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  1. Jimmy McD

    Challenge Cup

    A wee day oot in Montrose makes up for us missing out on a Saturday in Arbroath.....
  2. Jimmy McD

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    This is the first time that I have started a game thread and we get a result..I will need to do it more often...Congratulations to all the team..
  3. Jimmy McD

    4 minutes of NOTHING!!!

    Typical Thistle bring someone 12000 miles and he can't play for a month..Has anyone even seen the guy play at all???
  4. Jimmy McD

    Newborn fan!

    Congratulations..don't think there is baby changing facilities in the gents at Firhill...
  5. It's Thursday night and are we all getting excited about playing the big boys from the premier league????..If we can put 2 good halfs together I don't see why we can't take them...
  6. Jimmy McD

    25 years ago today.

    Hi. Barney just checked my garage and I still have V.H.S.tapes from the season 92 /93 all the way up.. even got us winning the Tennants cup all recorded from the telly..All I need is a player...
  7. Jimmy McD

    25 years ago today.

    Happy days indeed..Good to see both ends of the ground full....
  8. Jimmy McD

    Willie Gollum

    As I said in another post the ball is less than a foot from the 18yard line..If you look at the way the grass is cut there are 3 bands 6 yards each ,where is the wall lined up. On the first band. I.e..6 yards away..
  9. Jimmy McD

    Away kit at home???

    Always liked a white strip under floodlights ,should have gone for white shorts with the rainbow down the sides..
  10. Jimmy McD

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    That wall is 6 yards away...
  11. Jimmy McD

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    Got what we deserved tonight nothing..Outplayed ,out paced.even out sang...no way will we be getting any where near top 4 on that 2nd half performance..
  12. Jimmy McD

    Annus Horribilis 2018 Part Two

    Only thing I would like to add is on Caldwell"s first game in charge we took a massive support away and got humpted by the mighty ALLOA..
  13. Jimmy McD

    Buzzing for Clyde game

    Tomorrow nights game should be a formality but typical Thistle I know are going to make it hard for ourselves..
  14. Jimmy McD

    Jags V Hamilton 20/07/19

    Spoke to the said man in the car park after the game and he said he was only at the game to see his son Lewis ,really nice guy..
  15. Jimmy McD

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    From where I was sitting All I could hear all the time was JOE... One of our most experienced players being shouted at like a 10 year old school boy...