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  1. Oh no! He's not coming back? Gutted!!
  2. Will have to come from what we have. Lyons and Rudden look good prospects if they stay fit. Montrose fans were impressed by Niang. Some of our 'established'guys have to grow a pair and step up to the plate where they haven't recently.
  3. Let's be honest. Our budget could be so tight that we have to sign jobsworths.
  4. I'll start. Kris Doolan, because he is a 'Jagsman'.
  5. Indeed. It will be a few jobsworth players to get us out of the division.
  6. Hot my new top. Love it. Better quality than Joma.
  7. You never know. We might not even have a league to play in.
  8. I think being released by Archibald was the kick up the arse he needed.
  9. Previous reports put the conclusion of his estate at 2 years. And a huge concern is that the ground deeds do not lie with Partick Thistle FC.
  10. True! But wasnt that going to be used to buy Nesbitt from Dunfermline?
  11. Lol. And DABs have just paid 120k compensation for their new boss.
  12. The triple axis asking for every Premiership club to donate 5k each to their costs. Also want 2k from Championship clubs, 1k from League 1 and League 2 clubs.Couldn't give them a red neck with a blow torch.
  13. Doolan Bobbyhouston? Sine die.
  14. Nooooo. Better suited back in the juniors.
  15. Can they not be incorporated into the Norwegian league? I'm sure the Norwegians would marvel at the hedge.
  16. Indeed. Let's give Brechin perpetual immunity from relegation.
  17. Interesting stuff. So we now have 2 clubs from East Kilbride who could both end up in the SPFL? Crazy stuff. But hey, that's Scottish football for you. And Bonnyton Thistle 2 tiers away from SPFL , another Kilmarnock club.
  18. As much as I dislike Morton, surely we dont wish him on them?
  19. Erm! No! Best scenario is compensation in League 1.