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  1. If you are asking me if Norway are downgrading lockdown on the 28th of April then yes. The Norwegian government have already announced it. If you are asking me if flat racing will start behind closed doors on the 1st of may [also Jump racing on 1st of July] Yes I receive emails from a trainer in England, and at this moment preparations are under way. If you are asking me if Scottish football will return May/June. I don't have a clue.
  2. I think the best way would be to postpone the leagues till it is possible to play the games. The English medical officer has said the curve should level out this week and Scotland's curve in about 2 weeks time. Norway will start to ease lockdown from the 28th of April and the British racing community hope to start flat racing behind closed doors from the first of May. Using that as a guide, it may be possible to start playing games behind closed doors in late May or early June.
  3. The rumour was that Dobbie was going to sign before Swansea came in with an offer that even the old firm could not compete with.
  4. Two that I remember were - Playing against Celtic , starting the second half its 0-0. Celtic bring on John Hartson, who had been out injured for a long time. The ball came into the thistle box and Hartson promptly put the ball into the Thistle net. The ref blew for offside and Hartson with his arms outstretched was calling the ref and linesman all sort of names, The guy behind me shouts.'You were not offside John, but your belly was! The other game was at East Stirling's park when the ref gave a free kick. The player was ready to take it when a wag called out 'It wisnae there ref, it was two yards back past the daisy!'
  5. I believe there is a meeting of the Leagues to-day.
  6. Yesterday I reached the ripe old age of 80. At 10am my house received a call from Jacqui Low, unfortunately I was out at the time, but a message was left on the phone. Just after 12o'clock I answered the phone to Jacqui Low who congratulated me on my birthday. We spoke for nearly 20 minutes just talking about the "Jags" Before we closed the call she said she would phone in a couple of weeks just to see how I was getting along in this difficult time, she also said when the footie starts again, she would try and get me up to Firhill for a birthday prezzie. This is why I support Partick Thistle. The Partick Thistle family club. Love you all.
  7. This is like pulling teeth. We are playing top of the league and a Friday night before the game all we can get is three posts. Thistle to win easing up
  8. Re "The big team" v The "Wee team" On occasions it was the big team forwards with the wee team defence, against the big team defence and wee team forwards.
  9. How times have changed, over 38 thousand for a game between the Jags and East Fife. East fife were a top team then and over these years produced a couple of internationalists Jimmy Davidson [At that time had the hardest shot in football] and Johnny McKenzie played for Scotland on quite a few occasions
  10. Easer said than done. Centre back that can do this are now worth their weight in gold.
  11. I blame Fox. He just stands there doing nothing when he could be playing centre back midfield and centre forward, every one great accept him. for god sake give it arrest he saved the team from a greater defeat.
  12. Yes, played for the shire and I went up to Ochilview on a couple of occasions when he was playing. Sat beside his dad, who had a bet that his son would score the first goal. It was said he made quite a large profit on his son's skills when playing with the E.S
  13. According to Falkirk fans their goalkeeper did not have a save to make last saturday
  14. thank god for that.I thought you were talking about a footballer!