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  1. My mate and I went to the bog as soon as we got in just after the turnstiles opened. Unavoidably we made a new friend with (name withheld). Talkative young lad, Celtic top and clearly drink had been taken (not by us). A Thistle fan asked the steward why he'd been allowed into the stand (possibly on two different counts) and appears to have been told that someone else was "making up the rules" as they went along. Not criticising any of the stewards or turnstile operators (on the minimum wage or unpaid volunteers no doubt) but if the club posts on social media that Celtic fans will not be allowed in the CW stand, then they should mean it and find a way to prevent it. The fact that most of the Celtic fans were in one block, separated by police and stewards, suggests the whole thing was pre-arranged.
  2. Apologies. Write out 100 times "I must learn to read the question correctly". Thought it referred to the 1971 league cup final! (Dowie and Erskine correct.)
  3. DUFC fans let off an orange smoke bomb when they scored their first goal on Saturday.
  4. In the unbroken sequence of 61 seasons in the top flight (1902-03 to 1969-70 #) Thistle averaged just under 9th place. In that period the number of teams in the league averaged just over 18. Pretty much right down the middle. 36 of these seasons saw us finishing no worse than 9th. (# Excludes wartime football)
  5. It's a sad reflection that we can't even take just the one stand and fill it, but a sign of the times. The fact that tickets are (or were) available on-line suggests they weren't selling. Originally they were only available by phone or in person. Tickets should have been on sale on Saturday. The problem remains how to "police" the sale of tickets. A problem facing most clubs in similar circumstances. The club could restrict on-line purchase to season tickets holders only but understandably that's a red rag to a bull for many non-ST holders of course. In any case, how do you ensure they are going to Thistle fans who call in to the office or phone? Not sure there is (or ever will be) an answer. Think this has just made my mind up to body-swerve Saturday.
  6. "It is a matter of regret...to see the "in and out" form displayed by the cub with such tiresome regularity each succeeding Saturday. I would like to ask why it is that men who are totally unfit to acquit themselves with anything like credit are, Saturday after Saturday, included in the team. I will give...my idea of what would be...a strong and balanced team and bring back much, if not all, of its former football greatness. Well, here it is........................................" Letter to the Glasgow Evening Post 9 February 1889.
  7. Johnstone's competitive record:- Played 35 Won 8 Drawn 11 Lost 16. For 39 Against 47.
  8. This is the official opening of the Helenvale Sports Ground on 2/9/1924. Thistle played Rangers in a glamour friendly (except that since it was 1-6 the glamour was all Rangers'). The bloke in the bowler is the Duke of York (future King George VI). Presumably that's the Lord Provost there as well.
  9. Correct Jagfox. Jackie told me the same story at a pre-season friendly at Stenhousemuir. He'd come into the club in the morning and find he was larking about as one of the lads. I'm sure Jackie told me that when "it" was all over he admitted to Jackie he had been right all along and that he should have taken his advice.
  10. Can only find one game v Ayr United at Firhill between 1/5/1940 (Husband was playing) and April 1957 (too late for Jackie). The other Thistle player has no number so suggests to me it's at least before the turn of the year 1946/47 when most clubs began to follow Airdrie's lead (August 1946) and have numbered shirts.