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  1. Blackpool Jags

    Falkirk 16 March

    We now need to devise a game plan for the final 80 minutes. How we approach this critical phase of the game following the inevitable Scott McDonald opening goal in the first few minutes is likely to determine our fate.
  2. Blackpool Jags

    Falkirk 16 March

    Hallooooooooooooooo. Gaun the Jags.
  3. Coonty 2-0 up v Falkirk; Hvns 2-0 down to the sheep mob. Come on Thistle, stay in there.
  4. Mon Thistle. Believe. This can be ours. Perseverance like last week can get us through.
  5. Will McDonald start, or be the impact sub that seals our ticket to the S/F?
  6. Blackpool Jags

    Partick Thistle vs Dundee United Saturday 9 March

    I swore to myself years ago that I'd never post when pished, but I'm far too happy right now to stick to conventions drawn up when sober. Come On The Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesel. Ahh, that's better.
  7. Good evening Blackpool Jags..if you are in Blackpool how did the March from the tower to Bloomfield road go.. I used to stay in St. Heiller rd on holiday  long time ago..Jimmy mc d

  8. Blackpool Jags

    Partick Thistle vs Dundee United Saturday 9 March

    We Are All Thistle. We celebrate as one tonight, and get behind the boys for the forthcoming victory over Hertz as we embark on the next step towards bringing the Scottish Cup back home to Maryhill. Oh oh oh...
  9. Blackpool Jags

    Partick Thistle vs Dundee United Saturday 9 March

  10. Although we maybe shouldn't get too hung up about one opposition player, I think this is great news. He's the one Hearts player that could put the game beyond us. Other than him, Avril doesn't have anybody at his disposal that could or should give us sleepless nights. Btw, I read that Naismith will return to his parent club, Norwich, when he's recovered. Not that that's an issue for us. Just saying.
  11. Blackpool Jags

    Partick Thistle vs Dundee United Saturday 9 March

    Mon Thistle. I-N-T-A-E-R-R-U-M!
  12. Got to be honest about their goal - it was a looping, speculative effort that was met just right by Berra. It went in just under the bar and just over Hazard's fingertips. Not a great goal to lose, but I've seen far worse. Our goal was clearly onside. Been said above - there was at least one Tarts defender playing Christie onside at the point where Slater's deft wee ball in with the outside of his right foot was delivered. It was a thing of aesthetic grace.