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  1. As I said, you are a clueless cretin. Hip to follow Thistle? Fair enough I've been hip for 51 years now. Some going.
  2. Regards players. Would Docherty still come from Ayr?
  3. As you can't understand plain English I will repeat what I am saying. You only asked a totally different question to the issue you were presenting. So. Pure deflection. All because you took a completely impractical line.
  4. Your question was irrelevant to what you were going on about. You only asked it to deflect from you making an arse of yourself. And as for resignation ? A mad, daft notion.
  5. Ah! Right. Because you've made an arse of yourself over your 'resignation'issue you totally deflect from the issue. What a loser.
  6. A club who actually went bust, then reformed as a new club. Do you actually think about what you are posting?
  7. Oh! I well remember the stitch that went on there. And where did our legal fight get us then? This would be no different.
  8. You dont seem to accept the principle of a democratic vote.
  9. In regards to the terms of our membership, we would have to accept our fate.
  10. If you resign from a league, or get expelled you are most certainly not going to be allowed to join any other league as ALL football is controlled by the SFA, and their other level of administrators.
  11. We have to accept a democratic vote by the members. If it goes against us, that's hellish, but there is nothing we can practically do. And your ' plan's is not a plan. It is rank irresponsibility.
  12. Jesus! You've lost it. How is it negative to want the club to survive, whereas your 'plan' a completely ridiculous and laughable one, would kill the club. You honestly think that the SFA/ SPFL would be concerned about us offering to resign from the membership? If anything they would love to flex their muscles and make an example of us as a warning too other members. Wake up! Your 'plan'is if bampottery levels.