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  1. ClydebankJag

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    When we play Airdrie we’re all in the one stand so unlikely to be different against QP.
  2. ClydebankJag

    Andy McCarthy

    Signed for QOS.
  3. ClydebankJag

    Fixures date change

    We slaughtered St Mirren live on tv the season we got relegated. did we not win in Inverness live on TV ( the famous disallowed goal from the taken/not taken corner)
  4. ClydebankJag

    Miller signs

    We’re supporters, not connoisseurs. If we need to be persuaded to give our support then Thistle is hardly where we would give it, the quality will always be poor when compared to other teams around the country and the world. Things have been a lot worse than the current team, board etc and whilst we will always bump our gums about how things could be better I personally see no reason to make demands versus turning up to support our club. Each to their own in terms of the choices they make but slagging off a fellow fan for buying a season ticket is poor form.
  5. ClydebankJag

    Current squad

    It does indeed. Good signing to strengthen options across the squad. Most fans would be happy with either Fox or Sneddon in goals, so you can’t ask for any more than that. Now for that striker.
  6. ClydebankJag

    Current squad

    Bullshit. This is what I said. His stats show that he didn’t play 90mins week in and out last season. He only played more than 80 minutes on 13 occasions out of 35 league games (even when he was picking himself at Livi). We need a second credible striker, particularly if we’re going to be fair to KM and acknowledge his limitations. That second striker can’t be Mansell or an English non league youngster that is still developing IMO.
  7. ClydebankJag

    Current squad

    It’s a lovely spin on his stats you’ve put there. Here’s my spin on the same stats. Post winter break he played more than 70mins in the league just twice (full game v hearts and 71 mins v Celtic). That suggests that when his manager had a reasonable option from the bench he didn’t force KM to play 90mins week in and out, and most weeks post transfer window he used KM from the bench. He scored just one goal in those 17 matches. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/kenny-miller/leistungsdaten/spieler/4750 Irrespective of his fitness we need a credible second striker. I am sure GC knows this.
  8. ClydebankJag

    Current squad

    I’ve obviously not been clear. Every year for far too long we’ve signed forwards with ‘potential’ and spent the following months living in hope that they’d find their way to goal. The other forwards we signed like Sammon and Storey weren’t known as prolific goal scorers either, so again we were left hoping against hope. Gary did the same when signing Mansell and Roy, and neither proved to be a natural goalscorer. McDonald came along and showed us the difference having a real striker can bring to your team. He has signed Miller but given his age we can’t rely on him for 90mins a game for the whole season, and he deserves a strike partner that knows where the net is. To my mind Mansell is still a gamble so if we are signing a third striker I don’t personally get excited by it being someone from the English non league. If he wants to gamble with either of them then I really hope there is someone additionally coming in as second striker.
  9. ClydebankJag

    Current squad

    Either or both Luke Wall and Sam Scrivens could turn out to be undiscovered gems but this squad doesn’t need more shots in the dark, it needs signings like Tam O’Ware and Joe Cardle - players who have been over this course before and know what’s needed in this division. I’m sure the manager knows what he needs to do but right now this squad is light and we all know the pitfalls of not having the squad full enough to gel in league cup games of July/early August.
  10. ClydebankJag

    Over Land and Sea

    We’ve used La Manga before, albeit with a fuller squad https://hotelierandhospitality.com/2017/01/18/la-manga-club-break-puts-spring-partick-thistle-step/
  11. ClydebankJag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Was a youth player at Celtic until he went to Blackburn at 16 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/47508938
  12. ClydebankJag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Michael Rose signed with Coventry back in January. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46976481
  13. ClydebankJag

    Jacqui Low

    Great point. If you cut the official fan groups out of any meaningful communication structure then you create a void that will be filled by others, and you can’t control whether their input is well intentioned or not.
  14. ClydebankJag

    Jacqui Low

    You’ll see that I don’t get involved in these debates but this question struck me as hugely naive. In my mind it should be of concern to the ordinary fan because many clubs have history for sleepwalking into extreme debt, ours included. This is our club, we predate the board and will be shuffling up to Firhill long after Ms Low and others wearing he suits of office have found somewhere else to be on a Saturday. Our role is to ensure our club is protected for future generations and therefore we have a moral responsibility to question when things don’t seem right. Financially things at Firhill don’t seem right so question we must.
  15. ClydebankJag

    A New Direction?

    Clearly upping his game to try and secure the big move to the Jags.