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  1. From the start of the Saturday game to the end of Friday's match, 6 days 5 hours and 50 mins
  2. I'm afraid Inverness and St Mirren are not options for you. Your teams will need to be Hibs, Aberdeen, Celtic, Rangers. Sorry Jaggernaut.
  3. Bonus Point Question 7 Will Celtic and Rangers play each other in a semi-final tie? Yes or No Well, this is an easy one. They each have a competitive fixture before we even get to the semi-finals. If they do both make it through, the (purely statistical) chance of them being drawn together is 33 and a bit%. There may also be traditions that render a meeting at this stage unlikely. Therefore, the answer is no. Isn't it? Deadline 7.45pm, Friday 28 February
  4. Round 5 standings lady-isobel-barnett still leads. 100% success rate for jaf. Unfortunately the road to Hampden has ended in a cul-de-sac for one of our players. 15 left and 7 games to go. Round 6 selections are worth 5 points each. Available selections shown as white squares below. 8 players have a team in every match and jaf can select from all 8 teams. To thwart any tactical selection, I am happy to receive your selections by PM. Deadline 7.45pm, Friday 28 February
  5. Not a great deal of evidence to support the statement that 'From top to bottom our club really is rotten'