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  1. Garscube Road End

    A night with GC

    Have now watched the videos up to date. I must admit to being impressed by his thoughts and presentation. He clearly has a plan and has ultimate belief in it, which is a huge asset for a football manager. My criticism of the manager is now very little due to what I have seen. His peers at the club however, deserve all the criticism that has and is being levelled at them. A dreadful awareness of how ho handle sensitive and public issues. Erskine, Doolan and redundancy issues bearing that out.
  2. Garscube Road End

    Happy days

    Pity it ended up a God awful season.
  3. Garscube Road End

    State of Play

    What a distasteful announcement. Cutting people loose then in the same statement saying the money saved will go on the playing budget. Thid board and chairman are utterly crass and classless.
  4. Garscube Road End

    State of Play

    Dripping with sarcasm and although some over reaction, generally a good summary of what is happening.
  5. Garscube Road End

    Colin Weir Stand shut

    This is just another sign of a club that is slowly dying
  6. Garscube Road End

    Youth Academy closing ?

    If true, this not inspiring.
  7. Garscube Road End

    “Get to the ball”

    You are a shoe in to be Cinders M'lady
  8. Garscube Road End

    Dools Race Night.

    Disappointing that none of the present players attended.
  9. Garscube Road End

    Dools Race Night.

    As well as throwing out the cuddly toys they don't seem to have noticed the baby in the bath when they threw the water out!
  10. Garscube Road End

    Dools Race Night.

    Someone on P and B saying that Doolan loathes Caldwell and Erskine is a very angry man. I wonder why?
  11. Garscube Road End

    Joe Cardle signs

    I think your being called out on comments like this.
  12. Garscube Road End

    Out of Contact Players

    Contracted to 2020.
  13. Garscube Road End

    Out of Contact Players

  14. Garscube Road End

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    How can you put Bertie Auld in the same breath as The Bunnet? Ridiculous. Bertie done a great job at Jags.
  15. Garscube Road End

    A night with GC

    I don't think he has given up on Thistle. He said he wasn't renewing his season ticket. Not the same as giving up on the club.