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  1. Barney Rubble

    Who's your favourite player of the last decade?

    Dools - there is no other option. He's stuck with us through thin, thick and now thin again. Never taken any other club's shilling, although he may have had opportunities to do so. He lives and breathes Thistle, because - in his own words - we are his club. His level of commitment to Thistle comes from a bygone age, and those of us fortunate enough to witness it right now should appreciate it while he's still here.
  2. Barney Rubble

    Alloa 15.12.18

    Something we haven't managed since 1st March 2017.
  3. Barney Rubble


    Quitongo's toast. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/3607645/partick-thistle-jai-quitongo-arrested-assault-girlfriend-hospital-injuries-wrists/
  4. Barney Rubble

    Record number of ex-Jags to line up against us?

    Johnny Gibson never played against us after leaving. Father of Steven and Ronnie Glavin played against us on several occasions. Father of Steven's last goal for the Eastenders was against us in April 1978. Ronnie Glavin scored against us at Celtic Park in February 1977 in a 2-0 defeat. The other scorer was one K. Dalglish. Wonder whatever happened to him.
  5. Barney Rubble

    How will we celebrate victory?

    Fred's in Hawaii this weekend. So I had to make do with Betty again.
  6. Barney Rubble

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    19 tequilas later - we have a deal! A home win and a shut out - criticism goes back to the mob. I feel better now. (Was Not Was - sometime in the eighties). A long forgotten feeling makes a long overdue return. Well done to Gary, the players and the management team. And above all, everyone who was able to make it today. Hopefully this is the first of a long awaited winning streak.
  7. Barney Rubble

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    I wonder how many of this season's players have relegation clauses in their contracts?
  8. Barney Rubble

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    Well, from a standing start both Kilmarnock and ourselves have been travelling at similar speed since we met at Firhill in October 2017. Sadly, we chose the wrong direction of travel in more ways than one.
  9. Barney Rubble

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    This begs the question - what is the players' excuse for the 18 months of abject performances before Gary Caldwell was appointed?
  10. Barney Rubble


    Nothing to do with Caldwell, but it won't have been missed by our brethren on here that McGinn (P), Gordon and Lawless all scored in the top division today. My how times change. Wonder if wee Stevie still had his Sevco scarf on after being caught on camera on Thursday.
  11. Barney Rubble


    As I said in another thread, it may be that he has inherited something in addition to players underperforming. Either way, there's been too much mouthing from the board since May, and on Gary's appointment, about promotion being the objective for this season. The evidence suggesting otherwise is stark.
  12. Barney Rubble

    QOS away 1/12/18

    Could be, could be. Either way it's astonishing that his results continue to prolong the downward trajectory that has been so sorely evident since Easter 2017. We can no longer blame Barton, Edwards, Osman for this mess. Something else is at the root of this.
  13. Barney Rubble

    QOS away 1/12/18

    Beginning to think that Caldwell inherited problems that are deeper than simply doing an analysis of current players and performances at an interview.
  14. Barney Rubble

    QOS away 1/12/18

    He's got the rest of this month. Win the three home games - which he should be doing anyway notwithstanding this cluster**** - and he restores credibility. Being realistic, Dross away is likely a foregone conclusion.
  15. Barney Rubble

    QOS away 1/12/18

    Seven games in and that dead cat shows no signs of bouncing.........................................