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  1. Alan Murray

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    The board may have shared some data with candidates before the interviews took place. Managers have a huge amount of info available regarding fitness nowadays. They will also be aware of what the normal standard is for the data within other clubs. So if there was a fitness problem why would they have kept Junior Mendes on? Why would the board not act? Late goals were more to do with mentality in my opinion - a problem it has to be said was constant throughout his time as manager here.
  2. Alan Murray

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Does not say fitness is a concern.
  3. Alan Murray

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Where does he say fitness is a concern?
  4. Alan Murray

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Don’t want to be too hard on Gerry on Scott as managing the first team is not their normal job but they really did hand the game to United with starting 4-4-2. Both Banzo and Slater are too soft to play in the centre together and the formation meant they did not get the same help from Erskine closing down players. Both Chris and Spittal have both been played wide before and been infective so really they have no excuses on this. What the hell does Andy McCarthy need to do to start a match? We are short of dig in midfield and he provides that so why not play him??? Could not believe his name was not in the starting 11. Slater loses his man for the first goal and makes a half-hearted attempt to get back and block the cross after. Elliott is not close enough to the goal scorer to get a block in from the cross. Second goal Banzo caught in procession but United closed him down very quickly all first half so should have been aware this was happening. Again got to question why the two in charge did not change this. Really though United should have scored more and that’s the really worrying thing.
  5. Alan Murray

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Andy Mccarthy should come in for Slater. We are too soft as a team and he will bring some dig in the midfield.
  6. Alan Murray

    Who's next?

    You must surly be on here to wind people up?
  7. Alan Murray

    Ross County Home

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcjIYbm54-I County got lucky on the first goal and not sure what Elliot is doing for the pen.
  8. Alan Murray

    Who's next?

    Think it was before Stubbs.
  9. Alan Murray

    Who's next?

    He turned down St Mirren.
  10. Alan Murray

    Who's next?

    John Hughes, Jim Goodwin, and Stephen Craigan I think will be considered by the board. Not sure the last two would even take it if offered.
  11. Alan Murray


    Saw the highlights and the goals we lost are terrible but you should not look too much into a reserve match. Coulibaly has probably just picked up a knock.
  12. Alan Murray

    Who's next?

    Short of pie sellers!
  13. Alan Murray

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    He has played two closed door games according to Jagszone.
  14. Alan Murray

    Dunfermline away.

    Shite away yes but home?? Really just silly comment. We have played great stuff at home.
  15. Alan Murray


    Eh?? You never watched these games did you? Is a performance with 100% possession only acceptable to you? Falkirk pressed in the second half but we deserved that 3 points. Same as at Morton. As we know they were very lucky not to have went 2-0 down. You are just on here to stir stuff regarding Archie. Next two games are huge regarding his future. The board has done a great job in the last few years and I trust them to make the right decision here.