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    I realise that this is not what you are suggesting but reading your post reminded me of Ebbsfleet United and the MyFootballClub saga. An interesting story.
  2. Yes, that's fine for me, the answer is 340. Not sure how a ten year old is supposed to show his workings though.
  3. My ten year old has this problem to solve I have X roses. 80% are white, the rest are red. I add 76 white and 48 red. Now 75% are white. What is the value of X? I have worked out the answer using a spreadsheet but he needs to show workings. Any ideas?
  4. It's a pity they don't have a Tajikistan supporters club.
  5. Bonus Point Question 4 How many teams will score before Thistle? Applies to all Round 3 ties played 22 - 23 November. For instance, Thistle score 20 mins. All teams that score 1 min to 19 mins count. Goals scored 45+ mins in first half count as 45 mins. Goals scored 90+ mins in second half count as 90 mins. If Thistle fail to score (), all teams that score will count. Official SFA timings will be used. Deadline 7.05pm, 22 November
  6. Glasgow City. Champions League Quarter Finalists. Cue misogyny...
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    Yes indeed scotty.