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  1. Should be putting them in the Colin Weir stand with that amount and not the J.H.S..
  2. I saw him getting sent off at Summerset park V Ayr .Late 80 /early 90 '.I was 10 yards away from him totally not to blame.. I wrote to the club to tell them what I saw but to no avail..
  3. He has scored more goals than the rest of our player's put together
  4. Another player that we never really gave a chance Declan McDaid now at Dundee..
  5. Dont want to put any pressure on the players but tomorrow I would say is a must win game...The longer not winning at home goes on the fans will drift further away ..Be interesting to see the support tomorrow...........
  6. We are all hoping to hold on till the January window ..but who is going to sign for us ,anybody that is better than we have got..
  7. Same here ...Just got on...
  8. It is also the 3 months anniversary of Mitch Austin signing for us and still no sign of him making an appearance..Only Thistle could sign somebody who takes 12 weeks to be fit...