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  1. thank god for that.I thought you were talking about a footballer!
  2. Ian McColl did not mention a buy back option when on the radio. All he said there was a payment to be made if he moves on for a fee.
  3. Regarding goalkeepers coming off their line -first of all they need a passage way to do so, also many managers believe the that defenders are there to defend and goalkeepers job is to try and keep the ball out of the net. Just watch match of the day on a Saturday night and you will see goalkeepers worth millions, coming out for the ball clashing with a defender and costing a goal, it happens every Saturday.
  4. A game from not long ago - Celtic7 Thistle under 15's 6 Celtic scored the winner in the 15 minutes injury time given by referee Father John O' Fafferty! Another shock result that day was Falkirk 12 Hearts 0 Walter Kidd was playing for Hearts!
  5. Rudden signs on 2 year deal from Rangers. Small fee but add on if transferred. Just waiting for clearance which should be on Monday. per Ian McColl on radio.
  6. Brownlie and Docherty not playing today both "Injured"
  7. Yes you share the prize money although not very much as they are up to 3000 shares. Last year 2 of the horses were Pent[and hills and Getaway Trump who both won huge races worth up to 300 thousand. Pentland hill is one of the favourites for the Champion hurdle at Cheltenham l e
  8. It might be only a hair on the horses backside, but a good Christmas prezzie for any body interested in racing. A company called Owners group offers shares for around£50.00 in some good horses[last year Getaway Trump and Pentland hills were just two] You get a update from the stable every week and a video of it training on occasions. when the horse runs, you can apply for a owners badge, which allows you into the paddock if you are lucky in the draw. You own the share and have to pay a reduced amount [about half] every year, which can be sold on if you don't want it anymore. I have a share in two horses, and it's the best thing I've done for a long time.
  9. Davie used to own the Woodside pub. He bought the bottom flat next door and changed it into the lounge.
  10. Dougie Baird was reserve to Eric Caldow in the Scotland side on many occasions. Only got a B cap against Jutland.
  11. Every club in Scotland has let young players go and then find the same players after a year or so turn into good players. Some even make it to play for Scotland
  12. Could be ready in a couple of weeks.