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  1. BowenBoys

    Partick Thistle Vs Airdrieonians -League Cup

    How does last night's game have an impact on our game?
  2. BowenBoys

    Jags Trust Statement: Changes to Board of PTFC Ltd

    Your exile lasted zero matches
  3. BowenBoys

    New Owner

    "Contrary to a previous club statement (Wednesday 3 July), the interest from potential new investors is not speculative but a formal approach." Does this mean the old Board lied in their statement of 3 July?
  4. BowenBoys

    New Owner

    Oh, yes please. Posters can then tell us all about what it doesn't say. That's got to be worth another ten pages of this thread
  5. BowenBoys

    Happy Metz Day

    Twenty four years. Where has it all gone? I wasn't even forty then. I handed over £49 for the bus and had no idea where Metz was. Per mile it turned out to be bloody cheap. Jesus, it was a long journey. As we got off the bus at the first services, the order was barked out, "Nae knockin'". The last person back on to the bus proudly pulled a bonsai tree from under his jacket. Pointless and hilarious. Where is that tree now? It must be seven inches tall by now. At another services, there was a family with a kid in a Celtic top. Last thing they expected was 50 Jags fans walking through the door. Poor kid had nowhere to hide. The travelling was forgotten when, driving into Metz, the excitement rose at the sight of Jags fans everywhere. Leaving the ground after the match and seeing the crowd of Metz fans waiting for us. Wasn't sure what was going to happen then they began chanting "Scotland, Scotland". The shirt swapping march back to town was remarkable. A Jags top was clearly a prized item that night. The best moment? Nicky Walker downing a pint in one. Or something like that There may be other European jaunts ahead but there will never be anything quite like that.
  6. BowenBoys

    Women's World Cup

    Not sure that's right. I think they were talking about playing one after the other.
  7. BowenBoys

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Please let us get this right. Rangers were liquidated. Doncaster presided over the farce of trying to get Newco Rangers elected into the system in the highest possible league. The clubs rejected this and Newco were elected into the bottom league at the expense of more qualified and deserving applicants.
  8. BowenBoys

    Role of Supporters Trust in any Takeover

    And why shouldn't he?
  9. BowenBoys

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Yes, so often a timely intervention
  10. BowenBoys

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Yep, completely agree. I miss those trips. I find these small leagues so bloody boring. Playing the same teams (at least) four times. Then when there's a new club to play, it's scheduled at 7.05 on a Friday evening! There's always the hope that we get to play an English, or Welsh(masquerading as English), side in a cup competition named after a biscuit. What will Doncaster's legacy be, I wonder.
  11. BowenBoys

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Wrexham are one of the English teams in the Tunnochs Caramel Wafer Cup. Yes, I know they're Welsh. Just another twist in this tremendous competition.
  12. BowenBoys

    Player Sponsorship 2019/20

    For those keen for some sponsorship action
  13. BowenBoys

    New Owner

    Seemingly pointless statement and why now? Perhaps this is the key passage; "...We have a pivotal season ahead and can’t afford to be distracted from the job in hand. However, as Directors, it is our responsibility to always act in the best interests of the Club. As the uncertainty caused by ongoing conjecture is causing concern for our fans as well as being potentially damaging to our preseason plans ...". Are we missing out on targets? Are agents waiting to see whether they can ask for better remuneration? The uncertainty can't be helpful. Perhaps the statement is a message to the parties involved to get a move on.