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  1. It looks from the photo that he is involved with the charitable trust.
  2. So they’re restarting the top league but others aren’t going ahead yet. Hearts (as an example) have the infrastructure to play but because Alloa (for example) don’t, Hearts will be left with mounting bills and no way to make money. Likewise us and Falkirk further down the league ladder. Clubs will need to start thinking about freeing players, and players may choose to ask for their contracts to be ripped up if they want to play any football this year because there are only a few clubs that can provide that for them. It’s a farce and will undoubtedly leave some clubs disadvantaged, and maybe put out of business.
  3. If teams are unable to play because they can’t meet the costs of testing is that a health and safety concession or a concession because of their financial limitations? Should other businesses be forced to mothball because their peers don’t have the infrastructure or funds to operate?
  4. If they force clubs into mothballing players will lose jobs and clubs could die. Would it amount to restriction of trade?
  5. I don’t think he did. Was he not a Southampton player at the time? We didn't play Southampton. My memory is as per the link, narrow defeat to the hosts on the Saturday and a comprehensive defeat to Man City on the Sunday. I remember being there there both days as young 7 year old. Having taken my own kids to games when they were young I imagine that I was an absolute pain to my father if I had to sit through 4 matches over 2 days.
  6. The club acknowledges that some people may need the money in these hard times so made the offer. People shouldn’t be slated for doing what is right for them and their family.
  7. There’s a difference between automatic promotion and a playoff. Being top of their league doesn’t guarantee promotion, even in normal circumstances. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your conspiracy theory though.
  8. No stranger than all the other playoffs being scrapped as part of the SPFL ‘end the season early’ plan. Kelty weren’t guaranteed promotion, they were in a playoff place just the same as Falkirk, ICT and a load of other clubs who lost their opportunity to go up via the playoffs. No other team in a relegation playoff position was relegated as a result of their plan so it would have been unfair to relegate Brechin.
  9. There are only two times that the league table has parity; when the season ends, and when everyone has played all teams once home and once away. If we were getting relegated after they’d calculated the table at the ‘absolute halfway’ point I honestly think I’d personally be okay with it. I suspect though that such a calculation would cause havoc with the Premiership as Rangers 2020 form would be disregarded. Mind you as we all know from the stupid split that league never had parity beyond the ‘halfway’ point.
  10. All the best Frank, get well soon!
  11. Read the link I posted. 2012 was a proposal. It progressed to a vote in 2013. County & St Mirren voted against it.
  12. With no Rangers in the top league there was an ideal opportunity to bin the 11-1 cartel that gives the OF total power on league reconstruction. The clubs had a vote and Ross County & St Mirren voted against making the changes. Opportunity missed. “Clubs in favour had proposed altering the required majority for changes in league structure from 11-1 to 9-3.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/22151308
  13. Worth watching https://mobile.twitter.com/Kheredine2018 for developments
  14. Photos were released showing part of the voting guidance. If you vote no at any point in the 28 day period you can change your vote. If you vote yes you cannot change your vote. This was written up so they could pressure the weakest no voters.
  15. Ignore us in all this, we’re small fry in the crowd debate. How many Liverpool fans will hang around Anfield on the day their team clinches the title? Do you honestly think everyone will stay home and no one will go out, even if they do what about afterwards, when they pile out to celebrate on the streets. Football behind closed doors is a non starter. Crowds in grounds again is a non starter.
  16. Even when the lockdown is eased we won’t go back to normal. Without a vaccine the government will need to enforce social distancing so gatherings of people will remain restricted, or the disease will spread rapidly and overwhelm the NHS. Football may resume but we won’t be allowed to pile into grounds and stand side by side as we traditionally do. The best that can be hoped for is games behind closed doors but with fears of fans turning up to try and see in the grounds is that really going to be allowed?
  17. Raith chairman saying he doesn’t think it will be voted through http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2020/04/08/spfl-chairman-reveals-how-he-thinks-vote-will-go/
  18. Looks like Ayr will vote for it https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/ayr-united-ready-back-spfl-21837028
  19. Ayr Utd football club wants McCall relegated? The chairman who he had a great relationship with wants McCall relegated? What’s your source for this?
  20. Contracts ending is why I can’t see how fair it would be to complete the season later in the year. Some teams will be totally different to the players that should have been playing in March & April How would our rivals feel if played our pre contracts and they proved vital in getting us off the bottom of the league? Alternatively if the league tries to stop teams signing players there will be some clubs unable to play games because contracts have ended.
  21. And a stream of the Kris Doolan DVD https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YqJDEAoMVaxV#
  22. Lots of great Thistle action being shared via the official twitter page https://mobile.twitter.com/PartickThistle?ref_src=twsrc^appleios|twcamp^safari|twgr^profile
  23. Leaving and going back to Australia.
  24. Or a version of the relegation debacle when we were pushed down For ICT after they changed the rules once the season was finished.
  25. You watched that video and you think Zanatta was offside? I absolutely despair.