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  1. Where Do You Think We'll Finish?

    Yeah he predicted relegation half way through the top 6 season and then stopped posting when we started picking up points. Didn’t have the balls to give credit to the manager he was slating when he was proved wrong.
  2. Championship Odds 2018/19

    Amazing that we aren’t joint favourite for the league but we are for the cup, in which we compete against the same teams.
  3. Team rebuilding

    From a Motherwell fan on P&B “It makes sense. He's a Northern Ireland u21 cap and truthfully he's far better than u20s/dev football. We signed him from Sheffield United with a view to fast-tracking him into the first team I think. He was around the fringes of the first XI towards the end of the 16/17 season but picked up an injury last season and just totally dropped off the radar for pretty much the full season. He's energetic and quite Cadden-esque but like Ross MacLean (who we've got out on loan to Morton) there are loads of options ahead of him in the first team and right now he needs games. Fwiw: we offered him a new deal at the start of the summer so it's not like he's someone we're just trying to offload.” Doesn’t sound like a nightmare signing.
  4. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Molly Stallan’s testimonial for the Celtic ones. The bevel in the roof is excellent, the curse of taking a photo of a photo
  5. Team rebuilding

    I couldn’t agree less with your view. The squad can absolutely be bolstered by trialists but the ‘core’ of your squad should be targeted signings.
  6. Team rebuilding

    I’m really disappointed that we are back to training on Monday with just 2 confirmed signings. In my opinion bringing in trialists to look at in training and bounce games is not the way to build a core of your squad, and it’s the core that we need to build rather than the fringe. Although you can pick up players this way history is littered with players that looked good in preseason, when they were knocking their pan in to secure a deal, but faded badly over the course of a season. To build a strong first 11 we should be identifying players we want and going to get them rather than seeing who is available and looks good over the first few weeks of training.
  7. Team rebuilding

    Were we outbid? Did we have a credible interest in him? Is a Twitter conversation with a fan real proof that he ‘clearly wanted to come back to Firhill’? Is he going to be living in the arse end of Dundee, or somewhere nicer along the east coast?
  8. The big announcement on Friday

    I wonder if the absence of any mention of Shaggy in the club statement is relevant. It’s been suggested before that Archie could benefit from having an older head alongside him in the dugout, so this talk of Duffy being at Firhill raises the question of a change to Archie’s coaching team.
  9. Club board meeting

    The thing about a gamble is that there is always a price to pay if it doesn’t come off.
  10. Play off details

    Access the link? Yep no problem at all
  11. dun (d-day) away

    And yet Doolan continues to sign new contracts knowing Archie is the manager. So Doolan is not insulted by Archie’s managerial choices, but you are on his behalf. It’s almost as if Doolan respects Archie’s right to choose his team and understands that means he will sometimes be in the team and at other times sitting it out.
  12. Thistle v Motherwell

    That’s what I get for not reading your informative posts in detail TJR, thanks for the correction.
  13. Thistle v Motherwell

    Is his position untenable? Does one awful season negate the fact that for 4 years we were on an upward trajectory? If he keeps us up (big if) he will be the third manager in our history to retain top league status for 5 or more seasons, that’s an amazing statistic particularly when you consider the top league used to be much bigger than it is now. Ive seen some trying to revert history by saying that we only finished in 6th because everyone else was rubbish, it we only stayed up because the league was weaker. I don’t buy that and don’t remember many calls from fans claiming that when we were doing better than we are now. Im not saying Archie should stay simply asking if one bad season overrides all that has gone before.
  14. Ross County 4/5/18

    Who is more likely to win on Tuesday? If I had to predict then based on form since the split I’d say Thistle; -County 2 points DLD -Thistle 5 points WDD Of course neither side may win but as DL1971 pointed out no one can predict with any certainty what will happen so why don’t we wait and see before writing our team off?