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  1. a f kincaid

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    I think this highlights neatly just how much football has failed to keep up with technology. Someone will doubtless correct me but I think it's still technically illegal under copyright laws to take any images of a football match without permission. It would be interesting to know whether Falkirk FC sanction recording and uploading video from hospitality then match highlights such as this. Many on here will have seen the footage from the cowshed at Greenock taken from amongst the Morton fans. Coverage of Thistle's goals taken from the JLS are a feature on here as well. I'm sure it's a feature across the divisions. It's possible that clubs are only given permission (from the SPFL?) to put their official coverage on their websites after a minimum period of delay after the final whistle (as the BBC has to do) but fans making their own recordings and uploading on to social media is a different story. For the record, this one is badly skewed to look like Thistle were never in the match!
  2. a f kincaid


    Quite right M'lady. Forgot to add that I excluded penalty shoot-outs.
  3. a f kincaid

    Jimmy Bone Interview

    "A rest home for the physically incompetent"!!
  4. a f kincaid


    No record of Spittal ever having taken a penalty for Thistle. Doolan's record to date is 6 taken, 4 converted, 2 missed.
  5. a f kincaid


    For the record:- Yesterday Gary Caldwell became the first manager in Thistle's history to start his managerial career with 4 consecutive league defeats. In addition to currently, 7 straight league defeats has been "achieved" twice (Jan 1990-Mar 1990) and (Oct 1998-Nov 1998). There is worse than that of course:- 8... (May 2017-Aug 2017) 10... (Sep 2003-Nov 2003) 11... (Jan 1898-Oct 1898) and the daddy of them all 12... (Feb 1909-Aug 1909). Hopefully none of them will ever be equalled/beaten.
  6. a f kincaid

    Half Time Draw 18/19

    My only (late) thought on this is that the club may be sensitive to giving anyone a bag of coins to carry home. How much does (say) £450 in coins weigh?? Do they have the facility to keep the cash but write a cheque on the day? I'm sure they tried having the winner come down on to pitch before. Didn't we have one match where the "winner" went down and discovered he didn't have the winning ticket after all?
  7. a f kincaid

    Kris Doolan stats

    Kris rightly enjoys legendary status amongst the fans. Using the data The Jukebox Rebel shares with me, I've been looking at his scoring record in relation to his appearances. You might find this interesting. (Abandoned games excluded. All competitions + friendly matches.) Willie Sharp remains (almost certainly for ever) Thistle's documented top scorer with 240 goals from 583 appearances. In the days of no substitutes and few matches in ET that means a goal scored every 2.4 games. (Willie Paul is almost certainly the highest but his goal scoring record cannot be verified.) Kris is currently chasing George Smith's 3rd place record of 131 goals from 337 appearances. A goal scored every 2.6 games. On the face of it Kris has scored 123 goals from 415 appearances ie, a goal scored every 3.4 games, but recalculating the actual time spent on the park reveals that he has only played the equivalent of 277 90 x min matches ie, an even more impressive goal scored every 2.3 games. 129 have been for 90 minutes (or 90 + Extra Time). In contrast, 24 of his 415 appearances have been for less than 10 minutes. He has never made 6 consecutive 90-minute appearances and has only made 5 consecutive 90-minute appearances 5 times (one of which was over 2 seasons). If you divide the total minutes played by his appearances his average time on the pitch is almost exactly 1 hour per match. He's right up there with the best of them!
  8. a f kincaid

    Missing Strikers

    He may not have kicked a ball figuratively but he certainly has literally. He's come on twice as a sub. He showed more urgency at Alloa than the rest of the team put together (while clearly not match fit). He was even chasing and gathering balls out for throw-ins and doing the ballboys' jobs for them. (Sorry, ballpersons. Can't be too careful these days.)
  9. a f kincaid

    Half Time Draw 18/19

    I won the h-t draw more than a year ago. In my case I was told I couldn't get it on the day and to come back on Monday. As I live in Auld Reekie that was hardly an attractive option. They took a note of my bank details and it was paid in a few days later. As others have said, I can't understand why the prize can't be given out at the end of the match. It is, after all, CASH.
  10. a f kincaid

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Storer booked. 14 mins on the park. Time enough for a 2nd yellow.
  11. a f kincaid

    The Gaffer

    What's a "forward"?
  12. a f kincaid

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Talking about reality...where do people expect to pick decent players in the January window? It’s typified by clubs offloading players they want rid of. Unless the club are prepared to spend some decent money actually tempting clubs to release their better players, all the window will do is stir the dross. I originally thought we had a bunch of Premiership players who thought they were too good for the Championship. Now I’m wondering if we’ve got League One players who think they’re good enough for this division. Other posters on here are right. There needs to be some serious decisions taken about some senior players who can’t hack it any more. No-one is bigger than the club. It’s becoming a laughingstock.
  13. a f kincaid

    Alloa away

    I don't think being pure rubbish satisfies the definition of the word "emergency"!
  14. a f kincaid


    3 times... Ayr United 3/2/90 Aberdeen 30/8/94 Hearts 8/10/94
  15. a f kincaid

    That Chico Moment

    During his spell in coaching he was walking along the goal line at the bing end when the players were warming up. He had got to about 10 yards of the corner flag at the tunnel side of the ground when a loose ball started to come up behind him. Someone must have shouted on him to knock the ball back because in one movement he turned round 180 degrees, shot left footed, "scored" direct from the (almost) corner and disappeared down the tunnel.