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  1. a f kincaid

    Winter window

    One of the worst players ever to wear 2 Thistle jerseys!
  2. a f kincaid

    Joe Cardle

    Ah, right. My view must have been obscured by the cigar smoke!
  3. a f kincaid

    Joe Cardle

    Anyone else remember him scoring against us at East End Park and taunting us from the track imitating smoking a cigar? Some rehabilitation needed methinks.
  4. a f kincaid

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    Here's the full Christmas Day list. 18 in all. W6, D3, L9. Not particularly rewarding. 25-Dec 1886-87 ST MIRREN A 1 2 F 25-Dec 1897-98 HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN A 2 6 SFL1 25-Dec 1909-10 HIBERNIAN H 3 1 SFL1 25-Dec 1915-16 GREENOCK MORTON A 1 0 SFL1 25-Dec 1920-21 ABERDEEN A 3 0 SFL1 25-Dec 1926-27 FALKIRK H 0 1 SFL1 25-Dec 1929-30 QUEEN'S PARK H 1 0 SFL1 25-Dec 1930-31 MOTHERWELL H 0 3 SFL1 25-Dec 1936-37 ST MIRREN H 1 1 SFL1 25-Dec 1937-38 ABERDEEN H 3 1 SFL1 25-Dec 1943-44 ALBION ROVERS A 1 2 SDIV 25-Dec 1948-49 GREENOCK MORTON H 1 0 SFL1 25-Dec 1951-52 DUNDEE H 1 3 SFL1 25-Dec 1952-53 THIRD LANARK A 1 3 SFL1 25-Dec 1954-55 HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN H 4 4 SFL1 25-Dec 1956-57 RAITH ROVERS H 1 1 SFL1 25-Dec 1965-66 FALKIRK A 0 2 SFL1 25-Dec 1971-72 AYR UNITED H 0 1 SFL1
  5. a f kincaid

    Training Ground

    And stamp his authority.
  6. a f kincaid


    What if blowing your whistle wastes a one-on-one by Storey when he pulls up thinking there was an infringement or off-side. Oh wait a minute....
  7. a f kincaid


    To be fair, the BBC report says County only had 2 shots on target and they scored with them both. Their co-manager is quoted as saying " Partick Thistle were excellent. They are one of the better sides we've played here". Neither is there any contradiction of Caldwell's assertion that Thistle controlled long spells of the game. Another disappointing result of course but restricting the team that has just gone top of the league to one shot on target from open play at their ground is probably better than might have been expected (given the state we are in). Lack of any threat up front is killing us. A gap of 22 points between the two clubs that were relegated last season is a shocker.
  8. a f kincaid

    Ross County 22/12/18

    With apologies to William Topaz McGonagall Oh great tarmacked bridge over the Cromarty Firth Thistle supporters hardly crossed over in mirth But they travelled in hope on Saturday twenty-second of December two thousand and eighteen But the match confirmed that times were truly lean 'Twas just about four-fifty that day when reality kicked in Their team had been beaten by four goals to yin Although the distance was just as it had been, the long road south seemed even longer Oh how they wished their team had been stronger
  9. a f kincaid


    Cheers both.
  10. a f kincaid


    Before I tackle the M8 can anyone tell me what the weather is like in Glasgow? Cheers.
  11. a f kincaid

    Earlier Jack Storer thread

    3 times I've gone into this thread and 3 times it's generated a pop-up warning claiming that either my system is corrupted and I should press "update" immediately, or, just now, all my files will be deleted unless I do the same. Loud high-pitched whine at the same time and impossible to get this off the screen without pulling the plug. I've done a complete scan and nothing has been found. Anyone else getting this problem?
  12. a f kincaid

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    Spittal was taken hostage and hasn't been seen since. The SAS provided us with a body double and he certainly did the business yesterday!
  13. a f kincaid

    QOS away 1/12/18

    January window signing target...Noel Fitzpatrick.
  14. a f kincaid

    QOS away 1/12/18

    I thought it was an entry qualification!
  15. a f kincaid

    Paratroopers training squad

    Always makes me smile when the optical reader in the British Newspaper Archive reads Rangers as "Bangers".