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  1. It’s a ridiculous notion but l’ll play along. What if the SPFL accepted our resignation - what then?
  2. Yes they should. Worst team in the league and therefore should go down. If that doesn’t happen then Scottish football loses all credibility.
  3. But look at what we’ve done in the season so far. It’s been a shocker and there is no evidence to suggest that we would be playing any better, keeping clean sheets, defending better or scoring more goals than we did in the previous quarter. We had a chance to get off bottom spot when we played QoS and the players shat it. Again. Just like they have so many times this season. If it were Morton or QoS that were bottom, I wonder how many people would be on here saying it was unfair to relegate them? I’d wager that it would be very few, if any.
  4. We’ve shafted ourselves by not being good enough to be higher in the league. If we were sitting mid table this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s our fault that we’re staring relegation in the face.
  5. There were no signs of improvement. We’ve played 10 games since the last time we won. We’ve had one clean sheet in the league all season. There’s absolutely nothing to suggest we would get off bottom. Sad but true.
  6. There’s absolutely nothing to suggest the team would have miraculously conjured up the skill and guts required to get us out of the relegation position. When we played against QoS we couldn’t score never mind win. At least this way it’s quick and easy and saves us from the mental torture and associated high blood pressure of going or games for the predictable outcome of a draw or loss.
  7. Too many unknowns for me to make that financial commitment right now. We’ve no idea what league we’ll be in , we’ve no idea what clubs we’ll be playing, we’ve no idea what the squad will look like, we’ve no idea what Scottish football will look like. Will there still be 42 cubs? Will PTFC still be there?
  8. It pains me to say it, but let’s be honest - we’ve been by far the worst team in the league this season and deserve to be relegated. You can talk about improvement in last 2 games all you want but we didn’t win them. And that’s what counts.
  9. Ask that question again when the Family Club smokescreen has disappeared.
  10. Just reading about what some other clubs are expected to do. Looks like the shareholders and directors will be digging deep to keep their clubs afloat. So I imagine we’ll be the same?
  11. What if some players or club staff test positive? Are the SFA/SPFL going to force them to play games in grounds that are possibly contaminated? At the end of the day, football is only a game and people’s well-being comes first.
  12. Yet another disappointment. Can’t believe the nosedive the club has taken in the past 3 years.
  13. Sorry - anything less than a win against Dunfermline and it’s all over. Surely the players and management can motivate themselves to beat a team who have lost some of their key players. I don’t even care if we play well or not - we just need to win.
  14. A point away to the runaway league leaders is indeed a good point. its just a shame that the squad haven’t performed like that in previous games, particularly Tuesday night. So we still sit marooned at the bottom of the table.