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  1. Souleymane Coulibaly

    Feeling better about it now with the Ayr games with no bench to speak of, being followed by a surprisingly encouraging effort against Celtic. Obviously a run of positive results will take the pressure off the manager, but Andrea's encouraging start and the arrival of Souleymane suddenly suggest that the jigsaw promised in May could well be beginning to take shape. Just wish that we could get into the habit of having our bodies in place before 1st August - Archie's record in that regard is poor (and yes I know there may be justifiable reasons for that which are outwith our knowledge).
  2. Souleymane Coulibaly

    Delighted to have that confirmed Sandy!! It hadn't been clear from some of your earlier contributions this evening. Souleymane, Kris, and Myles to all hit double figures this season?
  3. Souleymane Coulibaly

    Sandy, the new signing has transformed everyone's mood tonight. Except you for some reason.
  4. Team rebuilding

    Assuming Keown is toast, then we still need a natural and reliable right back. Christie works well as a RWB, but the evidence since the start of the season is that he's not good enough in a four.
  5. Stats Watch 2018-19

    Derek Johnstone?
  6. Souleymane Coulibaly

    Nothing positive to say on Saturday night, and again nothing positive to say tonight?
  7. Team rebuilding

    Well that's a good one!! Hope it means we'll go two up front more often this season.
  8. Ryan Edwards

    Thanks TL - for the avoidance of any doubt, my previous comment was intended to be flippant.
  9. Ryan Edwards

    Why restrict that assessment to the defenders?
  10. Aiden FitzPartick Thistle vs Brendan's mobile disco

    Well said Norge - there lies the crux of the matter.
  11. Ryan Edwards

    Nothing against Ryan Edwards, whom I thought was one who actually cared a bit last season, but going back is not the way forward. Having said that, can the club get something sorted with the Keown situation please? If he's still on the books, then play him. He's a very good defender. If they don't want to play him for whatever reason, then get him off the books pronto.
  12. Stats Watch 2018-19

    Thanks TJR - That is my favourite Kris Doolan goal ever. Had completely forgotten it was a landmark goal statistically.
  13. Stats Watch 2018-19

    Kris Doolan would be most appropriate for the 9,000th goal. I was at the game at Celtic park in 1973 (??) where Bobby Murdoch scored what I think was Celtic's 6,000th goal - we got a 1-1 draw that day. Bobby Lawrie outstripped Davie Hay to give us the lead. Happy times in the East End!!
  14. Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    Apologies if the answer to this is obvious, but why was Storey missing yesterday?
  15. Team rebuilding

    FFS - get a grip you guys will you. Go out, have a few pints, get shagged, but please shut the **** up will you.