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  1. Big Dan

    A night with GC

    The problem now is that there are few options for the 17/18 year olds who will not get a game for the first team. If we kept them on and put them out to the lower leagues we would still have to contribute to their wages.
  2. Big Dan

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    He scored some cracking goals for Kilmarnock and it is a pity that things did not work out for him at Firhill. Killie supporting friends of mine could not believe the money that they received for him but reckon that he was more of an individual rather than a team player. I would have hoped that if he had shown any kind of potential in training or for the reserves that he would have been given a chance. The fact that he was not, coupled with the previous issues in Egypt, seem to indicate deeper issues rather than a fall out with the manager. However, all that is now irrelevant. Time alone will tell if we have made the correct decision not to have played him regularly.
  3. Big Dan

    PAWS 2018-19

  4. Big Dan

    Close season type thread: funniest chant

    Found it amusing on the way out of Firhill after a game, to hear a guy explain to his kids that their mother might not find the Paul Paton chant acceptable.
  5. Big Dan

    Season Tickets 2019/20

    I will be renewing mine. (Probably to the disappointment of those around me.)
  6. Big Dan

    Ryan Stevenson

    I had to move down towards the front of the JHS for the Inverness game as I had a friend with me and couldn't sit in my ST seat. There were three older gentlemen and a lady giving Miles Storey absolute pelters before he even came on. There was a period of respite between 1-1 and 1-2 and then everyone got it! The usual guys around me seem almost sensible in comparison
  7. Big Dan

    Ptfc Trust Update

    "Pretty obvious that it was unlikely to happen" Bit of a bold statement there, I await to see whether your prediction is correct.
  8. Has anyone had issues (apart from the regular insecure site one) trying to add the game to their season ticket? I accessed the site and it is showing most of the JHS full.
  9. Big Dan

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Vague recollection that it was A Rough in goals? I remember that they gave the "goal" then tied the net with some string or shoelace.
  10. Big Dan

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    I think that "remember East Fife" would suffice!
  11. Big Dan

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Was that the game when Clyde "scored" when the ball went over the bar and fell in through a hole in the roof of the net?
  12. Big Dan

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    Heard a few chants of Erskine, Erskine at the start of the game from the JLS, did not notice much else. (I was in the JHS). Crowd pretty low though so some will claim an effective boycott.
  13. Big Dan

    Falkirk game

    From the JHS it looked like we were denied a stonewall penalty, a clear barge. Pretty naïve by Caldwell re the sending off, Harkins should have been subbed long before the red card as his contribution had dwindled and he was on a yellow. Dallas was incredibly inconsistent . I cannot understand why he did not book at least 3 other Falkirk players either for fouls or dissent. The BBC stats indicate considerably more fouls committed by Falkirk and yet we are the team reduced to 10 men. Osman looks a very poor signing by Falkirk.
  14. Big Dan

    Winter window

    I will be exceedingly underwhelmed and disappointed by whoever we sign next. It is likely that he will have played for someone else in his career and fans of other Clubs might not think that he is very good. Just getting this in early.
  15. Big Dan

    Happy 2019

    2019 cannot be worse than 2018, can it?