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  1. The second best day out on my Jags CV. Like the first, I believed those days might turn up occasionally. Still waiting on both counts................
  2. There's a long road to travel for justice to make its claim..................
  3. Agree with this. Wee Stevie did an admirable job out-of-position at LWB, however his absence in midfield in favour of Barton and Edwards was a prime factor that led to relegation.
  4. Erty13 nothing against you, but this is selective revisionism. If anyone considers the ref v QOS is fair game, then Stuart Bannigan is even fairer game for not converting the penalty that we were awarded in the first ten minutes against a weakened Dunfermline side the following week. Face it - we are the authors of our own downfall for being bottom when the music stopped. There were several opportunities after New Year to have been clear of the bottom two. That we failed to do so lies squarely on our own shoulders and not on some perceived refereeing conspiracy.
  5. For the last three years Thistle have been extremely adept at social distancing in those situations. Perhaps they could be held up as an example by UEFA? (Sorry Norge - it was an open goal......)
  6. Only three teams voted no before the 1700 deadline on Friday. Hence why the voting was 16 - 3 in favour at that point, which meant that the motion passed. Edinburgh City apparently submitted their vote thereafter.
  7. Falkirk, Stranraer, Edinburgh City and East Fife all voted no. The other 16 voted yes.
  8. Not sure Dundee can vote yes now, simply because what has been exposed so far this weekend renders that vote null and void (ahem).......dead as a dodo.............completely without credibility. That vote is now so full of holes that it could be legally challenged on numerous counts. It will be - not so quietly - abandoned and another proposal will be forthcoming. Donkeygobbler is absolutely ****** now - there's no way he can survive this. Murdoch McLennan likewise.
  9. That is something I had completely forgotten about. The agreed fee for Alan was 35k, so 20% up front which equates exactly to what you are saying.
  10. None, other than showing that Gerry Britton does not understand the meaning of 'please tick the appropriate box'.
  11. My point exactly - thanks for underlining it. It's one thing finding ourselves in the relegation places due to our own incompetence, but with a reasonable opportunity to play ourselves out of it. It is another thing entirely for the ruling body to attempt to impose an adjudication that disposes of us and others in similar positions unilaterally and in an inconsistent manner (see Brechin).
  12. For sporting integrity. However there is no neutrality in this scenario - not only are people's livelihoods at stake, the existence of numerous clubs are at stake. Those are considerations which ultimately sway a decision to vote one way or the other. I've no problem with clubs voting to secure their existence given the Hobson's choice they have been given by the SPFL. Any port in a storm, after all. Having said that, the SPFL should not have called this vote under the current circumstances and are clearly trying to influence the outcome. Which on its own should be enough to render it null and void in the interests of voting integrity.
  13. That wasn't in our hands. Bannigan's telegraphed penalty v Dunfermline though...................
  14. Sorry but that doesn't totally stand up to scrutiny, Allyo. In 17-18 alone we bottled it in both games v Hamilton at NDP (0-0 and 1-2), then at home v Killie before Clarke took over (0-2), Dundee at home (1-2) and Ross County away (0-4), and as you mention, both play-off games.