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  1. BowenBoys

    PAWS 2018-19

    Why, thank you kind sir. I salute you and the thirteen who have joined us on this quest. To anyone else reading, a plea. Join us today to raise money for Thistle. Pledge one of your hard earned pounds for each and every goal scored by the team this season. Much thankliness.
  2. BowenBoys

    Player Sponsorship 18/19

    I have received two more pledges for Callum Wilson. Two places left.
  3. BowenBoys

    Player Sponsorship 18/19

    I'm taking it. Brice is in the squad. Big thanks to sandy Monifieth_Jag Wayfarer jaggy elevenone JAGSMAN1968 and me. We now have four players plus one awaiting international clearance.
  4. BowenBoys

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    So, no news since you called for a public statement three days ago? As DD said then, I'm not sure what such a statement would, could or should say. I'm sure there will be no comment until the matter is resolved, one way or another. One thing is certain, he will not feature in a starting 11 any time soon. He hasn't kicked a ball in how long?
  5. BowenBoys

    PAWS 2018-19

    Two goals brings the total to £406.
  6. BowenBoys

    Player Sponsorship 18/19

    Excellent, thanks JAGSMAN. Last slice of Brice anyone?
  7. BowenBoys

    Player Sponsorship 18/19

    Thank elevenone. Two slices of Brice left.
  8. BowenBoys

    Last jag standing .Blair Spittal away top.

    Fake 2 Real 1
  9. BowenBoys

    PAWS 2018-19

    One bloody goal. Total £364. Thanks all. Goodnight.
  10. BowenBoys

    St. Mirren

    Archie hasn't feature in the odds for any recent vacancies. I guess being relegated is worse than being sacked.
  11. BowenBoys


    Happy to buy tickets to support the family but is there another way to contribute? I can't attend so tickets would be wasted.
  12. BowenBoys

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    'Hopeful that it might' is quite a negative forecast. Did they mean 'hopeful that it will'? No, that doesn't get us any closer either, we all hope it will. Perhaps the source meant 'it might'. Well, we know that already. Not sure we're any further forward with this. One thing's for sure, we all hope Semantics Coulibaly will play for the Jags soon.
  13. BowenBoys

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Here is the full post from P&B: "Don't shoot the messenger if this doesn't happen, but got told after the match yesterday, from a good source, that the club are hopeful that the Coulibaly situation MIGHT be resolved next week and if so, he will be in the squad for the East Fife game. Time will tell, but if we get clearance what a gigantic boost that will be!" 'Hopeful' and 'might' are the key words, not 'confident'. Would be great if it happens.