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  1. They are supposed to be in a bubble. As agreed between the Scottish Government, the SPFL and their club.
  2. Yes but as in our Dom's case, their employer won't take that action.
  3. Dr Catherine Calderwood resigned for breaking lockdown rules by visiting her second home. Dominic Cummings did absolutely nothing wrong. Eight Aberdeen players broke isolation protocols (and therefore their employment contracts) by visiting a pub. Two of them have contracted Covid 19. Who knows how many others are isolating as a direct result of their actions. Where on the Calderwood/Cummings Spectrum does this offence sit?
  4. I like a bit of SPFL bashing but I don't blame them for this. The idiots who broke the rules are entirely to blame. It's a very serious offence. Hope Aberdeen throw the book at them and do so publicly. The future of small football clubs could be endangered by these stupid young footballers.
  5. Very good EKJ. What else could SPFL stand for, I wonder. Send up some of that sunshine please.
  6. BowenBoys

    Away Kit

    I wore a 'F**k Boris' t shirt in Paris last year. The French seemed to like it. Obviously it was referencing Stormzy's lyrics rather than making a political statement.
  7. BowenBoys

    Away Kit

    I like The Clash. Not sure that a 'we lost the court case and are now in League One' t shirt would be a big seller. I did offer this for scrutiny yesterday, a bit more defiant, but it didn't go down well.
  8. Long way to go before the season starts. Probably even longer before any of us witness a game. I'm sure a few opinions will change before then. For those in the 'over land and sea' camp, I'm working on some away day merch. Grey, to go with the club's away kit. As you can see, I'm at 'not so cuddly anymore' end of the spectrum
  9. Looks like it was packed on Friday afternoon!
  10. From The Guardian's coverage of the start of the [insert sponsor] Scottish Premiership So that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is that. Copy and paste this time next year. Utterly miserable.
  11. It's that time of the month again. Purchases made by you lovely people have taken the total raised and donated to the club to £1766. Over 200 items sold including 150 t shirts. A couple of customers had to wait far too long for their purchases, which was frustrating. The situation is improving. Both printers I'm using are now shipping within 7 working days (snoods usually within 2 days). Last week a t shirt order shipped in 2 days so still time to stock up before your week in Millport. That's about it for July. I'll update the site with the club's cost report in the next day or so. Thanks for shopping. Look after yourselves and those nearby (buy a snood). Oh, before I go, thought I would share this. It won't, unfortunately, make it to the store but I have a sample t shirt and it's an absolute beauty. Pictures don't really show the detail in the Court of Session crest. The eagle-eyed among you will spot that the quote on the back is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. The smart eagle-eyed will know that this is not true!
  12. The match I'm thinking of was a 1-2. Perhaps it was that friendly. Was there a season opener at Broadwood that finished 1-2?