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  1. Link doesn't work..please tell..
  2. Another one who was part of Caldwell s master plan...The amount of time ,effort,and money wasted on him is crazy..
  3. Just been announced on the BBC lunch time news...........Partick Thistle Family Club.........
  4. I for one do not know anyone who has Coronavirus or anyone else who knows anybody .........any thoughts...
  5. The score board looks like the one we had at Firhill in the 60s but not the pylons..
  6. Just finished watching this prog. Would highly recommend it to all Jags fans...
  7. I am sitting in the Society rooms just now in Glasgow city centre having been unable to get a table in the Counting House both full to capacity .Just as many as would have been at Firhill tomorrow...
  8. If everybody over 60. Doesn't turn up on Saturday the J.H.S. Will be empty...
  9. Good to see the same starting 11 as Saturday..
  10. If this rain keeps up I can see another waterlogged pitch......
  11. We should have been 2 up before they scored .through a mistake by Cole..Thought Bannigan and Penrice had a great game ... Just wish Fox would be a bit quicker in his distribution. At times it looks like we are 3/4 up. And I will just take my time..
  12. why cant we beat anybody at the moment.????????
  13. We could have played till midnight last and still not scored ...The amount of times we had the opportunity to put the ball into their box but no another back / side ways pass was the option ..If you put the ball into the box more often you never know what mite happen , penalty / own goal/ we mite even score ,very frustrating....
  14. Just in from that excuse of a football match...My advice to one and all get the road map out for next season..On that gutless performance tonight night we are going nowhere but down...