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  1. Big Dan

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    I thought that Spittal's celebration was a bit bizarre. Pity that he was not on the pitch at the end of the game to "enjoy" our celebrations.
  2. Big Dan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Yes, just noticed this. Was going to pick it up at Croy. Now having to drive. The train driver is ill apparently, suspect that he is playing for Alloa.
  3. Big Dan

    Your Football Mascot Needs You!

    Kingsley needs your vote now.
  4. Big Dan

    League cup - last 16

    Dross County at home. Glamour tie.
  5. Big Dan

    Mitch Austin

    Maybe guys recovering from injury are the market that we are currently operating in? Lets hope that most prove to be worthwhile signings.
  6. Big Dan

    Mitch Austin

    I was told at the Airdrie game that he was signing . It seems to be taking a while though.
  7. Big Dan

    Centenary Fund - July's Results

    Mystery prize for me again.
  8. Big Dan

    New Owner

    Agreed, good statement.
  9. Big Dan

    New Owner

    I must be one through the Season Ticket criteria, but was completely unaware of this until I read it (probably on here) a few weeks back. If we are share holders, we should officially be informed of this. In some cases, Companies may require employees who hold positions on Boards of Charities or Trusts etc to declare any shares held, or if they have an interest in any Company or Trust. We cannot declare what we are not aware of. Is our ST share status registered anywhere?
  10. Big Dan

    Miller signs

    I cannot say that I am overwhelmed with joy over his signing, but welcome Kenny. Every player should be given the opportunity to show what he can contribute to us before we pass judgement on his current ability.
  11. Big Dan

    Liam Lindsay

    I had heard Dundee Utd have offered him a contract but that he may see his future elsewhere. Also heard that his diet is not what you would expect of a modern day professional.
  12. Big Dan

    Liam Lindsay

    I heard around 25% with a wedge of it going to the Academy.
  13. Big Dan

    New Owner

    Once again there is intense speculation over something which may not even be true. We have had similar debates on training grounds closing, potential administration, whether Colin Weir is funding holidays and whether the Firhill Basin is being used as a North Korean missile silo. (OK I made the last one up, but the Board have not denied it!). Can we find out if there is any substance to some of these issues before going into meltdown mode?
  14. Big Dan

    New Owner

    Trying to get back on thread, is there any evidence at all that there is a remote possibility of this happening?
  15. Big Dan

    Women's World Cup

    I have a horrible feeling that the women will follow the Scottish tradition of going out on goal difference. (At least they qualified).