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  1. Please pin the above on the dressing room wall, Mr McCall.
  2. Hell fire - Alloa just refuse to pack it in.
  3. Taylor-Sinclair scores again for Livingston. What is he having for breakfast then?
  4. Something like this puts a lot of things into perspective, doesn't it?
  5. I get the impression that iMac thinks he is picking the same Bannigan that he sent out on loan to Ayr 9 or so years ago. With every respect to Stuart, he is nowhere near the player he was before his injury. If he were, he wouldn't be playing for us right now. O'Ware I knew nothing about before he signed apart from his statistics, which were decent. Like Stuart, he doesn't appear to have recovered the level of potential he supposedly had before his injury. In summary, maybe iMac should consider moving these two on and starting afresh with new fulcra to his squad. Like others, I like the jib of Brian Graham's onfield attitude. Maybe that's a foundation to move us on from the unacceptable onfield standards that have polluted performances since 6th April 2017.
  6. In the cold light of today, McCall showed exactly the same posture last night as he did last season in the Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr Scottish Cup game. Once his team fell behind he didn't/couldn't do anything to change the tempo and ultimately stuttered to an embarrassing defeat at the hands of more savvy lower league opposition.
  7. The way I saw it too. Fox gets a bad rap on here. Buffon and De Gea could both be in goal at the same time at the City End, but if O'Ware is one of the defenders in front of them , two goals will be conceded.
  8. First off, well done to John McGlynn and Raith, hope they go on to win it now. O'Ware, I've run out of patience with, he's the major problem, not Fox. There was always a risk with the level of turnover we've seen in a January window - but that's no excuse. That game should have been won tonight. Over to you Ian McCall.
  9. That's a horror of an event to happen to any human being, irrespective of age. For it to happen to Jackie at 46 - a fit guy who ostensibly has done everything right in terms of living a healthy life - is frightening. Best Wishes for a full recovery to Jackie and the power of faith to his family.
  10. Honeymoon over Ian - and then some.
  11. Rovers playing with confidence now - mainly because we are already looking desperate.
  12. O'Ware couldn't be trusted to buy a round of drinks - he is dreadful.
  13. While I fully agree with your dominant premise, that statement factually isn't true. There have been at least three shut-outs this season, all in cup competitions.
  14. Strange thing is that we've generally looked dangerous going forward. Just over-elaborated at times. rather than composing ourselves for a shot on target However, defensively O'Ware makes Danny Devine look like Roy Keane.
  15. Fox had nothing to do with that goal. A keeper's got zip chance if his centre-backs are so static that they give a forward a near post header for free.