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  1. Hate to disagree m'lady but slightly tongue in cheek, I'd point out that Partick only became part of the City of Glasgow around 1912(?).
  2. The original question asked for ratios, you've used percentages. They amount to the same thing in the end. Just coming from a different angle.
  3. Yes Frank Coulston. Frank is Thistle's highest scorer never to have scored a hat-trick or better in a match. All 1s and 2s. 264 apps/82 goals.
  4. Bobby Law 331 apps/7 SOs = 1:44 Alan Archibald 463 apps/6 SOs = 1:77 Stuart Bannigan 248 apps/5 SOs = 1:50 Chic Charnley 153 apps/3 SOs = 1:51 These guys are angels compared with some others. Gordon Smith 3 SOs in 36 apps. Andy Wilkinson 1 in 20. Maurice Parry 2 in 30. Billy Abercrombie 1 in 12. Hugh Hamill 1 in 6.
  5. Chic was sent off 3 times:- Ayr 3/2/90, Aberdeen 30/8/94 and Hearts 8/10/94. Pub trivia. When was he sent off but allowed to come back on? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? He was "sent off" by the ref on 13/8/90 v Cliftonville and told to get some shin guards on. He must have been one of the first players to fall foul of the (then) new FIFA regulations.
  6. Stuart Bannigan now stands on 5 sendings off and is an all-time third behind Bobby Law (7) and Alan Archibald (6). 155 different players have amassed 228 S/Os between them. This is over 6,550 first team matches (give or take). 214 of these matches saw 1 or more S/O. 18% were won, 23% drawn and 59% lost. The longest run between S/Os is 499 matches and ended when John Harvey was sent off v Arbroath on 4/3/1963.
  7. a f kincaid

    New Owner

    In Regency times the Duchess of somebody or other discovered if you put the milk in the cup first it stopped the boiling water from cracking the cup. English society was shocked. Until then the milk went in after the water. Ceramic manufacturers hadn't perfected their craft at that time and cups were frequently cracking. 1-0 to Partickthedog I think.
  8. You're more observant than I was on this one ODO! Should have gone to Spec Savers. St John was playing so it could be him. Forgot to add that Hunter scored for Motherwell.
  9. Just an observation but tempted to say that's them trooping off at h-t. The players seem to be ignoring each other. If it was full-time you'd expect some of them at least to be talking, shaking hands etc. The crowd don't look like they've thinned out much either.
  10. Davie Mathers the Thistle player nearest the camera and Willie Hunter of Motherwell. League Cup 30/8/1958 1-1. Thistle had to avoid more than a 2-0 defeat otherwise Motherwell would have won the section. Looks like Martis to Mathers' left. Frank Donlevy first Thistle player to the left in the background. Motherwell gave Thistle the run-around for more than an hour but a goal by Kerr on a breakaway did enough. Ledgerwood, Davidson, Baird, Mathers, Hogan, Donlevy, Smith, Wright, KERR, McParland, Keenan.
  11. IMHO Fox has lost out to a number of shots because he can't seem to get his feet moving quickly enough.
  12. 9 April 1966. 2-2 draw at Annfield. Niven, Campbell, Muir, Cunningham, McKinnon, Gibb, McLindon, McParland, Roxburgh, Ewing, DUNCAN (2). Duncan squeezed a scramble over the line (2) and shot home a Ewing cut-back (43). In time-honoured fashion Thistle threw it away. Albion scored just on h-t and had a strong claim for a penalty as Thistle held on but they scored again (79). Thistle remained 15th, a point behind Albion. Looks like the forehead and toe of Tommy Ewing nearest the goal.
  13. Anyone else getting fed up with the poor service provided by the OS? Recently the match information has either been totally blank or has had no text commentary. Some weeks the score hasn't even been correct. Last night's "commentary" is a bit of a joke.
  14. Agreed. "Good afternoon and welcome to listeners on the BBC Scottish Programme from Firhill Park as Hearts or Falkirk or Dundee take to the field in their famous dark strips"!
  15. Would Hibs not have their white sleeves? Looks more like Hearts to me.