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  1. So if we don’t publicise the women’s team on Twitter then we’ll win more first team games, is that what’s being suggested?
  2. Livingston Celtic n/a Motherwell St Johnstone Aberdeen Rangers Heart of Midlothian Saturday goals = 15
  3. Yep the penalty was on 52 mins and the Cardle/Muirhead incident on 59 mins.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50791778
  5. Quite simply if we can’t allocate that stand to them because of safety concerns then there’s no defense when criticised for allowing them to buy tickets for the home end. I’m sure most Jags fans would accept giving them the JHS and Main Stand but we’ve been told that is a no go and we’ve been moved from the JLS as a result.
  6. You think Scott Fox is unaware after 15 years in the professional game of the importance of dominating his 6 yard box and that this would be addressed by a different coach?
  7. Because we had an awful start so we had to catch up and close the gap. I’m not defending the team or the defence, simply saying all the knee jerk reactions to a defeat are tedious - and claims that we currently have relegation form are wholly incorrect.
  8. All this rubbish about us having relegation form is absolute mince. This is the current form so if it stays consistent we will be well clear of the bottom two teams come May. Can we stop the knee jerk reactions to losing a match please?
  9. Are you not underwhelmed by Lewis Mansell and Gary Harkins? Both would be excellent direct replacements between now and May.
  10. Younger than Gary Harkins and I’d wager he’s at least 5 times as mobile.
  11. He came off the bench twice and had another two games where he was on the bench but unused.
  12. Who are they? And how do you know of their intentions?