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  1. ClydebankJag

    vs Alloa 20/4

    I do love a good old Meltdown
  2. ClydebankJag

    vs Alloa 20/4

  3. ClydebankJag

    Board Changes

    The Propco investment wasn’t ever meant to be a long term with little return investment. It was expected that planning permission would be given and the land would quickly be turned around, ensuring relatively quick sale of flats and return on investment. That the deal hit the buffers is a matter of circumstances (and terrible planning) rather than the original investment plan.
  4. ClydebankJag

    Dunfermline 06/05

    We should let Doolan go and sign a striker that has hit double figures five seasons in a row in the Premiership and has hit double figures almost every season in the last decade. Oh wait a minute.......
  5. ClydebankJag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Gordon, McCarthy, Roy, Coulibaly all got a run out for the Jags today. A strong St Johnstone lineup included Alston, Easton, O'Halloran, Swanson.
  6. ClydebankJag

    Falkirk 16 March

    You’re trying too hard to gloss over his weaknesses, and every player has weaknesses. Keep the shots low and hard and you stand a chance of scoring against Hazard. It doesn’t even have to be well placed in the corners of the goal, just low and hard. Goals conceded against Dundee Utd, Hearts and yesterday were all capable of being saved. That’s not to say he should have saved all of them but they weren’t greatly hit well placed goals.
  7. ClydebankJag

    Partick Thistle vs Dundee United Saturday 9 March

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OW1PcGubcYA Never a free kick for their goal. Ball is high but both go for it. Thistle get the ball whilst Utd get the player. If anything it’s a free kick to us.
  8. ClydebankJag

    Partick Thistle vs Dundee United Saturday 9 March

    Anyone able to give an insight on their goal? It was hard to see from the JLS but it seemed crazy that he was able to slot it past the wall and into the corner with such ease. Was it a great strike or did the keeper get the wall and/or his positioning wrong?
  9. ClydebankJag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Why not read all the subsequent news reports instead where the club confirm that FIFA have provided assurances that we are not responsible for any settlement?
  10. ClydebankJag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    What money are we having to ‘shell out’?
  11. ClydebankJag

    Dunfermline away 26/02

    Some people on here, on both sides of the argument, make this forum absolutely tedious reading. How about you all leave personal digs and fight out of it and actually discuss the issue like adults for a change?
  12. ClydebankJag

    Ross County 23.2.19

  13. ClydebankJag

    Caley Game At Home in March - On Telly?

    Yep on the new BBC channel
  14. ClydebankJag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Hasn’t played since last April, close to a year out of football now. Hopefully no more than newspaper talk.
  15. ClydebankJag

    Jags players who have scored on their debuts.

    Turner returned to Scotland and played for Dunbarton didn’t he?