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  1. ClydebankJag

    Caley Game At Home in March - On Telly?

    Yep on the new BBC channel
  2. ClydebankJag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Hasn’t played since last April, close to a year out of football now. Hopefully no more than newspaper talk.
  3. ClydebankJag

    Jags players who have scored on their debuts.

    Turner returned to Scotland and played for Dunbarton didn’t he?
  4. ClydebankJag

    Winter window

    People are known to make up rubbish on internet just to make it look as if they’re connected at the club
  5. ClydebankJag

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    That’s a great highlights package. Thistle really need to think about how we can use free social media to promote our team to reach out to those currently not coming to the games.
  6. ClydebankJag

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    And Fitzpatrick too.
  7. ClydebankJag

    Winter window

    So Keown is forced to train with the reserves and meanwhile we had a bench with no defenders last week. There’s being decisive and showing you’re in control, then there being naive and leaving yourself massively exposed in the event of an injury or red card. Here’s hoping we sign some defenders soon.
  8. ClydebankJag

    Winter window

    Seeing as you read it on Twitter but are choosing to highlight it on here I’d say your post only serves to highlight the length that some fans will go to try and divide our support into factions. Got a problem with someone on Twitter take it up with them instead of bitching about it elsewhere. There’s often a similar approach on P&B where some Jags fans are happy to slag off posts they read on here, it is elitist bullshit.
  9. ClydebankJag

    Archie Interview

    Did you think Storey was a bad or good signing? If he had worked out would you have been happy or unhappy that we put him on a good deal with strong retention built in?
  10. ClydebankJag

    Falkirk game

    That’s makes absolutely horrific reading
  11. ClydebankJag

    let's think the unthinkable

    What’s Wednesday’s lottery numbers? I only ask because you seem quite certain about events that haven’t happened. would have won last week would have won today would still be in the same position Speculative shite and nothing more.
  12. ClydebankJag


    Yeah but they can’t enter into talks about an immediate move without the clubs permission. Given that the club were first and foremost receptive to an immediate move I say again that Erskine would have been foolish not to enter into talks.
  13. ClydebankJag


    The club were free to reject the approach and end it there and then, without a Erskine or the fans knowing about it. Given they were receptive to the approach Erskine would be stupid not to consider the offer.
  14. ClydebankJag


    Surely now he’s signed the new players we have to accept that he gets time to make it gel? The next 3 games at home are huge. Decision time after those games I think if we haven’t done the business.
  15. ClydebankJag

    Craig Slater scores v Morton 29.12.2018

    4 minutes into this you see the offside goal. Sadly Doold was offside just as Storey touched it.