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  1. Alan Murray

    Falkirk 16 March

    A draw yesterday was a decent result for us. Falkirk are a good side - just look at their results after the window. Scott MacDonald played really well yesterday again. Done better than I thought he would and he is a very fit man for 35! Apart from MacDonald, there is not enough goal threat from the rest of the team. Mansell did well to set up the goal but did not do much else. I thought the introduction of Storey really helped us. He really pressured the Falkirk center backs and I thought we looked like scoring in the last 20 mins. We could not just open the strong Falkirk defense. Banzo is at fault for the goal. He should have followed Mcshane into the box and it was his poor clearance that leads to the Falkirk attack.
  2. Alan Murray

    Falkirk 16 March

    Falkirk are a good side - let's not underestimate them. Think Alloa at home is going to be huge. Scott MacDonald is going to be very important for us. We have lacked a striker like him all season. Can see him scoring a good few before the season ends.
  3. Alan Murray

    Falkirk 16 March

    Think Harkins may start to match up with Osman in midfield. Avoiding defeat would be a good result.
  4. Alan Murray

    Conor Hazard

    The under 18 keeper.
  5. McDonald went down very easily for the pen cliam. Would be a very different if he was playing for United! Lol
  6. Alan Murray

    Let''s step back a wee bit

    I don't think they are and I am surprised anybody would say that. If Banzo and Slater are very different then what would be the difference in say McCarthy and Banzo and Slater?
  7. Alan Murray

    Let''s step back a wee bit

    The problem is you then put a full back on the wrong side. Also, Penrice is very similar to Slater and Banzo. I would not be surprised to see him in midfield in the future though.
  8. Alan Murray

    Dunfermline away 26/02

    Can't see either the manager or the chairperson surviving if we do get relegated. Plus the massive overhaul of playing staff that will happen means big changes.
  9. Alan Murray

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Disagree with some of the above. Harkins did run out of steam on Saturday but was involved in a lot of our good play in the first half. I did think Caldwell should have had him off earlier but options on the bench made it difficult. The pace of the game really did tell on Gary. If if you look at the Alloa game he created a number of good opportunities for us and had a big hand in the second goal. We would not be having this conversation is he had been substituted at the correct time. Gordon and McCarthy are needed back fit as soon as. As for Sol - there must be a problem with him and the manager or he would be playing. You don't leave a player of that quality on the bench for no reason.
  10. Alan Murray

    Ross County 23.2.19

    Not really any other way to describe that second half other than horrible! We were all over the place when we should have been set up to hit on the break. Our shape was terrible and the space County had was simply ridiculous at times with little pressure on the ball. County were able to turn and run at our defence with ease. It does show clear weaknesses in our team. We lack a strong tackling midfielder and the target man striker. Both would have helped enormously yesterday. The fact we had no midfielder to bring on did not help either. Harkins played well but after 60 mins he was struggling with the pace of the game and should have went off earlier. It comes down to we did not have the personnel on the bench to replace him. We failed to cope with Stewart in the second half. He was dropping in the space between defence and midfield and nobody was able to match that. Anderson has been great for us so far but he struggled a bit at times yesterday. McMillan also was poor and his inexperience really showed. We should not forget how good we were in the first half - we looked a cut above County and should have been further ahead. Need to learn lessons and hopefully get back to winning ways. Still think there is plenty to be positive about though however the Dunfermline game is massive.
  11. Alan Murray

    Alloa 16/02

    He did not have the best of games but as you see from the highlights he still made some excellent passes.
  12. Alan Murray

    Alloa 16/02

    Looks like Alloa should have had a pen.
  13. Alan Murray

    Alloa 16/02

    Great win for us yesterday and keeps up the momentum going. Anderson man of the match again - not sure what Alloa was thinking about putting so many high balls into his area. Thought we were going to run away with the match in the early stages after the first goal. However, Alloa came into the match and put us under pressure. Was happy to hear the half time whistle go. Thought we did well to keep Alloa off the score sheet. That defense is much improved - the fact that we have only conceded one goal since Anderson has come in is not a coincidence. He has been super however I do think teams will get smart and try blocking him off as you can't allow a center back to be so dominant as he was yesterday. Thought we could have held onto the ball better yesterday and we did not win enough second balls or win 50/50 tackles. Scott Macdoland is a player I have always hated but he looked good for someone that has been out for so long. He changed the game in our favor and will be a big asset coming off the bench for us. His movement and link up play were very good and he looked like he would score.
  14. Alan Murray

    Alloa 16/02

    I would have gone to a back four for this even if Saunders had been fit. I thought we looked better when we switched against East Fife. Up front both Doolan and Coulibaly should start. I don't think it's a disaster if we draw but defeat is unthinkable!
  15. Alan Murray

    Scott Macdonald

    Blair Spittal will be delighted with this signing given all the soft free kicks Macdonald will win!