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  1. You'll have to share it with the others.
  2. If wishes were horses ptd. No yo-yo and the trapdoor is swinging
  3. Bonus points update As previously stated, the bonus points will be added to the totals after the Final has been played. Here is an update on the status of these questions. Q1: Which team from Round 2 will go furthest in the competition? This was decided yesterday. Five of the six remaining runners fell leaving just BSC Glasgow in the draw for Round 5. Q2: Which team will score the most goals in the competition? Nineteen teams still left to battle for this. Current leaders are Brora Rangers with 9 followed by BSC Glasgow on 8. Kilmarnock (6) lead the peloton. As Brora were knocked out in Round 3 they are likely to drop out of contention. Q3: How many of the (then) remaining 47 ties will be decided by penalty shoot out? So far, 30 ties have been concluded. None went to a penalty shoot out. Q4: How many teams will score before Thistle (in Round 3)? With the Jags scoring in the first minute, the answer is a pleasing zero. Q5: Most goals by a team multiplied by the most goals in a match (in Round 4)? Kilmarnock 6 Queens Park 0. 6 x 6 = 36
  4. There are 2 replays which will be played on Tuesday 28 January. So no table update yet. There will be a change at the top and we may have our third different leader in three rounds.
  5. Such a good word and very appropriate in this context.
  6. It's good to know that the club are doing thorough homework on players they may not be signing . . .
  7. MacKinnon's no chicken either.
  8. 56! Hope you're wrong for our sake
  9. He has scored 7 goals in his career (two seasons) including 3 for Falkirk.
  10. It's Harkins' Nutritionist, Ronald McDonald.