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  1. Jimmy McD

    Who's next?

    that makes 2 of us.....
  2. Jimmy McD

    Who's next?

    advertise the job and lets see who put s there c.v.. in.... You just never know..
  3. Jimmy McD

    Archie sacked

    Sorry guys but long over due. My birthday party just got better.....Thank for the memories.....
  4. Jimmy McD

    Ross County Home

    Cheers A.j.
  5. Jimmy McD

    PTFC Calendar

    I asked for this about 5 years back but nobody took any notice....
  6. Jimmy McD

    Ross County Home

    It's my birthday today and the number 6 features a lot , so I am going for a 6 goal thriller ........4.2.. Jags. My birthday wish..
  7. Jimmy McD

    Dunfermline away.

    Here here my exact thoughts at 7.45 last night. There was no need to wear that terrible strip worst ever.............
  8. Jimmy McD

    ICT Away

    The above statistics must surly be the worst of any professional football team in the U.k. Can any one find out if I am correct...
  9. Jimmy McD

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    We could have 30 mins extra time and still got beat.We did nothing in the 45 mins of the 2nd half .... No need to prolong the agony......
  10. Jimmy McD

    East Fife away

    Absolutely an abysmal performance today. Little effort no guts no spine . The only guy who played today that won't be a first pick next week was Snedden ..
  11. Jimmy McD

    Home v Morton

    Going to miss the game today due to being on holiday but to make up for it by going to see Tenerife vs Deportivo La Coruna in Santa Cruz in the sunshine...
  12. Jimmy McD

    Jack Cross

    I had the pleasure of knowing Jack for many years at Firhill and Westermains B.C. He was a proper gentleman a lovely man.R.I.P.Jack.
  13. Jimmy McD

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    That's the league won now....surely.... great signing....is he fit to play...............????????????.....Welcome to Firhill Souleymane..............
  14. Jimmy McD

    Login issues

    Everything working ok back here in Glasgow....
  15. Jimmy McD

    Stranraer v Partick Thistle