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  1. Robert never had it easy, but reading what Auld Jag has just written shows that Robert's attitude to life would have put many of us to shame, and I include myself in that. I'm so sorry for your sad loss Auld Jag, and I sincerely wish you, Eunice and the rest of your family the very best for the future.
  2. From The FTOF Lanark Chapter...merry xmas to all Jags, wherever you may be!
  3. I'm the wrong side of 50, a tad overweight, discs missing from my back and very slow on the sprint. Despite this, I firmly believe that I would have been a better option than Pogba yesterday.
  4. Well done Sir, you win this weeks prize!
  5. I think Seabiscuit and the rest of the defense has done very well this season. I hope we retain them all for next season. Well done big man, his experience and influence is there to see. At our level we can't expect a teamful of players who excel at everything. I would much rather have a collective unit playing well together than one individual who we over rely on.
  6. Pretty sure he was offered, and signed, a years extension just before Locke was binned so he's tied up for another season at Killie. The poor soul, hope he enjoys the Championship. Defensively we've done well this season and on that basis we don't need him if we keep existing personnel.
  7. I love using a jet washer round about the garden and decking, it's very therapeutic. If the club could hire a handful of jet washers at the end of the season over say a weekend, I'd happily come in and help with jet washing the seats and the concourse in the North Stand and the JH. Anyone care to join me? I would of course leave the piles of accumulated shite on the seats in the excellent Main Stand in preparation for arrival of the arse cheeks. In fact, I'd happily add to it by personally making a 'donation' just before their arrival. On second thoughts, will the board be moving the North Stand again next season for these matches? May have to have a rethink Hmmmm....
  8. Well said that man. When we last had a good team back in the 70s, we were no strangers to cup semi finals. Absolutely fug all since then apart from one other semi, not good enough in a 30 year period.
  9. Let's get into these jumped up pantry boys. Nothing less than 3 points please, gents.
  10. Why have we now got two rumour threads? What's wrong with the original one?
  11. If all you old folk are travelling together, is there not a danger that there will be an overwhelming stink of piss in the carriage? I'll probably get the bus just to be on the safe side. :-)
  12. Yes! I do that as well funnily enough. I thought it would be a bit too weird to admit to that but I'm glad someone else does it. I do it to the tune of 'Who the fookin' hell are you'.
  13. Anyone else shout this out whenever she's appears on the telly? I've just shouted it out for the second time today. Would love to see her wearing a FTOF hat while giving us the latest news from the House of Commons.