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  1. Can he play for Rangers against us in the Glasgow cup tomorrow night? lol
  2. Christie would improve the side considerably. We are clearly weak in this position and don't have anybody that can fill in effectively. I think everyone would prefer a young quick right-back in but if that is not possible then Elliott is a good option.
  3. Think Rudden could be a big player for us over the next few years.
  4. I think a lot of people just think that a few sessions of crossing and that's the problem fixed! Professional football players cross the ball at pace and accuracy. You don't realise how hard they hit the ball till you are close up. If Fox was good at cross balls he would not be playing for us. That Dundee United goal was almost certainly pre-rehearsed at training before the match, Shankland stays at the back post then when the corner is kicked comes across Fox blocking him from coming out. The rest of United players stay out of the line of the ball isolating Shankland against Penrice.
  5. Strong winds and heavy rain forecast for Saturday.
  6. Hearing we have enquired about Declan McManus. Other clubs down south interested in hijacking the Falkirk loan deal as well.
  7. Might be wrong but I don't think United will want one of thier players to join before they play us.
  8. Just that he want to leave - nothing exciting! lol
  9. St Mirren fan at my work thinks Smith was their best player when they won the championship. Best in the number 10 role. Good at holding the ball up and will pitch in with some goals. Think Miller rumors must be true.
  10. I am trying my best to forget his time in charge! lol
  11. He did say they were looking at loans and mentioned the start of next week for signing them.
  12. Garry Miller has just posted a pic of himself in Falkirk strip on Twitter so think that's one rumour that is not happening!
  13. Danny Swanson is getting pushed out by SJ Jonstone in this window. He is 33 now but he has a lot of quality.
  14. Falkirk fans saying Tidser is coming our way on loan. Edit to add - also Garry Miller.