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  1. World Cup Musings

    Fixed that for me
  2. World Cup Pop Up

    Thanks AJ. To say I'm looking forward to it would be a huge understatement
  3. World Cup Pop Up

    Third Place match A correct prediction in this match is worth 1 point. Only Jaggernaut has a choice. Please PM elevenone with your prediction. Deadline 3pm, Saturday 14 July. Final A correct prediction in this match is worth 5 points. Four players have to choose between these two good teams. Could be a terrific final. As above, Deadline 3pm, Saturday 14 July.
  4. World Cup Pop Up

    I'm off on my hols tomorrow. Can't believe I'm going to miss the end of this and I may not know the winner for twelve days. I suppose a stroll along the Great Wall will banish my sorrow. Important information Please read carefully elevenone has kindly agreed to take this on to its exciting conclusion. Your predictions for the final two matches must be sent by PM to elevenone. Messages sent to me will not be read as I will be travelling tomorrow morning. Tie-breaker As there is a prize for this competition, we can't have a tie. If two or more players are tied on points at the end, we will award the advantage to the player who accumulated the points soonest. If one of the tied players had more points than the other(s) before the bonus points were added, they will be the winner. If still tied, we will look back at tables after Third Place, Semi Finals etc. until we get a winner. Will post & PM your teams shortly. Confucius says... If you have enjoyed playing half as much as I have enjoyed organising it then I have enjoyed it twice as much as you.
  5. World Cup Pop Up

    Standings after the semi finals A new leader, thistle4celtic1. It's all about the 5 points in the final now. Plus, of course any bonus points. One of the Bonus Point questions has been answered tonight. I have NOT included the bonus points from that in the Total as this might cause confusion due to the change of command later tonight. I have, instead, indicated that bonus point as a +1.
  6. Team rebuilding

    You and your little grey cells...
  7. World Cup Musings

    In conversation with my Iranian barber this morning, we talked about England winning. He has many nationalities in his chair. He said that the, almost universal, opinion is that people don't mind the team winning if they deserve it but the media would make that outcome unbearable. From Wimbledon, a reporter mentioned that they had played a video clip of Tim Henman wishing England luck and then, and I quote, "they spoiled it by playing Goran Ivanisovich saying 'Come on Croatia'". Well done BBC.
  8. World Cup Musings

    Romelu Lukaku, the tournament's second highest goal scorer. All his goals were scored against Panama and Tunisia. Against decent defences he has been rotten.
  9. World Cup Pop Up

    Here are the selections for the next couple of games.
  10. Team rebuilding

    Six weeks
  11. World Cup Pop Up

    Thanks l-I-b
  12. World Cup Pop Up

    A couple of players yet to select their teams. Deadline 7pm tomorrow.
  13. World Cup Pop Up

    Thanks Rid
  14. World Cup Pop Up

    Thanks jot. I already have that marked down. Am I psychic or something?