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  1. dunmorejag

    V Inverness

    Great stuff thanks ptd. Good to see the new guys are making a difference
  2. dunmorejag

    V Inverness

    No I'm not having a go at anyone. Usually 3 or 4 people who were at the game volunteer their views on who played well who didn't etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in this. I don't expect a full match report personalised for me.
  3. dunmorejag

    V Inverness

    Still not seen one. What's the point of this thread if those of us not able to go to the game can't find out how the team played?
  4. dunmorejag

    V Inverness

    who cares
  5. dunmorejag

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    I feel sorry for people who run out of likes. As far as I know of got an unlimited number
  6. dunmorejag


    I thought he said he hadn't been offerred anything. Could be wrong. Wish he was still with us.
  7. dunmorejag

    Fitzpatrick leaving?

  8. dunmorejag

    Winter window

    If Saunders was getting a game at Livi he wouldn't be interested in coming to us. Got to be cheaper and at least as good as Keown
  9. dunmorejag

    Training Ground

  10. dunmorejag


    In the pre match interview
  11. dunmorejag

    Team rebuilding

    Interesting background https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/watch-ex-yeovil-town-striker-216849
  12. dunmorejag

    St Johnstone (away)

    This. Started with the same team as last week and the same situation at half time - what a surprise.
  13. dunmorejag


    Maybe we would have been ahead at half time with Sammon on from the start. A one goal lead with 20 minutes to go is not a situation which would fill most Jags fans with confidence I would suggest. Anyway the main thing is we got the win.
  14. dunmorejag


    In a must win game I would argue that you have to take a risk
  15. dunmorejag


    Totally wrong here. It changed the game, Sammon should have started. We didn't go long ball and nice play to the feet of him an a number of occasions.