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  1. Blackpool Jags

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    The greatest game of football ever played took place on 23rd October 1971 at Hampden Park between Partick Thistle from Maryhill and sellick. The team from Maryhill ran out 4-1 winners, having led 4-0 at half time.
  2. Blackpool Jags

    Joe Cardle signs

    I'm glad to see Cardle's coming back. I agree, he was a breath of fresh air, getting stuck right in. To be honest, I want to see young talent getting prioritised - I'm not interested in what journeymen can keep us stable and in the Championship. I want to see a new Gary Harkins, a new Chris Erskine and a new Kris Doolan, a la McCall. That's how we built a team that ended up getting runners up and eventually winning this division. No longer having a reserve team that we can nurture young talent in is a bit of a worry for me. There's only limited value in loaning out young prospects.
  3. Blackpool Jags

    A night with GC

    Hahahaha. I think you could be onto something, unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be.
  4. Blackpool Jags

    A night with GC

    Any guarantee that Caldwell will turn up?
  5. Blackpool Jags


  6. Blackpool Jags

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    A brilliant Thistle day out with a typically big support, and everybody getting behind the team. The noise from the sea of red'n'yella definitely lifted the players. No negatives and a huge relief not to be worrying any more about the possibility of playing in the pub league next season. Spittal unlucky with that rocket shot from 25 yards that crashed off the bar, then substituted a coupla minutes later. Odd. I would like to have seen Dools on for the last part of the game, but hey, I just feel grateful that this season, which has been largely gruesome tbh, is now over. Not sure I'll ever warm to Caldwell, but I'll always get behind the team. Monni Jags. WAT.
  7. Blackpool Jags

    The Holy Jaggite's Prayer

    "Grandad, what does that 'FTOF' stand for on your T-shirt?" "Em, it's an old Latin thing that the club used when they were founded 140-odd years ago, my darling. Right, I'm off to Dumfries now. Bye" "Bye." Phew!
  8. Blackpool Jags

    The Holy Jaggite's Prayer

    Great scribing as always, Semi. Love it.
  9. Blackpool Jags


    Absolute genius. Totally love reading this modal parody. Enormous respect to you sir. Thistle bunnet duly doffed.
  10. Blackpool Jags

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Not sure if Dobbie's fit for them, but if he is, we could realistically be looking at the play-offs. I think Alloa are capable of beating a weakened Ayr side. McCall has earned the right to do what's bext for him, ie focus on the play-offs at the other end of the table. I'm saddened to hear we're stuck with Caldwell for the medium to long term. I'll support Thistle till I die and way beyond that, but I would feel much better if he just fcuked off or we could sack him and get a decent manager that could offer us some hope for next season. Groan.
  11. Blackpool Jags

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    I'll be driving up the M6 and along the Athingmy for the game. Not sure if it'll be ticket only, but was hearing earlier today that it will be. So, it'll be phone calls and hopefully picking up my ticket, in that scenario, in the Globe pub early Saturday afternoon. Having dragged us into this shite, Caldwell can simply GTF after this. I'll be screaming for a Thistle win and guaranteed survival on Saturday (obviously!), but this clown has provided us with no confidence that even if we do enough to stay up this year, we won't be back in the same shitepool this time next year. Monni Thistle.
  12. Blackpool Jags

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    I hope so.
  13. Blackpool Jags

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    We were top half 'as it stood' before the Ayr equaliser.
  14. Blackpool Jags

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

  15. Blackpool Jags

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    Chappin on the door of the top half. A single point separates us from the erratic Pars. Wins at Firhill on Saturday and at Palmerston in the finale will probably see us finish in 5th place. Woof!