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  1. thanks DP! hopefully my son will get to see his first Thistle victory to night, he's been to and watched on TV about 15 games so far and so far and best we can do is a couple of draws!
  2. Found it thanks m'lady, sky listings still have it as the bloody one show
  3. I can't see the match listed on any TV schedule, probably just me but can someone point me in the right direction?
  4. While Kris was signing my son's top I said to him "hope to see you back soon", he replied "I hope so" - please let this happen!
  5. Thanks for the info, lets hope it's a fantastic afternoon - surely we can get a win v Celtic this time!
  6. Anybody know if there will be a special testimonial programme or souvenir type thing to mark Dools Day?
  7. Son & myself making it for this one from Cheshire
  8. In exactly the same boat myself laukat, not good at all!
  9. Was taking to a player after the QOS game, and he said he didn't even know what position that he was supposed to play and fed up with the manager not changing the team and giving the other players a chance.
  10. Agree with what you say, but the amount of times Penrice was available on the left touchline with no one near him was unbelievable, the speed of passing out from the back was so slow that when he was spotted it was inevitably too late and the chance had gone.
  11. Going to this as my 1st game of the season from the Manchester area, will keep an eye out on the train for Gary on the way up, but he better have a disguise for the way back down if we lose! Expecting the unexpected with a Thistle esque performance, 3-0, with Doolan scoring 2 for my son who has him playing for Scotland and Barcelona on FIFA. Anyone suggest the best place for a pint/something to eat that is ok with kids?
  12. That was my first game too! My Uncle used to take me home and away to most games, he is still going and I now take my son (9) whenever we visit from down south. His first game was the diddy cup final so he already knows what it means/takes to be a Jags fan.
  13. Hi Phil, my son would love one, will get the money to you asap