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  1. another place to try for printing t.shirts ect is mybe mortons t.shirts they used to be at the side of kelvinbridge subway they are now located at Clifford lane was looking their web site few interesting ideas on there printed mugs also doing cotton tote bags says printed £2 each mybe get logo printed on it, think the t.shirts they print on are fruit of the loom brand.
  2. the way I read it on companies house its paul Goodwin has the right to appoint directors
  3. from the tfe web site on the q.&a part Q who is behind thistle for ever, answer there is a collective of concerned thistle fans led by paul Goodwin c.e.e of s.f.s, association alongside well known thistle fan allan heron, on companies house site, thistle for ever limited is listed as incorporated on 23rd sept. 2019 . paul Goodwin recorded as company director, under persons with significant control, nature of control ownership of shares - 75% or more, ownership of voting rights - 75% or more, with right to appoint directors
  4. harrywrag

    New Owner

    just wondering if thistle for ever is a fans group why only one named officer is registerd at companies house you would have thought a few + names would be registerd is this a one man group
  5. harrywrag

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    Companies House has only one named person for thistle for ever p goodwin
  6. harrywrag

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    thistle for ever registerd at companies house yesterday address in edinburgh
  7. harrywrag

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    just wondering if anyone has any views GB as CEO but now also secretary of the club can you hold both posts
  8. harrywrag


    doolan signs 1yr contract ayr unt
  9. thistle no longer the club i have supported for 67yrs they way doolan was treated yesterday was shocking the present board do not have thistle at heart and are on ego trips g.b j.l g.c have a lot to answer to so sad to see my my club is no longer in touch with the fans this whole eposide has been handled with total disrepect to doolan and the fans who are the heart of the club i would hope to hear a statement from j.l and not the rubbish sprouted on earlier g.bwhere do you stand with this the fans respect you but you now seen to have changed since your appointment i know a lot of fans who are dusgussed with the way doolan has been treated by i club the fans used to respect but a lot of damamanged has now now been done looks like the fans are now against the board and g.c this is not the way to go foreward to next season
  10. there is two wetherspoon pubs nearby the almondbank almond boulevard eh54 6hp and the new yearfield livingston designer outlet eh54 6qx both approx .7 ml from ground according to google maps abt16mins walking time