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  1. So the paper shredder at Hampden will be doing overtime this weekend then.
  2. Generally speaking about sponsors, does the club do any research or due diligence on them?
  3. I still think that going to court is absolutely the right thing to do, regardless of how slim our chances of winning are. I don’t accept the argument about reputational risk. For the last few years we’ve been seen as the cuddly toy of Scottish football - soft as s***e - some of it brought on by ourselves (family club etc) . So if by taking this to court shakes off that image, then it’s a good job done. As for losing influence in Scottish football, do we have any right now? Does any club outside of the ugly sisters have influence? I would say no. So no impediment to us going to court to try and be compensated for an injustice.
  4. Alarmfast as well.
  5. As long as he takes Archibald with him.
  6. AXA lost a court case in France a couple of weeks ago and are now paying out some money. As I understand it, any ambiguity whatsoever in the insurance policy will go in favour of the policyholder. But this will rumble on for months.
  7. You couldn’t make it up could you? I’d be amazed if any club had insurance coverage for the Covid pandemic. And If they did, it won’t be for their full losses. The only people who will get oodles of money from this particular court battle are the lawyers.
  8. FCA are taking a test case to court on 20 July to get a judgement on whether insurers should pay out on any of the policy extensions / wordings that are in existence. But whoever loses the case will appeal so it won’t be sorted out for months.
  9. Classic reporting from the Daily Record. Unnamed sources blah blah blah. Utter gutter rag.
  10. Absolutely AJ. It appears that sadly there are also some Thistle fans that think we should just roll over and take our medicine. i for one am glad we are pursuing legal action and hope that all the shady shenanigans, furtive phone calls and withheld information all come to light and show the SPFL hierarchy up for what they are.
  11. To be honest I couldn’t give a flying f*** about the other clubs and what they think of us. At least we’ve got the balls to stand up to the SPFL rather than just roll over and have our tummy tickled. If there’s a chance to show the world that the SPFL isn’t fit for purpose and it leads to the departure of Doncaster plus we get compensation we’re due then job done.
  12. Yes - all of them. F**k em. And a grumpy good morning to all.
  13. And throughout this entire debacle the SFA sit back and do or say absolutely nothing. The entire hierarchy of Scottish football is not fit for purpose.