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  1. BowenBoys

    Ryan Edwards

    Edwards has loads of energy and enthusiasm. If there was more to it than that, there wouldn’t be a thread about him scoring a goal.
  2. BowenBoys

    PAWS 2018-19

    All pledges have now been paid. Thank you all for your prompt attention. I paid £849 into the club's account yesterday. The total raised in this season's PAWS is £1493. I received the following email from Gerry Britton this morning. Phil Many thanks for your contribution which is a great boost to the Club's coffers and very much appreciated. Everyone at the Club's is very much aware of the importance of our supporters and this gesture is testimony to the vital role that they continue to play in our Club's existence. I appreciate that the past season has been a challenge for all our support, but with their backing we were able to rally and get to a 6th place finish that had looked beyond our capability at some stages of the campaign. The one constant throughout that campaign was our fans and I am delighted we were all able to end the season on a high, with that unforgettable day out at Dumfries. Please pass on the thanks of everyone connected with our Club to your forum users Phil. I appreciate that the sentiments on the various forums may differ at times, but what brings us all together is the love of our magnificent Club and the undying passion to see us back in the upper echelons of the game before too long. Once again Phil, many thanks for your continued support and if I can ever be of assistance please don't hesitate to contact me. Regards Gerry Thanks again to all who contributed.
  3. BowenBoys

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    I'm with DP on this but let's wait until the small print is published on Tuesday. Leaves plenty of time to find a really big stick... ...just in case.
  4. BowenBoys

    Youth Academy closing ?

    The way the sponsorship was handled last season was the best it has been over the last few years. This seems like another interesting way to minimise income streams.
  5. BowenBoys

    “Get to the ball”

    Remind me, how many relegations have there been?
  6. BowenBoys

    Dools Race Night.

    We are in the SPFL.
  7. BowenBoys

    Next season's kit

    hypes or strops?
  8. BowenBoys

    71 Club

    It sounds like a business club thing. Tickets are transferable so you can treat your clients. Hope the on pitch entertainment is worth it!
  9. BowenBoys

    Next season's kit

    We should just keep the same strip. We'll likely end up with something dreadful. God forbid diagonal red and yellow strips, for something different. If horizontal are hoops and vertical are stripes, what would we call diagonal?
  10. BowenBoys

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Has this been bugging you for six weeks When I posted that, on 6 April, Coulibaly was an employee of Partick Thistle. Had Caldwell come out then and made the comments attributed to him last night, it could well have become a matter for an employment tribunal. Now Coulibaly is no longer an employee, he will have to bring a libel case to clear his name. I doubt very much that will happen. The circumstances then and now are completely different. I stand by what I posted. That's my final post on the subject. There is enough nonsense on this forum at the moment. It's very tiresome. Have your say then we'll call it a day.
  11. BowenBoys

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Can you elaborate?
  12. BowenBoys

    Souleymane Coulibaly

  13. BowenBoys

    PAWS 2018-19

  14. BowenBoys

    PAWS 2018-19

    Final match actually worth £97. I'm not very good with an abacus, obviously. Grand total for the season is £1487. Much thanks to each and every. I'll sort out final accounts and get them out this week.