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  1. Big Col


    Can’t wait to see who the replacement for Erskine is......
  2. Big Col

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    They won’t care if people boycott it. Better to attend and protest during the game.
  3. Big Col

    Winter window

    Struggling to win games, struggling to create chances, struggling to score goals. And the manager releases one of our most creative players. Sheer genius.
  4. Big Col

    Winter window

    For a job interview hopefully.
  5. Big Col

    Stranraer Cup Game

  6. Big Col

    Winter window

    If by that, you mean Alan Archibald, then you’re spot on.
  7. Big Col

    Winter window

    If Caldwell is after Sammon and lands him, that’s us definitely down. He’s useless, just like the manager. Surely Britton would object to that signing when he is asked for the money to do the deal. Then again, I forgot that it is non-football people running the show these days.
  8. Big Col


    We should have the demo regardless of the Erskine situation.
  9. Big Col

    Falkirk game

    I think every game matters and we should approach next week’s game as we do every league game - with a great week in training.
  10. Big Col


    Exactly. Storey is the first name on the team sheet week in week out. Which is ridiculous. How many goals? How many assists? He got into a good position today having gone past a couple of players and instead of shooting, he tries to go past another couple of players. Later on - complete opposite. Shoots form an impossible angle instead of passing it. Another failing of the manager. Erskine and Doolan know each other’s game inside out.
  11. Big Col

    let's think the unthinkable

    Going by Archibald’s record of transfer dealings, I highly doubt it.
  12. Big Col

    let's think the unthinkable

    Why would we bring back the guy who has been integral in where we find ourselves by squandering the playing budget on complete duds??
  13. Big Col

    Falkirk game

    Why feel sorry for him? He’s the one who came in saying he’s analysed the squad and he had a plan to get up back up. He’s bullshitted his way to the job, the BoD have believed the bullshit and it looks like there has been no probationary clause or a performance related clause put in his contract. Amateur hour.
  14. Big Col

    Falkirk game

    He can blame the ref all he wants. But we didn’t win today because we didn’t score goals. And we didn’t score goals because we didn’t create chances. And that lies purely with the players and the manager. The Falkirk keeper didn’t have a save to make today. We scored with our only shot on target and I reckon we only had 3 other attempts at goal all of which were off target. Pathetic. Caldwell is taking us to League 1 and we’re going down with a whimper.
  15. Big Col

    Falkirk game

    Some tasty tackles as the first half went on and the ref (rightly) letting them go. Football wise, it’s easy to see why these teams are bottom. We’ve had one effort on goal from Elliot outside the box which went well past the post. No creativity and a fair bit of sideways passing. Again. Falkirk haven’t showed anything going forward so I reckon it’s first to score is the winner.