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  1. Yeah, virus permitting. Can look into that. Would certainly like to have any good pics you take wearing t shirts for an online gallery.
  2. It's fine Big Col, I'll have work once my industry gets back up and running. Wasn't meant to sound like a personal attack but yes, I disagree
  3. You've really cheered me up. I might not have a job at the moment but at least I'm not working for you.
  4. As DP mentions (above), contract extensions. Think it's worth printing the official statement. The club can also confirm that six players whose contracts were due to expire between the end of May and the middle of June 2020 have had their contracts extended to 30th June 2020. Chief Executive, Gerry Britton, explains: “Throughout these unprecedented circumstances the Club has adopted a “do no harm” philosophy to try to ensure that no one within the Thistle family is worse off as a consequence of a situation completely out of their control. When arriving at decisions, many not easy, we have always asked ourselves – is it the right thing to do? “With a schedule for the resumption of football not yet confirmed and SPFL discussions ongoing, planning for next season continues to carry uncertainty for all clubs. With that in mind we are continuing to reserve our right to look after our own while they are still our own. So those six players whose contracts are due for expiry by 10th June 2020 have had their contracts extended until the end of this month as we continue to use the government furlough scheme. Just as the club is unable to plan with certainty, neither can these players and so we believe it is right for us to enable them to receive an income until the picture becomes clearer.”
  5. My understanding is that the club are taking the furlough scheme very seriously. I hoped to send t shirts to players so they could take a photo. Was told that wasn't allowed.
  6. As divisive as ever. Find out what the Premiership clubs want, feed it down to the Championship then dump on League 1 & 2. Unfortunately, I can't see the SPFL ever having a holistic approach to solving this problem.
  7. Big Thank You 72 hours since launch and your orders have raised over £400 for the club. Desperate times for Partick Thistle and your response has been phenomenal. Thank you! Keep the orders coming. Do your bit and I promise to keep the sun shining. I've added a Fundraising page to the site where I will post updates on the fundraising and log the donations to the club. redyellow.org Lots of nice feedback and suggestions. I'm here for you so please do get in touch. [email protected] Red and Yellow smiles to you all.
  8. Yes, no problem. Worldwide shipping. In USA via USPS Tracking.
  9. Yes. It was a devious twisted mind that came up with that idea
  10. It's been a long and often frustrating road but finally the initiative has been launched. It is exactly ten weeks since the idea of a fundraising t shirt was first discussed on the forum. Most of that time I have spent waiting, forlornly, for the postman. But we're here now. Please do comment, PM or email any suggestions or queries. For adult clothing the club will get 40-50% of the purchase price. For kids clothing it will be around 40%. For transparency, I will add a page to the site showing money received and paid to the club. Have instigated discussion with them about the best way to do this. Finally, thanks to elevenone and jagfox for feedback and support.