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  1. Anybody got stats on us conceding from corner kicks and comparing us to other sides?
  2. If people think we can turn our noses up at player like Cole for L1 then I think people are going to be very disapointed in who we bring in. Maybe have a look at the players Falkirk brought in last season.
  3. Depends on what happens with the virus of course, but many countries are are planing on having supporters in stadiums.
  4. This looks very good news. Think lower league clubs will need more than 50k each though. Is thier a possibility other avenues of money could forward like sponsorship of the testing? Looking much more positive for the restart of football this year.
  5. Can you take on a staff member and then furlough them?
  6. Really difficult decisions to be made on this. If we take the out of contract players on furlough, do we when pay them the extra 20%? Impossible for us to make decision on this without having access to the numbers behind this.
  7. Falkirk fans seem confident he is staying with them.
  8. It's one possibilty that many qualified people are talking about. This happened to Sars and Mers was a factor in both being contained successfully.
  9. The costs of testing will come down as many companies are devloping kits. It's a fast moving situation and think as someone said above the virus will decide what happens.
  10. I think there will soon be moves to get a small number of fans attending in Germany at the games. Others will follow if all goes well.
  11. Situation could well have changed by then with less deaths. WHO guidelines are only 1 meter, so by then it could be changed, allowing more people in the ground. Streaming option could be available as well. Also a large percentage of fans could be confirmed to be immune by then also.
  12. Posting on forums is never a good idea after a few beers too many.
  13. It is stating that it is still to be proved you will be immune, not it won't make you immune.