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  1. Initially there was a rule in the Scottish Cup that if it was a draw after a replay then both sides progressed to the next round. There has never been a match in this tournament decided by corner kicks.
  2. Gary Miller might just be a temporary measure to the end of season to keep us up. I think McCall will bring in a couple of centre backs.
  3. Erskine? He is done and has been for a couple of seasons.
  4. Yeah. Lost the first 5 league games and never really recovered.
  5. But you certainly fawn over Colin Weir and J. Low
  6. It defies logic that Caldwell was given the job in the first place. But the again, who was chairman?
  7. Voted no. I personally don't see a fans ownership happening. J. Low is running the show and is on a massive ego trip that will severely damage Thistle.
  8. They are just pig ignorant people. Especially the Scots who react like that. On foreign soil it is understandable.
  9. You will probably find that these posters ( including myself), have been against fan ownership since it was announced and not because of certain individuals.
  10. She is a director of 3BC, the owners. Suddenly there are people being shipped out, where shouldn't they have been left until the fans take over? Leave it for them to decide. There is an old pals act going on. You just bury your head in the sand. Fans ownership? That's a laugh.
  11. Being involved in running the club is poison.
  12. Not doom and gloom. Just seeing what is happening. I wouldn't go near the club to run it.
  13. Looking like the 'fan run club's was just a smoke screen for J. Low and her pals to get back to run Thistle into the ground.
  14. Our ex youth centre half Brownlie of QOS is being spoken about.