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  1. policemans whistle

    A night with GC

    Not from the meeting but from this mornings Sun - We are interested in Zac Rudden on loan from the Gers and also Jordon White from Inverness
  2. policemans whistle

    Out of Contact Players

    Livingston's gate less than1500 to-day. They wont last long with gates like that
  3. policemans whistle


    Good things must come to an end. The king is dead bring on the new king. Just a note all 4 teams at the top of the championship have tall strikers.
  4. policemans whistle

    Close season type thread: funniest chant

    I've told this story before; My wife and I were waiting for a train at Falkirk High going to Glasgow. When Gerry Britton arrived, I said to the wife That's Gerry Britton, She said never heard of him. you must of heard of him He's a Thistle legend. Sorry never heard of him. We got on the train and after a few moments she leaned over to me and started to sing GERRY BRITTON IS BETTER THAN FLO. Is that him. Yes dear that's him!
  5. policemans whistle

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    I feel sorry for you Semi nurainen you seem to be unable to debate with anyone without trying to ridicule them. I showed your posts to a doctor friend of mine, and he told me to tell you that you suffer from a very low esteem, and you should see a doctor as soon as possible, to get a tablet to relieve your problem. I advocate an Apple one. To be taken sideways
  6. policemans whistle

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    If you did, you would probably be in the QOS side of the ground. Supporters never in a million years. I would rather see them go than GC
  7. policemans whistle

    Out of Contact Players

    Tidser has a clause in his pre-contract which he can break if Falkirk get relegated
  8. policemans whistle

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    And there is plenty of them on here
  9. policemans whistle

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Kenny Miller is a great pal of Gary's. He also said he [Gary] will have Thistle challenging for promotion next season.
  10. policemans whistle

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    On Sportsound to-night, Kenny Miller says Gary Caldwell is going to be a great manager and should be part of the next Scotland setup.
  11. policemans whistle

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    Caldwell got his tactics right on Saturday. The team won 2-1. Other posts are just a matter of opinion.
  12. policemans whistle

    vs Alloa 20/4

  13. policemans whistle

    County 13/04

    Game on BBC Sportsound
  14. policemans whistle


    The rumour is that Jim Goodwin would not be interested in a full time position unless it was with a top club
  15. policemans whistle

    Dunfermline 06/05

    Well done Gary