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  1. May 2017. The horsing by Aberdeen on the last day of the season As Scott Wright meandered through what passed for a Thistle defence that day - David Amoo at RWB FFS - for Aberdeen's third, a guy in the JHS howled in anguish 'Aaaaww Thistle get a grip - this is RISIBLE!!!'
  2. Jim Leighton was responsible for probably the single best goalkeeping performance I've ever witnessed from a Scotland goalkeeper v Sweden at Ibrox in November 1996. He double-handedly won us that game after John McGinlay's early opener. Sweden brought on a dreadlocked guy for the last twenty minutes that day and stuck him out on the right wing. Larsson I think his name was. Wonder whatever happened to him?
  3. Subsequent to Cardiff, Roughie played at Wembley in 1986 (1-2, Souness pen).
  4. Was informed only an hour ago the the British Embassy has arranged an evacuation flight out of Podgorica to Gatwick tomorrow - which is a relief as I'd rather be back home to be in the vicinity of my 91 year old mother. Grateful to the universe for that one. Hope you Emsca and all Jags fans here and everywhere are managing to cope in these unprecedented circumstances, and even more so that we all get out of this at the other end sane and safe..
  5. Irrespective of when football is back on the agenda, the first priority is to complete 19-20 season. That has to happen - even if football is not allowed to resume until this time next year. If that means that 20-21 does not exist as tournament in the calendar, then so be it. 19=20 has to be brought to its natural and foreseen conclusion before anything else can move forward. That's obvious.............but probably not to Neil Dungdonkeycaster.
  6. Regrets, I've had a few - and not purchasing that strip is one of them. It was a belter.
  7. Fair enough - that's a good statement in the current circumstances.
  8. 13th August 1994. First game of the season - 2-0 v Kilmarnock (Isaac English and Derek McWilliams). The Gerry Collins hard had on the construction site game. The then 36 year old George McCluskey came on for Killie. Two days later I moved to Brussels for a new job and have never lived full-time in Scotland since (to be updated thanks to Brexit).
  9. Can't happen here (as Ronnie James Dio sang in 1981). The current Championship table shows that some teams (including Thistle) have played less games than others. A solution is required that is equitable to - and presumably agreed by - all member clubs. Nobody will agree to be relegated on the basis of having played a game less, particularly when playing and winning that game might take them out of the relegation places.
  10. The season will not be declared null and void as that would have implications for UEFA tournaments - UEFA will not suspend Champions League/Europa League so by definition that requires member countries to make a decision on the identity of their participants. The above assumes that football can restart within the next six months.
  11. In no way wishing to be controversial, but your point above is worthy of debate. I would be surprised if 'force majeure' was a clause in any current player's contract. Relegation clauses would likely be uppermost in our club's thinking. I would imagine that as a result of the current situation - which will undoubtedly see several cases of players' contracts being in the courts (from Scottish football generally, not necessarily from Partick Thistle) - 'force majeure' will hereafter become a standard clause in players' contracts.
  12. Apologies for the selective quote - the airline industry (budget in particular) and tourism in general is about to go through another revolution which will be greater than that of 20 years ago. Back on topic, I said on another thread earlier this week that there will be major casualties in the senior game as a result of any suspension to the season, which will be due to cash-flow issues brought on by lack of games (income) and contracts to be honoured in the interim. Anyone who is able to do so, please consider what was suggested in LLD's original post. We must do everything possible to ensure there is a Partick Thistle to support at the end of this episode.
  13. Admirable initiative LLD, however let's all keep in mind that a proportion of our fans will themselves also be unwitting economic victims of what's coming.