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  1. I think we can take from this that we have failed. Time to move on. League 1 play offs anyone?
  2. True. But Dundee is known as city of Jam, Jute and Journalism .
  3. You wouldn't even get a jar of jam out of that lot.
  4. 42 and the wife rolls her eyes ? Well that's this old codgers idea of buying it knackered.
  5. Maxwell being fair to us? Hahaha. He's a pure establishment man and corrupt as the rest.
  6. I fear we will be fobbed off by the court back to SPFL and the majority of the other 40 clubs will just smile at us while plunging the knife in ever deeper
  7. 5-2-5 Is that McCalls new formation?
  8. Both Forfar and Stirling Albion looking to start October with Betfred Cup, league 2 weeks later.
  9. Forfar club statement going for a 27 game season. October start with Betfred Cup.
  10. Of course. He was a perfect candidate for the SFA.
  11. Indeed. In your opinion. Doesn't make it fact.