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  1. a f kincaid

    Falkirk 16 March

    It's true Falkirk had the better of the few chances on offer. Paton (late of this Parish) messed up a header from a few yards and they also shaved a post but neither keeper was seriously busy. McDonald missed with a header at the back post but he was the best player on the park. There is a danger that we are putting all our eggs in one basket. He can't be expected to carry us every week. I lost count of how many times Falkirk gave the ball away or put it out of play (and not necessarily when under pressure from Thistle players). We certainly weren't lucky to get a draw. Anyone know what the away support was? Considering the weather and two away games in a week I though it was more than decent. Did anyone clock the Falkirk manager's comments on the BBC match report about Mr Caldwell's comments on how we played?
  2. Would have been interesting to see if there would have been a call for a change of venue rather than Hampden for Thistle v Thistle. A 50,000 seater stadium with a small crowd would have been an unedifying spectacle for the suits and blazers. Any thoughts on what the crowd might have been and a more suitable venue?
  3. a f kincaid

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Falkirk had no badges on the shirts until the mid-70s so going with M'lady that it's Dundee. Bert Slater a good shout. Tommy Ewing on the ground?
  4. The knot of around 40 (?) supporters immediately behind the old tunnel/Thistle dugout (the guys standing/jumping/banging the drum) are the obvious "persons of interest" - unless there were Hearts fans further up towards the Director's box throwing coins over their heads. In either case did no Director from either club see what was going on? Sad that those who behave have to be punished but it would seem sensible to cordon off that section of seats to all away fans from now on. When Hearts scored maroon smoke billowed out of the CW stand at the bing end. This is the same stand Thistle have always been "advised" by the police not to allow Old Firm fans to occupy in case they play with their fireworks. Didn't see it myself but if (as posted earlier) the flare just missed a ballboy/girl then it's doubly ridiculous. PS. Pet hate. Have never understood why organisers of big sporting events (football, rugby etc) persist in these pyrotechnics before the kick-off. When the smoke gets trapped under wrap-around roofs it takes ages to clear and spectators and players alike have to breathe it in.
  5. a f kincaid

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I only see Kellachan playing twice at Easter Road (March and Sep 1973). Given the state of the goalmouth I think 13/3/1973 would be favourite. Lost 1-2 but hardly a pumping. Rough, Hansen, Kellachan, Glavin, Anderson, Clark, Gibson, Strachan, RAE (T), Rae (A), Chalmers. Sub: Craig.
  6. a f kincaid

    Ayr away 12th March

    It's not as if they are in the same building or anything. Oh here, wait a minute....
  7. a f kincaid

    Scottish cup quarters

    1 win in 13 attempts (and that was a second replay in the semi-final in1921). Otherwise, played 10, drawn 2, lost 8. Time to improve things is long overdue.
  8. a f kincaid

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Ah well, I was on the right lines. Off to brush up on my early 70s Rangers mug-shots!
  9. a f kincaid

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Looks like John Arroll. Roxburgh and Flanagan played together in 3 matches against Dundee at Firhill. Donaldson was the Dundee keeper in the other 2 (30/3/68 and 22/3/69) so looks like a 0-0 draw on 29/10/1966.
  10. a f kincaid

    Ross County 23.2.19

    Until TJR cranks up his machine... I can offer you Third Lanark v PT at Cathkin on 24 March 1951. Goals by Sharp and Crawford (penalty) gave Thistle a 2-0 h-t lead but even playing into the face of a blizzard Third Lanark had been the better side. The 2nd half was a formality. Final score PT 2 Third Lanark 4.
  11. a f kincaid

    Match Programmes 1986-87.

    Thanks ELJ.
  12. a f kincaid

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Baffling to say the least. Definitely Kellachan and he is listed as making only 3 first-team appearances against Rangers at Ibrox ie, 1/1/1974, 7/9/1974 and 2/8/1976. The last one can be discounted because there is a photo in the report of the match in the Herald and it's not the same strip. That leaves the first 2. It definitely looks like Donnie McKinnon but his last first-team appearance at Ibrox is listed as April 1968. Kellachan and Houston weren't around then. Agree the photo looks far too "summery" to be January. In all three of Kellachan's appearances at Ibrox he's listed at No 3, not No 6 but Bertie Auld was known to occasionally try and confuse the opposition by swopping jerseys around. In addition the Rangers player on the left looks like Derek Parlane and he played in the 7/9/1974 match. Even so, there is no McKinnon listed. Nobby Clark was centre-half that day. Going to take a wild guess and suggest it's a reserve match on 15/8/1972. (Sparse crowd in the enclosure and McKinnon still playing.) Don't have the exact line-up but McKinnon, Houston and Kellachan were all in the squad of 12 for the match. Parlane was listed in the Rangers squad for the match (Ev Times).
  13. a f kincaid

    Match Programmes 1986-87.

    Can anyone with a collection tell me if programmes for these matches exist:- Celtic 4/8/1986 (friendly). The following match on 9/8 was programme No 1 so probably none was issued, unless it was un-numbered. Celtic 10/3/1987 (Glasgow Cup). The previous match 7/3 was No 18. The next scheduled match 21/3 was No 20 so perhaps there was one. Thanks.
  14. a f kincaid

    Stats Watch 2018-19

    Le Bunnet D'Or.
  15. a f kincaid

    Scottish cup quarters

    Anyone approached Barcelona to see if the Camp Nou is free?