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  1. I’d be tempted to keep Saunders. Bit of a utility player & has picked up since McCall arrived. McCart talking with St Johnstone. He is keen on a move closer back to central belt but I think Perth would interest him ahead of us.
  2. Trotter

    New Owner

    Truth be told, I agree. Thing is, some on here were quick to remind folk of that when Lee/Conway doubts were being raised by other supporters. No fan of JLow but it’s all hypothetical in the short term & besides Weir has put a helluva lot of money into things like team bonding trips as well as youth academy & other things. Let’s see where this takes us.
  3. Trotter

    New Owner

    We trust Beattie & co to sell the club to people who have best interests of PTFC at heart. Does that matter whether it’s Weir/Fan Ownership or Lee/Conway. Yes JLow made an **** of a number of things last time out. But has Beattie never made a mistake. PR & communication have to improve. The return of a familiar face or two has helped the team on the park. Let’s see what January & beyond brings. Perhaps JLow if she returns will have learned from previous mistakes?
  4. Trotter

    New Owner

    No doubt she may be advising Mr Weir who is sitting on interim BoD but I can’t see her being officially listed. As Weir’s person on past BoD & also as a whatever title in 3 Black Cats then fair assumption to think she’s ‘advising’.
  5. Trotter

    New Owner

    Marie Macklin deleted said tweet. Read into that what you will...
  6. Trotter

    Vs Morton

    Positives- Both wing backs very good. O’Ware in that last 30 mins a colossus at heart of defence. Led by example right down to telling the ball kids not to be in a hurry to get the ball back. Negatives- Banzo. However I think the time out the side with suspension may do him good. Been trying to do everything for too long this season. He’ll come again but for now the enforced rest I’m sure will help. Miller. Not good enough. Too many times when down to 10 he let his man play a simple 1/2 as he wasn’t tracking. Few seconds later he’ll have his hands oh his hips or pointing/moaning at others. That said when only replacement is Mansell then we’re stuck with him just now.
  7. Yeah but at the same time, Penrice cane back after a successful loan spell at Livingston & told he wasn’t fit enough by the manager at that point. Same manager who let Nisbet go...
  8. Trotter

    New Owner

    This ‘business’ /consortium... Any other businesses that they've invested in that have been successful that give PTFC fans hope? Looking to OGC Nice & Barnsley that would be a no.
  9. Trotter

    New Owner

    Can’t believe some are still on side with this consortium after recent goings on at Barnsley. Sold, arguably, their best player & didn’t reinvest the monies. They are either in or just outside relegation places Sacked a popular manager. Their fans turning on BoD & talking boycotts. Exactly the same as what happened at OGC Nice. Why does anyone think we’ll be different?!
  10. Miller should’ve been told at HT to run the width of 18 yd box & on the shoulders of the centre halves. Ridiculous some of the positions he was taking up. It left us with no one or one man in the box at times when we got into decent wide positions. Banzo- I’m a massive fan but today was ridiculous. Dropping too deep. Taking the ball of centre halves to pass it out to Williamson or Robson. If O’Ware/McGinty not capable of even doing that then neither should be in the team. Finally, as someone who cancelled Jagzone, were injuries the reason for the make up of our bench today? 2 centre halves & 2 full backs with no Mansell. I know he’s no great shakes but we could’ve done with a forward player on the bench. Just as an added extra. Does Mitch Austin still exist/still at the club?
  11. Trotter

    New Owner

    How are Barnsley getting on this season? Sold, arguably, their best player & are either in or just outside relegation places. Doesn’t look like they invested much in the Summer either. Same as OGC Nice fans complaining about- lack of investment. Why does anyone think we’ll be different?!
  12. Trotter

    New Owner

    Do I want fan ownership? Yes Do I want Jackie Low anywhere near my club again? No Do I want a foreign consortium that may (may not be they’ve answered nothing about their plans) flood the club with Barnsley youth players? Bear in mind that OGC Nice fans were calling for a fans boycott due to Lee/Conway running of their club. Doesn’t bode well. I also think it miraculous that as soon as there was another offer on the table the New City bid is now 3/4 weeks away from completion. Been on the go for 3/4 months & not had the decency to speak to any of our fans groups. Guys on here with more ITK at boardroom. Aside from Low, why is Conway/Lee more favourable than fan ownership? They’ve told us nothing either about their plans for running of the club. Truthfully- We’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t. So much for the positivity of Ian McCall’s return at beginning of the week.
  13. McCall’s comments a few weeks back about his Ayr team winning at Firhill: ”Ayr United is a fantastic club but we shouldn’t be coming to Firhill and winning 4 on the bounce.” We were 2-1 up against his Ayr side (playing the better football also) when Dallas sent off Gordon. McCall isn’t daft. He knows the squad far from perfect but could potentially be playing Ayr in a play off match if the right man in charge & able to get best out of a settled team & system between now & season end. I’ve heard the same as a few other folk that McCall (& Scally) to be unveiled tomorrow as already agreed the deal. Let’s wait & see. Edited to add, was told Lennon approached at same time as McCall but McCall was/is first choice. Only a guess but think DL knew that & as soon as McCall approach made public Clyde announced new deal. That all sounds too good to be true to be done as quickly as was with DL. & if DL was interested in sure it would’ve happened.
  14. Good call. Niamg & Galasso also. That’s a squad of 26 players who are all in or around first team squad. No one can say he hasn’t been backed.
  15. I thought that would happen after County win in Betfred.