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  1. ClydebankJag


    If Caldwell didn’t have the ability to make an accurate judgement of our current squad when applying for the job then how can he be trusted to make an accurate judgement of the ‘right’ players to sign in January. Remember his judgement, after careful analysis and producing his famed PowerPoint presentation, was that he could halt the decline and get us in the promotion hunt.
  2. ClydebankJag


    I thought the captain should have taken the responsibility yesterday, in such a high pressure situation leaders should lead from the front. But there is no manual as far as I’m aware that states whose job it is to take penalty’s when they’re awarded - and as has been said maybe we do have a penalty taker and maybe that is currently Blair Spittal.
  3. ClydebankJag

    There something very unprofessional about this

    Drama queens. It was a typo, grow up.
  4. ClydebankJag

    Getting a poster printed of Doolan

    You can buy any of these photos in a size of your choosing https://www.snsgroup.co.uk/dmcs-search.html?find=Doolan
  5. ClydebankJag

    Who's next?

    Media luvvey for us? I call Murdo McLeod
  6. The minute Elliot loses his man the whole defense is pulled out of shape as they’re trying to cover the massive gap that’s opened up. As they said on the commentary if you can’t see the ball then you’re too close to the man, it’s basic defending and it’s all down to Christie’s failings as a defender.
  7. ClydebankJag

    Alan Archibald?

    I was going to vote in this poll but I heard who had started the thread so I turned my car round and drove home. EDIT - I’m just a kid so I actually asked my dad to turn the car round and we went home. EDIT - I’ve posted so many untruths on here that it’s highly unlikely I’m even a Jags fan. I do love messing with all your heads though so do you want your manager to stay or not?
  8. ClydebankJag

    Congratulations to ThistleWeir

    Lots of info here if you trawl back through posts https://mobile.twitter.com/ThistleWeir?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  9. ClydebankJag

    Where Do You Think We'll Finish?

    Yeah he predicted relegation half way through the top 6 season and then stopped posting when we started picking up points. Didn’t have the balls to give credit to the manager he was slating when he was proved wrong.
  10. ClydebankJag

    Championship Odds 2018/19

    Amazing that we aren’t joint favourite for the league but we are for the cup, in which we compete against the same teams.
  11. ClydebankJag

    Team rebuilding

    From a Motherwell fan on P&B “It makes sense. He's a Northern Ireland u21 cap and truthfully he's far better than u20s/dev football. We signed him from Sheffield United with a view to fast-tracking him into the first team I think. He was around the fringes of the first XI towards the end of the 16/17 season but picked up an injury last season and just totally dropped off the radar for pretty much the full season. He's energetic and quite Cadden-esque but like Ross MacLean (who we've got out on loan to Morton) there are loads of options ahead of him in the first team and right now he needs games. Fwiw: we offered him a new deal at the start of the summer so it's not like he's someone we're just trying to offload.” Doesn’t sound like a nightmare signing.
  12. ClydebankJag

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Molly Stallan’s testimonial for the Celtic ones. The bevel in the roof is excellent, the curse of taking a photo of a photo
  13. ClydebankJag

    Team rebuilding

    I couldn’t agree less with your view. The squad can absolutely be bolstered by trialists but the ‘core’ of your squad should be targeted signings.
  14. ClydebankJag

    Team rebuilding

    I’m really disappointed that we are back to training on Monday with just 2 confirmed signings. In my opinion bringing in trialists to look at in training and bounce games is not the way to build a core of your squad, and it’s the core that we need to build rather than the fringe. Although you can pick up players this way history is littered with players that looked good in preseason, when they were knocking their pan in to secure a deal, but faded badly over the course of a season. To build a strong first 11 we should be identifying players we want and going to get them rather than seeing who is available and looks good over the first few weeks of training.