of all the goals v Celtic, autographed by all the scorers. Includes squad picture, signed by Alan Rough. (This is in great condition, but was not glazed when I bought it, so needs framing...) * 1971 LC Final programme v Celtic in near to mint condition * 1971 LC SF programme v Falkirk in near to mint condition * UEFA Cup programme v Honved in excellent condition Lot comes with free DVD of the final footage all serious offers considered - please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, does anyone have a copy of the First Division Championship video (the one with Greg Hemphill narrating) for sale? Or do we have a kind Jag who can maybe do me a copy on DVD (I would be happy to pay for your time and postage, of course)on board? My player chewed mine before I had the chance to burn it to disc. If anyone can help, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks, and all the best James