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    Fixtures in phone Calendar

    There used to be an official way to do it through Google where you could add football fixtures but it seems to have disappeared. I found this which I have been using instead: https://www.stanza.co/@ptfcfixtures#/v1/
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    The Manager

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    Nightmare November

    Rugby game vs New Zealand at Murrayfield Nov 18th
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    New Players...

    and now on website too: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/keown-joins-on-two-year-deal/
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    New Players...

    Just announced on twitter
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    Gary Lineker

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    Club Statement, Fixtures

    I didn't remember there being games in 2011 (maybe only SPL?) but I can see from that link that most games were between teams not too far apart and kick offs were at lunchtime. I suppose this might be an option for our game. It would mean setting off earlier but at least you could be back in Glasgow for dinner time. Might get a few more fans travelling. UPDATE : Just checked archive fixtures on official site. Was just SPL - we played 17th and boxing day.
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    Club Statement, Fixtures

    As I said in the other thread this is even more ridiculous (along with some of the midweek fixtures that Motherwell have complained about in their statement). When was the last time there were fixtures on Christmas Eve? I'm pretty sure that normally if Saturday is 24th or 25th there are no games and games are played on Boxing day instead. They are trying to fit too many fixtures in to December to allow for winter break in Jan and will end up costing clubs money and alienating fans further.
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    2016/17 Fixtures

    I actually think this is the most ridiculous of all. Surely the clubs must be trying to get these games moved. If you go to this game you will probably not get home until 9pm on Christmas Eve! There shouldn't be any games that Saturday. They are trying to cram too many games in so they can have split in January. December games should be 3rd,10th,17th,26th & 31st
  11. dpj

    Aitken Suite

    Question for anyone who has been in before a game. What sort of food can you get and what are the prices? Is it typical pub food eg burger & chips, fish & chips etc. I have some guests coming with me to game next Saturday and we were thinking about lunch in Aitken Suite before the game.
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    Wigan In For Henry

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    Fantasy Football

    It looks like quite a few have already re-registered but if anyone else would like to join the 'WeAreThistle' league at fantasy.premierleague.com the code is 348745-90412
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    Just In - Hearts

    This has been asked in one or two threads. I was looking at stats on my phone at half time and according to BBC we had 61% possession in first half.
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    Also a video of presentation
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    Here's some more https://plus.google.com/photos/106971040433229346745/albums/5871576064922175921
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    Fantasy Football

    Those of you in the WeAreThistle league last year at fantasy.premierleague.com should automatically join this year's league when you set up your team. If anyone else wants to join the code is 10539-4159.
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    Is This What's Being Said On Here....

    If there is a vote and Thistle vote NO then I will keep my season ticket and attend home games regardless of the overall result. I will also happily visit any other club, eg Falkirk, who votes NO. I will not set foot inside Firhill or the ground of any other club who takes their 30 pieces of silver. I feel very strongly about this and will not support any club who allows corruption of this level.
  19. dpj

    Rangers Fc- A Nation Mourns?

    And these are only our examples! I'm sure most clubs in Scotland's fans could go through list and come up with similar examples. I have no sympathy for anyone who says they are being unfairly punished. Cheating tax rules so you can afford better players cannot be condoned.
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    Rangers Fc- A Nation Mourns?

    I think you're right about both of those. I just grabbed first couple of names from list that jumped out at me. I'm sure someone with far too much time on their hands could go through all line ups vs us since 2001 and list how many were involved and what their contribution to game was! As a number of people are pointing out elsewhere two noticable names not on the list are McCoist & Smith.
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    Rangers Fc- A Nation Mourns?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-18148818 Lots of info just released by BBC including list of players paid through EBT. A few names that mean a lot to Thistle fans including Christian Nerlinger (2 goals in 2002 semi final) and Pedro Mendes (winner in last min of ET in League Cup game) and I'm sure lots of others.
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    Glasgow Warriors Voucher On The Season Ticket

    Club has now posted an update http://www.ptfc.co.u...arriors_voucher
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    Just In

    Dreadful second half performance (apart from Scully in goal) but somehow we hung on to win 1-0 Here's a video of Cairney's penalty :
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    Some Good News

    Apparently it's official according to NME http://www.nme.com/news/the-stone-roses/59839