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  1. Team rebuilding

    10 (Motherwell, Ross County, QoS x 2, Celtic (pen), St Johnstone, Celtic (cup), Hamilton (pen), Dundee, St Johnstone (pen))
  2. Team rebuilding

    Wouldn't want him near Maryhill Road even if he were close to Archie's budget. There's a waste of a career if ever we saw one. Not to mention his unforgivable one, and only, goal for Hearts.
  3. World Cup Musings

    Pretty much underline your view LIB. Thought Japan were naive not to cover a potential break on the free-kick. Wonderful quick release from Courtois to launch the break - and what a classic break it was. Vertonghen and Courtois were not clever on the first goal, but both redeemed themselves in different ways later on. Really hope that Belgium can do Cuntmar & co in the quarters. Nothing against the remainder of the Brazil team, but his gamesmanship means he is utterly detestable as an ambassador for the sport that we all love.
  4. World Cup Musings

    Game of the tournament to date tonight. And there have been a handful of contenders for that accolade. (Spain v Portugal, France v Argentina, Uruguay v Portugal) That was riveting stuff.
  5. World Cup Musings

    Neymar is streaking ahead in the race to be c*nt of the tournament. Mind you, he did have a considerable advantage to begin with.
  6. Team rebuilding

    Not as far as I am aware. I'd rather there was a natural right back on the books though. And that's nothing against Christie.
  7. Team rebuilding

    Another right back would be a good idea.
  8. World Cup Musings

    I wish to be the first on this forum to say the Spanish players were utter cack.
  9. Team rebuilding

    Storey's main attribute last season was not being on the park.
  10. Team rebuilding

    On that subject - did we really do ourselves any favours by announcing to the world that Barton, Keown and Storey are up for sale? I mean that in terms of attracting a fair-value transfer fee, as opposed to 'the knock down price because we need to get them off the books' implied by the announcement.
  11. Legend Joins Board

    That's already mapped out for the next three seasons LLAS: 2018-19 Jags' top scorer to take us back into the Premiership (setting new club records en-route); 2019-20 Jags' top scorer in the Premiership. Signs 1-year contract extension; 2020-21 Scores winning goals as the Jags win both the League Cup and the Scottish Cup.
  12. World Cup Musings

    Where Colombian women are concerned then ineffective segregation is most, most welcome.
  13. Team rebuilding

    Thistle legend coming back? Well apart from the two that are still on the books (Dools and Erskinho) is Roughie returning as back-up?
  14. Team rebuilding

    Fox - Dross Cunty O'Donnell - Scotland international - well done that man!! Muirhead - Falkirk(?) Balatoni - Edinburgh City ATS - Motherwell (he's not as good as people would like to think he is) Bannigan - Wish you back soon Paton - Falkirk (thank the lord) Erskine - Family. No comment required. Lawless - Wish he were still ours (we'll regret not re-signing him) Craigen - Would have him back this season if available Doolan - Family . No comment required Steven Craig and Hugh Murray who both played significant roles five years ago are no longer playing professional football as far as I am aware.
  15. Jagzone

    OK - and wearily I know what I'm letting myself in for by asking the following question. But **** it - I'll take it in the neck, because someone has to be honest enough to do it. Sandy -are you happier in the Championship or the Premiership (or whatever they call these things these days)?