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  1. If Jags lose to them I will do my Ginger Nuts.
  2. Ya beauty. What a result. Well done boys. Showing true grit. Makes my weekend. Celebrating with a brandy.
  3. Thistle! It's just Thistle. Lol
  4. It isnt lack of composure. We are just dreadfully shite.
  5. A new contract? He should be chased out of the club.
  6. My favourite Jag of all time Jackie Campbell. Now there is a club legend.
  7. I would find that wholly improper and unprofessional ( but this is the SFA we are talking about). If he were excluded then anything pertaining to any connection to any club he has been at it would make it nigh impossible to do his jo . Surely he is expected to be impartial?
  8. Looking at the SFA's history in running the game they wouldn't give a rats arse about any precedent as long as it didn't affect the two scumbags.
  9. I dont thinking too early to declare a must win. Both our next two games are must win.