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  1. Big Col


    Ntwambe shouldn’t be starting, and it’s nothing to do with lack of fitness. We’re playing at home so it would be great to see the manager putting out an attack minded team that goes at it from the first whistle. If we try and sit in, Dobbie will have a first half hat trick. This has all the makings of a great game with lots of good football.
  2. Big Col

    Last jag standing .Blair Spittal away top.

    AJ - I think I may be out of lives. But just in case I’m still hanging on, I’m going for a home win on Saturday (1-0).
  3. Big Col


    Will today's excuses be new ones, or a rehash of some previously used ones?
  4. Big Col

    ICT Away

    Are 2 late goals against ICT enough to save the manager? Probably in the eyes of the board yes, sadly. Papers over the cracks.
  5. Big Col

    ICT Away

    No need for apologies. Come on Thistle!!
  6. Big Col

    ICT Away

    Do you just want me to give you the same reply? It's those fans who don't want him replaced. Do you not talk to other fans at the games or on forums or social media? Are you not aware that there are different opinions out there?
  7. Big Col

    ICT Away

    Erm.......the ones who don't think he should be replaced.
  8. Big Col

    ICT Away

    Yep, and we've used all our subs so he'll get another full 90. Another player who must have incriminating pictures of the manager.
  9. Big Col

    ICT Away

    Whats sad is that there are still fans who are putting one man above the club.
  10. Big Col

    ICT Away

    'If' it needs to be done now? So you're still swithering? How bad does it need to get?
  11. Big Col

    ICT Away

    Sadly the new manager will be landed with that squad that he's assembled, one still without a recognised right back. But on the bright side, we won't have to hear that bloody irritating 12 days of Archibald song at Christmas.
  12. Big Col

    ICT Away

    Even if this finishes worse than 3-0, the board won't sack him. He's bulletproof and until its mathematically impossible for us to finish in the play offs, he'll still be in position. Even though that's totally against what the majority of the fans think.
  13. Big Col

    Chief exec update

    Is Gerry in front of the fans at half time with another inspirational speech, and reminding them not to say bad words or shout at the manager?
  14. Big Col

    Chief exec update

    So the manager doesn't feel the need to apologise for Saturday and neither does the Chief Exec. This "we can concentrate on the league" is a complete smokescreen designed to make us forget the shambles that was Saturday. It's quite clear, and has been for some time, that Archibald is bulletproof. Gerry's on thin ice with the comments about the fans. We've had to suffer 18 months of absolute guff and he expects us to sit and clap and cheer for 90 minutes each game regardless of what's happening on the pitch. They're acting as if all is golden.