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  1. policemans whistle

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    Due to the possible take-over, any manager in a job at this moment would not be interested in the vacancy unless Mr Beattie would confirm to them that the position would be safe after the take-over.
  2. policemans whistle

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    Who the heck is Bell ?If anybody knows give us a ring!
  3. policemans whistle

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    We have had far better teams than we have just now and they have lost at Arbroath. Terrible ground to go to and if Jags win then Caldwell must stay.
  4. policemans whistle

    vs. Ayr United, Aug 31

    More like 'Soor plooms'
  5. policemans whistle

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I think we signed Joe Hogan as a number 9. I think there was a few Jags teams in that era, where most of the players played in positions different when the signed from the Jags. Who was the internationalist junior goalkeeper we signed and then ended up as our centre-half?
  6. policemans whistle

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    After you take off the amount of money lost on Saturdays gate, we might manage an extra ballboy
  7. policemans whistle

    New Owner

    I am not sure if this question has been asked and has been answered, if so I apologise. Why did David Beatie and the other directors leave? And how was J Low and other directors appointed when they were not shareholders? Was this a deal of Colin's, when he cleared our debt and wanted his own crew in?
  8. policemans whistle

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

  9. policemans whistle

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    Good to hear your scunnered maybe you could go away and don't come back
  10. policemans whistle

    St Mirren/Livi

    After one game? Keep watching these teams over a season.
  11. policemans whistle

    New Owner

    Don't know anything about how take-overs work, but would guess that if a fee for the club has been agreed, then no money could be spent until the full take-over is concluded.
  12. policemans whistle

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Sometimes its best to play out from the back and sometimes it just better to lump the ball up the park. Today in the heat and a small park. we decided to play out from the back and with no space on the park it caused constant errors. I don't think its time to rubbish the team though as I would expect Alloa will cause other teams problems.
  13. policemans whistle

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    The man of many missus!
  14. policemans whistle

    New Rules

    Re players sent off having to leave the field at the nearest touchline, going to be fun at a old firm game at Ibrox and parkhead when a visitor player gets a red.
  15. policemans whistle

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Shankland to Dundee Utd