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  1. Can you add Thistle Fans in North Stand and Half the Colin Weir Stand with OF Fans please
  2. looks like Tosh McKinley and big Jim Smith the Dundee players with Mo
  3. Stab in the dark goalkeeper Colin Stewart from the Scotland Youth photo who also has played for The Jags.
  4. Correct Jim Lauchlan also number 7 Andy McLaren who was on loan to Thistle at one time.
  5. Gary Little although a Rangers fan his dad is a Thistle fan !!
  6. we all don't use hair dye and stand in the mirror for an hour every morning !!
  7. I can't make a payment as well security problems. Thought I was buying Commonwealth games tickets again !!
  8. stop giving the board ideas they will get rid of them and have 12:00 kick-off's
  9. With the club statement about Archie not having home fans behind him in the dug-out area surely the sensible move would be to move the dug-out to the JHS and one problem less to contend with ! Anyone with any other thoughts ?
  10. I usually PATG but because of the great last two seasons I was going to get a season ticket for the North Stand, but now this ridiculous decision has put an end to my whole match day experience. There is no doubt in my mind this has come from other clubs complaining to our club of the facilities that we provide to their fans. The first Celtic game I went to the main stand and hated it for the same reasons that any away fans would, the second Celtic game I was In the JHS close to the Celtic fans although some of their songs were not to my liking after 40 odd years i tend not to react as I would in my younger days and my point is no one goes to the Main Stand we all take over the North end of the JHS as they will not dicate where I will sit and after a couple of games Mr.Beattie might have a change of heart. I will buy a season ticket and i will attend and sing my heart out in support of my team until I die !! If I DIE.
  11. As a West Ham fan myself I remember John Moncur playing for Rangers as a guest against Arsenal at Highbury a few years ago in a Testamonial game and was Rangers best player that night according to some pals, so best of luck to young George and yer da was a Hammers legend !!