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  1. What information did the board member have that led you to this conclusion?
  2. Not necessarily. It's an anonymous forum.
  3. It's a shambles. Watched that abject team on tv last night with broken hearted disbelief. The, frankly disgusting, sight of McCall chewing wads of gum, seemingly unwilling or unable to coach his players into meaningful action was in sharp contrast to an animated McGlynn. Behind McCall, his two assistants gazed on with petrified eyes. This is not simply a case of bad performances by the players. There is something deeply wrong with the playing side of the club. Worse still, the management of the club seems to be in decline too. Who is actually running things? Who is interfacing with McCall while the Working Group try to thrash out a fan ownership plan for a dwindling support? Something is rotten. Perhaps it's been that way for some time but the Premiership income masked the problems. Who knows? One thing is for sure, dark days lie ahead. We can only hope that, once the club is stripped back to the bone, a well run club rises from the ashes of this mess.
  4. I'm not sure that McCall does either.
  5. Caldwell's got a new job?!?
  6. Oh ptd, down with the BSC. Or should that be BSE My pleasure as always
  7. Two ties go to a replay so no updated table until 19 Feb. Could be a new leader... ...and winner of the wooden spoon has been decided... Replay dates 18 February Motherwell v St Mirren 19 February Kilmarnock v Aberdeen Will we see our first penalty shoot out? Would fancy Aberdeen to miss all five tbh. Sixth Round to be played on the weekend of Saturday 29 February. Number of goals scored on Saturday was a paltry 12. Down to two Glasgow teams in the Cup following the demise of Broomhill Sports Club. On their way out they joined Brora Rangers on 9 goals in the competition. However, they both slip down the spreadsheet as Hibernian are now top scorers with 10 goals.
  8. They're going through the motions, scotty. Just keeping it warm for us 'til next year.
  9. I've got a feeling this could be BSCs year.
  10. Bonus Point Question 6 How many goals will be scored on Saturday 8 Feb? Saturday fixtures Inverness CT v Livingston BSC Glasgow v Hibernian St Mirren v Motherwell Ayr United v St Johnstone Aberdeen v Kilmarnock Hamilton Academical v Rangers Falkirk v Heart of Midlothian Deadline 12.30pm, Saturday 8 February
  11. Round 5 fixtures Inverness CT v Livingston Clyde v Celtic BSC Glasgow v Hibernian St Mirren v Motherwell Ayr United v St Johnstone Aberdeen v Kilmarnock Hamilton Academical v Rangers Falkirk v Heart of Midlothian For this round you can only select teams that you picked in Round 4. The chart below shows which teams you can select. White squares show available teams. In some ties you will only have one possible team. In others you may have none. Nae luck! Each correct selection is worth 4 points. Please list your selections. Deadline 12.30pm, Saturday 8 February
  12. Round 4 standings lady-isobel-barnett returns to the top. Two sleeping giants of the forum, jagfox & Auld Jag, rise early from their hibernation, cursing global warming. partickthedog climbs wearily into a cosy basket by the fireside.
  13. There you go again, twisting things. Just like last summer.
  14. You'll have to share it with the others.
  15. If wishes were horses ptd. No yo-yo and the trapdoor is swinging