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  1. As you say promotion/ relegation until 1922 was decided on club casting votes. It was called elected and demoted.
  2. While I agree thos is all a disgrace,are we that surprised. Thistle have always dropped their frillies for the two scumbags and always will.
  3. Knowing Thistle it would be about 200k.
  4. From 1959-60 to 1974-75 Thistle's final placings were as follows. 59-60. 10th 60-61. 11th 61-62. 7th 62-63. 3rd 63-64. 7th 64-65. 11th. 65-66. 12th 66-67. 12th 67-68. 10th. 68-69. 14th. 69-70. 18th(relegation) 70-71. 1st (promotion) 71-72. 7th. 72-73. 13th. 73-74. 11th 74-75. 13th. Reconstruction followed and we were in 2nd tier. Only 4 times in the top half of a division of 18 for these years. 19 in our promotion year.
  5. McCall definitely building for the future with these youngsters he is signing/ after.
  6. We've probably used invisible ink.
  7. The delusion in this one is strong.
  8. Oh. I should've said. That's Celtic's under 15s.
  9. The one consolation is that McCall is in charge. He has managed to wring results out of this mob. If Caldwell was still in charge we would be gone by now.
  10. Couldn't beat the bottom team twice, above Morton after beating them, then blowing that advantage now behind them with them having a game in hand, playing well against United then crumble after we go behind. This team have no mental strength. We are deep in a relegation battle, even with McCall in charge it's going to be a dark struggle to stay up. Yes, we can accept a defeat to the team running away with it, but the manner in which they capitulated is alarming.