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  1. dunmorejag


    In the pre match interview
  2. dunmorejag

    Team rebuilding

    Interesting background https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/watch-ex-yeovil-town-striker-216849
  3. dunmorejag

    St Johnstone (away)

    This. Started with the same team as last week and the same situation at half time - what a surprise.
  4. dunmorejag


    Maybe we would have been ahead at half time with Sammon on from the start. A one goal lead with 20 minutes to go is not a situation which would fill most Jags fans with confidence I would suggest. Anyway the main thing is we got the win.
  5. dunmorejag


    In a must win game I would argue that you have to take a risk
  6. dunmorejag


    Totally wrong here. It changed the game, Sammon should have started. We didn't go long ball and nice play to the feet of him an a number of occasions.
  7. dunmorejag

    Dundee 17/2/18

    It would have been interesting if he'd been asked if he thought fitness was an issue with the team but maybe those sort of questions are too controversial.
  8. dunmorejag

    Accies Game 19/03/16

    and Hamilton
  9. dunmorejag

    Any Juicy Rumours? Who Are We Hoping To Bring In?

    GRE you know better than Archie? Tit
  10. dunmorejag

    Thistle Transfer Targets Gossip, Summer 2014

    I don't care who DP and LSR really are they seem to know what's going on and that's fine by me. As a very occasional poster but regular reader on here kni's posts intrigue me. I wonder what his/her occupation is, retired circus performer/rodeo rider I think not maybe an accountant or a librarian? What does everyone else think? Trivia I know but i think we should be told
  11. dunmorejag

    Enough Is Enough

    But they're not going to make a difference immediately
  12. dunmorejag

    Archie Must Go ?

  13. dunmorejag

    Archie Must Go ?

  14. dunmorejag

    Thistle Fans In Your Area

    Sometimes in the Fintry Sports Club we've had 6 or 7 Jags fans chewing over the latest performance.
  15. dunmorejag

    Team Vs. Cowdenbeath

    Thought Gabriel was excellent. "Centre back controls ball on chest shock". It's probably the most difficult position to adjust to coming from somewhere like Spain to here. Loved it when he whistled asking for the ball. Different player to Balatoni - could he replace him? Not sure about Forbes the play slowed right down when he has the ball and I think we're at our best playing at high tempo.