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  1. For sure it does and for sure we we do. Ideally, one of Williamson and Robson (both would be a bonus), Harkins and a couple of Caldwell's forwards should be punted, and more effective replacements brought in if possible. However that's easier said than done in the January window. Having said that, Rudden and MacKinnon are a clear upgrade on what was there, and Barjonas is on an upward learning curve, so praise to the management for what's been achieved in the window so far.
  2. At the risk of being overly cryptic - a conversation with an insider who would be amongst the first to know.
  3. It seems Kakay didn't enjoy his time up here or Glasgow as a city, which may have been the major contributory factor to him going back down south.
  4. Been thinking this myself. Rudden and Graham in (assuming the latter is true) means we have an overload of non-firing strikers. 39 year old Miller on allegedly 3k a week. Basic economics dictate that Miller should be heading to the dole queue at Cowcaddens.
  5. All of the above. On the positive side, Saunders did a very good job tonight in an unfamiliar position.. Fox was excellent too. Slater good when he came on. We're still shaky at centre back when attacked, but hopefully they'll take some heart from the fact that the goals came from a deflection and an unfortunate assist from Penrice, rather than any disorganisation or incompetence (Robson's shittery apart).
  6. Decent effort. But decent efforts aren't good enough. They were there for the taking tonight They cruised it in second gear because we were unable to land a shot on their goal.
  7. Although playing two up top is admirable, we have to get the ball to then in order for it to be effective. We've been nowhere close to providing them with any supply so far.
  8. Robson shat that. Indefensible stuff from any football player, let alone a Jags first pick.
  9. Agree with Mr Bunny. At an obtuse angle, good luck Ryan Stevenson tonight - you've scored a winner against that lot before. Same again tonight would be a jape and a half - even if very unlikely.
  10. It doesn't matter who Lennon picks or what their mood is. It's about us - and whoever takes the field for us. Those of you old enough to have been around on 23rd October 1971 will know what that means.
  11. We'll score first. Hopefully in the 90 + 13th minute. But even that won't save us. Jags 1 Them 3
  12. Fox, Sneddon, Saunders, Penrice, Cole, Banzo, Zanatta (accompanied by a rocket up his arse) can all stay. Jones, Cardle, O'Ware, Slater and Gordon because I'm feeling charitable. The rest can GTF as quickly as possible please.