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  1. Only a matter of time before it starts here.
  2. But you are clearly casting doubt and hinting at wrongdoing when you have no facts to back that up. This is something you have done continually against Jacqui Low.
  3. You are trying to push a conspiracy theory with no evidence whatsoever.
  4. What I think will happen is they will finish this season whenever we restart. Then shorten the new season to fit the timescales.
  5. If it is 200k then we will need to get some cash flow into the club or we are in trouble, Think the club will be working on something but the problem is we can't hold fundraising events. Might need to be online stuff.
  6. Anybody got a good guess what the remaining 5 home games would have brought in after expenses?
  7. Yes forgot about that! Lyons did play for us in the Glasgow cup! lol
  8. Both Docherty and Lyons don't need to follow their pre-contracts. Most, if not all players will have a relegation clause that will allow them to leave. How many will take this option is really hard to guess but I would think many will. If we go to league one then I would expect another huge turn over of players.
  9. The reason for the team would have probobly been McCall does not want to risk injury going into such a vital stage of the season.
  10. They can't play against us.
  11. Heavy rain forcast for tomorrow.
  12. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/thistle-draw-in-city-of-glasgow-cup/
  13. We failed to get Mansell out on loan and move Austin on. That would have gave us the option of bringing in another striker and wide player. It was always going to be difficult to get all the players that needed to move on out though.