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  1. Laukat, according to AFK, Chic's red card v Ayr was in 1990, but the winner take all game was in 1998. I think what you describe above is correct for 1998 apart from the fact that Chic got a first yellow for the handball. Unfortunately as you say, he'd had a poor season in disciplinary terms with Hibs before he came to us, and that yellow put him over the threshold for a multi-game suspension.
  2. Red card in Ruchill Park? Or was that Gordon Rae? I remember a 5-1 horsing at Easter Road where Kevin McAllister ran absolutely riot after Grant Tierney equalised. Is that the game you are referring to DD??
  3. Chic was very well behaved when playing for the Jags - which will have had something to do with John Lambie's influence for sure. At this moment I'm struggling to think of any red card Chic got with the Jags - but I'm certain there were a few, and at least one that is in my head as unjustified.
  4. George Niven and Billy Ritchie played for us. Thankfully neither Andy Goram was ever signed....................
  5. Wow! Didn't realise you've been posting your videos for so long!! That is some hit from Jamie.
  6. Great! Jamie Dolan was absolutely immense for us that season. Nice to remember him even if for an obtuse reason!!
  7. Jamie only scored twice for us, but not that day. He did score in the 2-0 win at Somerset a couple of months before. Fairly sure Paul Walker was the other scorer. I think, but am not certain, that Danny Lennon was the other scorer v Ayr in the Christmas game.
  8. Not at all, I was being flippant LJ. I always include Clyde as one of the five, even although by a number of metrics they could be seen as dubious. That said, if Pollok/Petershill/Maryhill Juniours did an Auchinleck and eliminated a top level team then we may have to include them perforce.
  9. Good question. I remember us coming from 0-2 to 2-2 v Stirling Albion with nine when Kevin Drinkell was their manager, however that's not a win. There's likely to have been a couple of occasions this century when we've hung on. After all Danny Devine played for us. Actually now that I think about it, Jamie Dolan (RIP) getting red carded v Ayr at Firhill Christmas 2001 (?) Martin Hardie scored the winner for 2-1.
  10. Not just the media. Those of you who know me in real life are aware that I work abroad. The question I always get asked after confirming my home town is 'which team do you support?' By now my response is 'there are five teams in Glasgow - name the other three.' In making that point, it always ensures they leave the conversation better informed than when they arrived.
  11. Well done - would have accepted that before the game, but to have done so when a man down is an achievement and at the same time great for morale. Banzo - manager's office first thing on Tuesday please. First Amstel has just come out of the fridge - enjoy your Saturday evening fellow Jags!!
  12. I was going to agree, but then I remembered that one was Craig Levein.
  13. Incredible - making more progress with Bannigan off the scene.