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  1. Jags, Hearts and Stranraer are relegated due to the Covid virus and the leagues ending early. Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers are promoted due to the Covid virus and the leagues ending early. Three clubs punished and three clubs rewarded.
  2. One more item from Gary Dean was . That clubs in the Premier and Championship will have there streamed games paid for. !st and 2nd teams will not.
  3. The more you read about this, it looks like the Spfl wants to stamp its authority on all proceedings, not only against the Jags and Hearts but also Rangers. Listening to the Falkirk chairman yesterday ,when he said that all the infighting that has been going on, is going to take a long time to heal. One person could have saved all this!
  4. Also on Sportsound Ian Blair of the SPFL, who I believe is fixtures secretary, When asked, will Dundee Utd be included in the Premier fixtures list for this season. He replied Yes I don't see anything changing. or words to that affect.
  5. When the Stranraer chairman was on Sportsound, he said we can survive due to money from our tie with Rangers, and also with our own pub in the centre of town, we will be keep going once the pub opens again.
  6. When Ann Budge was on Sportsound, she said that some very rich friends were prepared to donate millions to the lower league clubs. Which I believe, as she is friends of James Anderson and other very rich Hearts fans. She also said it had been proposed to some clubs who were not sure about accepting it. The usual cohorts on the radio panel, could not believe what they were hearing and said Doncaster should get on the blower pretty quick. It is a pity that Mr Anderson and friends decided to involve Mr. Doncaster, as I have said before he believes that the premiership must always come first. The only good thing was that the lower clubs got some money, but it should have been a lot more.
  7. Going by statements on Sportsound by several of 1st and 2nd division chairmen, the reason that they voted to curtail the season was because they would not have any players if the season started up again in late /June or July. The Forfar chairman said they would have only five players on their books. Stranraer would not have any. Most of the clubs in Div 1/2 had players on one year contracts finishing in June and would not be able to full fill the remaining fixtures.
  8. A few good weeks ago when this all broke, Leslie Deans a very eminent lawyer for many years and a Hearts fan, stated on Sportsound that he was prepared to fund the the case against the demotion of Hearts. He also said if Partick Thistle wanted to join in it would be at no cost to themselves. He also said they had a very strong case and gave some details. which I unfortunately forget.
  9. According to reports The Ross County Chairman, has said' Hearts just to take their medicine. He also must mean Thistle. This person is a member of the SPFL committee involved in the voting procedure. Time to take him down.
  10. I have just read that we have 83 employes, whether they all get paid does not matter. If some one comes along with the cash for us to take this to court we are entitled to do so. If we lose we lose nothing. Many fans of other clubs feel we have a grievance. We need for every fan to back the club to stop people losing their jobs. End of. It is essential we make an effort along with Hearts, to bring down the board of the SPFL, they are the perpetrators of this mess. A new board with new voting rites will bring back some normality to Scottish football. If we do not bring down Doncaster and Co, Scottish football will spiral further down the road
  11. In Friday's Glasgow Times, Doncaster stated he expects the reconstruction to go through, yet all the other main papers were saying the deal is dead in the water.
  12. 41 of the42 clubs are prepared for the 14-10-10-10 plan to go to the vote on Monday/Tuesday. It seems that it has a chance of success.
  13. A couple of weeks ago on Tam and Stu, an East fife player, Denholm I think, was asked any player in the lower divisions to look for in the coming season. His answer was the boy Lyons at Montrose who is going to Thistle, is a fast tricky winger who scores goals for fun.