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  1. As we approach the Spring Bank Holiday, a couple of seaside specials. Mods and Rockers editions
  2. I notice, from their website, that they have an interesting scheme for U18 supporters. Buy a season ticket for £69 and for each of the 23 games you attend, you get three quid back. Effectively you pay if you don't go to games.
  3. I'm sure they consulted a couple of clubs prior to publication.
  4. Couldn't be seen to be giving extra just to OF so included third club as well.
  5. Please, no. Can we just have proper leagues please.
  6. Haven't updated progress for a few days but have been busy. Have set up account with the dropship printing company, identified which lines to proceed with and produced final designs for each product. One final decision to make on colours. I received a sample t shirt and wasn't happy with the red and yellow that I used. Have now ordered another sample printed with various shades of red and yellow so that I can select the right colours. This is fundamental and I should have foreseen this problem days ago but we are where we are. I set up a dedicated email address for orders and have been working on a brochure to email out, as a pdf, on request, one page of which is reproduced here. However, have just received the news that I feared. The printing company are happy to keep working but their suppliers have now stopped. Therefore they are taking no more orders. So that's that for now. Probably just as well that it happened now, would have been a shame to start up only to stop again. Will make sure I'm ready to go as soon as and will take a view on proceeding then. Oh well, kept me occupied for some time. Now I'll have to paint the bloody kitchen!
  7. Yes, of course. I wouldn't want this to take anything away from other means of fundraising. This is just another option. Money is tight at the moment. People might want something back in return. It might reach people who wouldn't ordinarily chuck cash at the club. As for time, well I seem to have plenty of that to fill at the moment being one of the self unemployed freelance workers the government have abandoned.
  8. Lapel Badges I have received a quote from badgemaster.co.uk To order 25 would mean an outlay of £432.84. That's £17.32 each. I don't think that's viable. If anyone has any expertise in this area perhaps they could contact me.
  9. Can't believe you missed Big Mad Mental Dorothy L Sayers
  10. Hopefully, after tomorrow when I have spoken to potential supplier, all of these could be available with profits going to PTFC.
  11. The two problems with this initiative are stock and distribution. When jagfox and I did the Doolan scarves it was a much easier model than this. Firstly, the scarves were one size. Therefore, we could order a large batch and get a good discount. With t shirts there is the problem of sizing. It is possible to order a large batch of mixed sizes but in what proportion would you order? You risk being stuck with excess M or XL stock. This would eat into the profit. Secondly, and this is a big one, distribution. With the scarves we were able to carry large bags of scarves to Firhill to distribute to those who had purchased. It was easy*. When the t shirt idea became serious (seems like weeks ago but it's probably days), I thought of enlisting the help of a few folk in different areas to act as distribution points. Right now that is just not going to happen. I could have all the shirts delivered here and post out individually. I did that for a few Nomads with scarves. On a large scale it is a big deal. Pre-paid postage, printing labels, getting them to Post Office, dealing with problems of missing orders. I don't have headspace for that at the moment. Therefore, the idea of each person placing an individual order (either directly or via me) and dispatch being handled by the printer seems like the best option at the moment. It would be possible to increase the amount the club receive by printing on to poorer quality garments and still charging £20. Of course, the whole point of this is fundraising for the club but I see this particular part of the initiative as more than that. People get a nice piece of kit that they would actually want to wear and the club get some money too. Folk are being really generous with their funding of the club by various means at the moment. This is one more option with the bonus of having something to wear on those long summer evenings stuck in the house There are advantages too. We are not stuck with just one design (and the creative juices are well and truly flowing on WAT at the moment ) or one garment. * It wasn't really I completely agree. Unfortunately, I haven't found a local company that operates in the way I think this needs to be done (see above).
  12. I have found two ways to do this. One model is companies such as Teemill where an e-shop is set up on their site. Customers then go to that e-shop and order and pay Teemill directly. The order is then processed and product sent direct to customer. I then receive the money with costs and overheads deducted. I then forward to the club. The other company I'm looking at are called Inkthreadable (I know). Customers order through me and I forward orders to Inkthreadable. Processing and dispatch as above. How the payment works I'm not clear about. I have emailed them but don't expect a reply before Monday. I think I just send the cost of printing and postage and retain the balance. The overheads with Teemill are high. for a t shirt selling at £20 the club would get £3. With Inkthreadable I think the club would get £7 but I will be able to confirm that once I have spoken to them. With both models it would be a good quality 100% cotton black t shirt. It will be possible to offer both designs (or any design). Could also print onto other apparel, hoodies for instance, and with Inkthreadable on other items too; phone cases, mugs, bags. Designs would have to be tweaked to suit format of each of these items though.
  13. I'm in the process of assessing the printing/distribution options. Will be back once I have more information.