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  1. Shea Gordon scores v Stenhousemuir 14.07.2018

    Rather unfair on McCarthy. Didn't get a lot of game time. And I would guess against better opposition.
  2. Where Do You Think We'll Finish?

    Regards the current squad. 6th. Let's see if Archie swells the squad and if Bannigan comes through.
  3. Davie McParland

    Dreadful new on yet another club legend to pass. RIP.
  4. Stenny Away

    Great start
  5. Stenny Away

    Lennox in goal I would imagine. Right back? Haven't got a Scooby.
  6. Training Ground Update

    Brilliant news. And they couldn't have a better and more fitting name for it. Davie McParland was a young manager and was ahead of his timevregardz the slick style of football played then.
  7. World Cup Musings

    A country who realise what football means instead of our so called guardians of our game who pander to the two scumbags and not care for anyone else. And as I said England are a young team that will only get better. And regards population, International football is littered with smaller nations doing well. Wales, Northern Ireland, Denmark and Uruguay to name some. It's not only England that would be in the dock.
  8. World Cup Musings

    At least They got to the last four. Scotland can't even get out the group stage. The only British Isles side not to do so. England can be proud of what they achieved this tournament. They will only improve.
  9. Hearts friendly

    It's the typical Thistle defensive balls up that worries me.
  10. Team rebuilding

    Seemingly joining Perth Saints.
  11. Team rebuilding

    Archie back in.
  12. More good news. Kris Doolan joins Weir coaching staff.

    Natural progression for the legend. Future Jags boss.
  13. Team rebuilding

    Lawless not got a club yet?
  14. Team rebuilding

    Think he is the kind d of midfielder we neede last season.
  15. Anyone know who's going to win the World Cup?

    Yes. Mexico twice. 1970 and 1986