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  1. On the face of it there doesn't seem to be any doubt we broke the SFA's Articles of Association rule 99. Ignorance of the law and all that. Anyone care to speculate what our defence might be?
  2. From the SFA Articles of Association. Penalty could lead to “censure or to a fine or to a suspension or to an expulsion or to ejection from the Challenge Cup Competition, to any combination of these penalties or such other penalty, condition or sanction as the Judicial Panel considers appropriate, including such other sanctions as are contained within the Judicial Panel Protocol, in order to deal justly with the case in question”.
  3. The Daily Record (never slow to ridicule "the M8 Alliance") claims Thistle and Hearts have "torpedoed" a request by the SPFL to publish the Arbitration Panel's decision in full as "bad blood boiled over". They printed a joint statement by Thistle and Hearts giving their reasons for not agreeing with full disclosure. I don't see any evidence of boiled blood or torpedoes and find it strange neither club has posted the joint statement on their websites.
  4. Tommy Ewing and Billy Ritchie doing their bit for Queen and Country. Clearly not the Thistle trophy room!
  5. Somebody has slipped up there! The first Old Firm Derby is 31st August. See that SPFL. They canny get anything right.
  6. 15 competitive matches at Broadwood. Pl 15, W 5, D3, L7. F18, A 20. Last win there 3/1/2009 (4-2). Last match there was a friendly (if there is such a thing against Clyde) 18/7/2009 (1-2).
  7. Just as an aside, apart from this match, does anyone remember Davie being sent off?
  8. Indeed Jaggernaut. 13 out of 13. 100% conversion rate but from a much smaller number of penalties. If he had stayed at Thistle he might have been the Crown Prince in waiting.
  9. Colin McAdam may have been a minor Prince but he was no Penalty King! 5 taken, 4 converted (80%). If such a title can ever be bestowed on a player Jimmy Davidson fits the bill. 34 taken, 29 converted (85%).
  10. If so, then this must be the Saturday before the Racing Club match at Hampden. 1-5 to Celtic 14/10/1967. This match in which Davie McParland was sent off for the mildest of "retaliation" after a bad foul by Willie Wallace (also sent off). Is it Di Stefano Stu?
  11. Having run the ball out for a goal-kick, he kicked the advertising board in frustration. Realising he had hurt himself he sort of half limped/half walked back up field trying to hide the fact that he was injured. IIRC he didn't last very long and he had to go off.
  12. Was it not Tony some years ago said three of his youngsters could walk straight into the Inter Milan Team?
  13. Anyone else being plagued in this thread with a pop-up ad saying your Adobe Flash Drive may be needing upgraded? Two days now. Can't get rid of it off the screen without coming out of the site and going back in. How do you get rid of it for good?
  14. Set up from midfield by me!