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  1. Personal insults and threats of harm, that's exactly why I'm proud to be a Partick Thistle fan. Oh aye, that and the unique sense of humour Jags fans possess.
  2. Still waiting for that one. Hopefully I'll get banned so all the jagsfoum glitterati can be left in peace and hee-larious puns. This place is so up it's own arrse it makes me wish I hadn't just come off my anti-depressants. Liamconnollyglasgow, when's a good time for you to come round and give me a slap, you keyboard warrior, you? Anyway. Leave it to a French club to get an English kit manufacturer to make the perfect Thistle shirts: Lens 2014-2015 Home & Away Kits
  3. Are you unable to shed more light upon what point you're trying to make? Or is your point that if we had won the last game we would have finished on more points and therefore finished higher? Because I think you may have just blown my mind with that insight. It was well worth exercising your fingers for! Or are you trying to say that it's directly someone's fault we didn't finish higher? And are you wanting some sort of change at the club because of it? If you've got something to say, how about saying it? It's like having a conversation with a brick wall here.
  4. Aw diddums. Go up to your profile, and click on "Manage Ignore Prefs", and add me to your list. See how simple that was? Now you don't have to put up with me any more. You can be safe in your world of one syllable posts and name calling - ahem, "rocket" And yet, I'm insufferable! I must be through the looking glass, as it's grammar, punctuation and intelligence free posters like yourself which make this forum the equivalent of Sauchiehall Lane at 3a.m on a Saturday morning - i.e, full of pish.
  5. The game was practically unwatchable, unless you really enjoy every move ending in the referee blowing for a foul! And France deciding they'd had enough of this whole tournament before their game even started? Fuhgeddaboutit. There's a serious case of the "Emperor's New Home Strip" happening with this competition.
  6. Well, we can't all be insightful wits like yourself ... who inspired your "rocket" insult - Gore Vidal perhaps, or was that a bon mot plucked from the works of Mark Twain? I imagine you think irony is an appliance for getting creases out of your shirts. Riddle me this, Mr Cream of the Footballing Forum Crop - What's a battle of wits called when one party doesn't actually possess any?
  7. Hmm ... Brazil spend the entire match kicking seven shades of s**te out of Colombia's star player, then the entire country goes into meltdown when Neymar is injured and out of the tournament. Seems rather like rain on your wedding day, or a thousand spoons when all you need is a knife ...
  8. Enjoying your Summer holidays?
  9. Last night - Aw, I wish there was some World Cup football on the telly Tonight - YA-AA-AW-WW-WW-N
  10. I don't think Paul Hartley leaving him three messages counts, really.
  11. You should have a wee sook on your thumb everytime instead of posting.
  12. I think this forum is actively giving me brain damage.
  13. I'd rather be playing F.C Piñata - they give out sweets to the crowd whenever they get beat.
  14. As soon as someone rolls a six to start ...