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  1. I don't think he was as one that got away GRE. More like one they didn't try hard enough to get. Auld was in negotiations with Sheffield Wednesday when his loan deal was up. Glavin had just been sold to Celtic for a reported fee of £80k. Prudham went back to Wednesday and signed for Carlisle United the following day for a reported fee of £35k. I suppose it depends on how much he was given to spend. Either that or we matched the bid but the player wasn't keen to come back up North.
  2. Agreed. I think Crawford is the big guy second from the left on the boat in the picture below/above. Jimmy McGowan next to him then Alex Wright.
  3. Partick FC didn't merge with the club. They went defunct and Thistle moved to their ground for the start of 1885-86.
  4. There used to be a guy who leaned over the boundary wall just on half-way who shouted at linesmen "Ah hope yer weans walk backwards".
  5. Deffo Joe McBride. Deffo not a Director. McBride and Tommy Ewing in collar and tie.
  6. There's more about him in the Herald today and this week's Radio Times on the TV series coming soon. Brother Jarvis ("Jerry") Suter played 157 games for the real Thistle!
  7. Just an observation. Would it not be better if the word "family" was actually readable? Looks like my doctor's signature! Different font perhaps?
  8. I think with Freddie's heritage being the other side of Belgium's language border, he's Flemish, not a Walloon. Dank u wel Freddie!
  9. Anyone else listening to Sportsound? Kerridene Nittsan (apologies about spelling) seemed to be saying that he had learned from an unnamed source high up in the SPFL (?) that there will be no attempt to doctor season 2020-21 to accommodate a finish 2019-20. He seemed to be suggesting that the mood music beginning to emerge is for the season to be finished now, wherever clubs are sitting. That surely would relegate Thistle who sit one point behind QOS with a game in hand. Someone reassure me that I misheard please!
  10. Beat me to it Jagsman. They just managed to squeeze in the next Old Firm match! A lot to be clarified however. Who is Ms Sturgeon's "recommendation" aimed at? Do organisations have the right to ignore? Does this mean we could see all matches being all-ticket 500 limit crowds? Does it mean that if attendance at any event was likely to have been more than 500, it's cancelled? 2 x Scottish Cup Semi-Finals coming up. The Israel game looks like a 50,000 sell-out. What about the cup final? Slightly ironic that clubs in Div 1 and 2 who would routinely have gates of less that 500 would be least affected. If the virus is going to have such an impact then, of course, public safety must come first but some tough decisions ahead for all sorts of organisers, not least the SFA/SPFL.
  11. If the club are ever looking for a moto for a new logo, the last 3 seasons and counting suggest it should be "Protenus et Deorsum" (Onwards and Downwards).
  12. Don't know top left. Johnny Mackenzie, Bobby Howitt and Alex Wright. Cupholder unknown!
  13. Before Tuesday night, Thistle's last HOME league clean sheet was against Dunfermline 8/12/2018. The last league clean sheet before Tuesday Night was 4/5/2019 AWAY to QOS. [Before that QOS game the previous 6 clean sheets were all AWAY from home.] Last win at Ibrox was 31/10/1981. There have been 17 league matches at Ibrox since then - 3 draws and 14 defeats. F17, A44. Counting all league home matches in their various guises, 601 of 2068 (29%) have been clean sheets.
  14. What's Tommy Docherty doing there? Second from the right.