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  1. Financially there is a big difference between the two scenarios, I agree. But I'm thinking about sporting integrity. Put it another way, would Hibernian, Spartans and the other women's teams not be aggrieved that GC would be getting additional funding from the SFA?
  2. It does seem odd that they are planning to finish in Edinburgh. From a fundraising point of view I would have thought it best to do it in the other direction. Arrive back in Dundee to a heroes welcome with the collection buckets out.
  3. I really don't see why the SFA should fund a clubs expenses to travel to Champions League games. Imaging how you would feel if they announced they were paying Celtic's fees. Fantastic news that they have the financial backing of Mr Anderson though. Great to see a club that is independent of any men's football club making it to the quarter final of the Champions League.
  4. In terms of public order, I would have thought it would be better to get the game done sooner. It's more likely to cause problems when a reduced crowd are allowed in and a fewer people are allowed into pubs to watch it. Therefore I think it's about Sky and lining the Old Firm coffers. Blatant and shameless. I'm not surprised. Given what we're going through with the SPFL, I don't feel anger about this. Yes, you should give a toss. We should all give a toss. The whole of Scottish football should give a toss. Unfortunately we have a situation where each member club of the SPFL wants only what it deems to be best for itself. There is no unity, no common purpose, no 'for the good of the game'. It's busted. I can barely raise a shrug.
  5. Yes. It's no problem with specs. Bend the wire to keep the top of the mask in contact with your face.
  6. Royal Mail International incidents update. Latest Japan Post update has backlog of items arriving in the country.
  7. Excellent news. My kind of guy, ChiThistle is!
  8. Mask arrived today. Hand delivered (as I understand that I am local) to save on postage. Great mask and a good package with filters and information. Well done Heather, very enterprising. Remember, masks legally required to be worn in all shops from next week. Support struggling arts practitioners.
  9. Funnily enough, heard it yesterday from an old school copper when he told us they had caught the guy who robbed my son last week.
  10. Would be harsh to give them a 12 point penalty under the circumstances.
  11. Filling a void as we wait for news from Edinburgh, I have received a Transaction Report from the club for June 2020. Up on site now. Thanks, once again, to you all.
  12. You flatter me . Actually, it took an email from a nice chap who alerted me to the fact that I had omitted an obvious t shirt design!
  13. "...Jags fans fu<king everywhere" It's a pretty dreary Monday afternoon and following Jaggernaut's post, I've had a look at the location data for the orders. So here are some interesting(?) figures on location of customers. Scotland 76 England 10 Wales 2 Northern Ireland 1 55% of Scottish orders are from a Glasgow postcode. USA 2 Australia 1 Ireland 1 Japan 1 Liechtenstein 1 Netherlands 1 The longest journey for RedYellow merchandise is 16,870km to South Eastern Australia. It's time for Kiwi Jags to make themselves known!
  14. And the range will continue to evolve.
  15. Thanks TL. Shipping times vary. Some orders are taking a while to fulfil. Depends on what you order and sometimes a particular size may be out of stock. I'm now using two printing companies. One moved into larger premises this weekend so will have greater capacity. Response to this has been fantastic. These are difficult and uncertain times for us all. Really pleased that so many have shown commitment to the cause. Orders have dropped off after the initial rush, which is to be expected. Redyellow.org will always be here. Football will become a sport again and we will be, once again, an actual physical support in our RedYellow tops. Won't that be nice?
  16. Just 1 hour left to take advantage of 10% off. Ends at midnight. redyellow.org
  17. Seems very plausible to me. It may seem like a bland, innocuous statement to us but the intended recipients will get the point without us having the write private letters which may jeopardise our case.
  18. That's the status quo. Fixtures will be arranged accordingly. When asked whether, if anything changed, it would just be a case of substituting Hearts for Dundee United, he said that if things change they would deal with it.
  19. We are a club likely to be playing in League One and not playing at all until at least October. With unknown crowd size and little tv exposure. We are currently taking the governing body to court. To continue to gain sponsorship in such a situation is remarkable. There may not be great sums involved but it's all welcome. Well done to those involved in arranging this deal.
  20. Don't miss out on 10% discount this weekend
  21. Could really do with a Thistle boozer around here though. My locals are what used to be the Taverna - so many names since - and the one where Shimla Pinks used to be. As you can probably tell, neither are at all inspiring. Bit of a trek but can't beat the Laurieston.
  22. Summertime and the livin' is... well... a little strange