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  1. Jeez. So the club are either lying or incompetent? Maybe they were just toe-ing a ridiculous party line. There was no official inspection planned( the SPFL wouldn't do one). I'll chuck in something else. I'd heard that Aberdeen had requested that hour by hour updates not be given. They wanted only official communication. Did The club say "the game is not in doubt"? I'd be amazed if that were the case.
  2. The game was called off 4 hours before k.o. That's the equivalent of an 11am call off for a 3pm game. That seems reasonable given that we now also know that the club had been trying to get an inspection all day. In addition we know we've had covers on the affected area. And we've been using lamps. The pics show an improvement since motherwell game in terms of grass etc. It's disappointing . I'm sure everyone at the club is disappointed. I know-having spoken to a key BT Sport person-they are equally frustrated. Not at Thistle. At the way the authorities are completely disorganised. What is more disappointing is that some fans-without any knowledge of the situation- suggest the club lied to fans. Or deliberately mislead fans. Hopefully, on reflection, they'll revise their knee-jerk reaction. Maybe in time they'll apologise too.
  3. Iain. You are just making stuff up. There was no pitch inspection "planned" because the SPFL hadn't agreed to one. If it had been left up to them, the referee -Alan Muir-would have turned up at 5.30 as per his remit and called it off. As it happened they finally managed to get Bobby Madden over at 3.30 and he did the inspection. Perhaps the problem is as someone points out. Refs have other jobs and the SPFL had no-one available earlier. It's telling that the match referee didn't do it, which suggests he wasn't available. I appreciate this is difficult because it's doesn't suit your agenda. If you have facts-not speculation- to the contrary, i'm sure we would all be happy to read them.
  4. I know. which is presumably why SPFL said 5.30.
  5. Just to say. Alan Muir was the ref for tonight. Madden called game off. That would suggest that Muir couldn'tbget to Firhill to do official inspection....
  6. I'd hoped never to darken the forum again but the shite that is being talked compels me. My information is that the club have been requesting a pitch inspection since early morning. The SPFL refused, saying it would be 5.30 as per the normal referee inspection. They relented at 3.30. Therefore the club have not being telling "bare-faced lies" as some would have us believe. They were giving out accurate information. There was no planned pitch inspection. As for the tv money. We haven't lost that. It's shared out equally regardless. I'll let you all get back to it now.
  7. Great result. Pretty much as predicted by most. Settled team, free of injury, kinder fixtures, now we are motoring. Awkward for some though. Very. Awkward.
  8. Enjoy the night. Great win. Back to work on Monday though. Calling out the charalatans that would have sacked the manager, ripped up 4 years work and installed an "experienced" coach. Great thing is, ther's nowhere to hide.
  9. It's awkward. It must be. Go on. You go first.
  10. I like how this has developed. From name the players to name the players, the date, the score and throw in a couple of fans too. :-)
  11. You didn't Auld Jag. A few did. Sure you have a right to an opinion. Like i do. My opinion is that when the team and manager needed the fans most, a number on here were found wanting. The took no noice of track record, ignored performances, and took the short term route. A route that has been disaster in the past. It's the same people as last season . And the season before that too. Let that haters hate though, when we turn it around, they'll disappear. Just like they did last season. Or they'll jump on the bandwagon and hyopcritically praise the guy they wanted sack and replaced by Mark McGhee etc. Anyway, i'm done now .
  12. Aw Barney , come on. Your getting a wee bit steamed up tonight pet. We won. Relax. Archie has got it under control. Great performance today.