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  1. Jimmy McD

    Friday night v ICT

    I know that all the games till of the season are a must win or don't loose but I think that we have got to take 3 points on Friday night..It's only 7 weeks since we won up there and I think that we are playing better now than we were then...
  2. Jimmy McD

    Hall of Fame (Dools)

    It was a great night well supported nearly 300.. Saw Erskine having a long chat with G.C..Chic was very funny stories about Lambie and others..Erskine.Lawless.Banzo.Harkins..Were the player's there.. Stephen Craigan was also in the crowd..all in all a good night...
  3. Jimmy McD

    Falkirk 16 March

    Storey did not come on till well into the second half..We were 2.1.down at half time..
  4. Gave a good account of ourselves.Sad to loose it to an unnecessary penalty . Massive big noisy Jags support.on to Falkirk and 3 points..
  5. For a big guy Hazzard does not command his area like he should 6ft 5ins just short of 2 mt..he has got to get to every cross ball that comes in...Also yesterday he was away outside his area many times just standing there surprised no utd player noticed and had a pop....
  6. Jimmy McD

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Wur man Seems to have disappeared off the radar completely.No sign of him yesterday or last week..Anybody got any news???
  7. Jimmy McD

    Ayr away 12th March

    It was always a Wednesday night for midweek games ok I am going back ..Also International games were also Wednesday night . Except for Engerland..
  8. Just think of the performance McDonald could have put in if he had been in his bed before nearly midnight on Friday night..
  9. Good evening Blackpool Jags..if you are in Blackpool how did the March from the tower to Bloomfield road go.. I used to stay in St. Heiller rd on holiday  long time ago..Jimmy mc d

  10. When they scored from the free kick I thought that they would go on and get the winner..Full credit to the player's for not crumbling like we normally do.Fantastic that we went on to win ..Another£50.000 on to Fitzpatrick s value..
  11. Jimmy McD

    Craig Slater

    I would even settle for another fantastic assist ........
  12. Don't think that there is any need to make it all ticket..Likely just pay at the gate.Can't see us taking any more than 500/600..
  13. Jimmy McD

    Hospitality - Inverness Match

    £50.. for the night.take off the£20.. entry cost that S.T. holders have already paid . Leaves £30 for a curry a wee bit ott. Me thinks...Sorry I forgot about the £3. Program..
  14. Jimmy McD

    Dunfermline away 26/02

    I would go as far to say that Spittal has been one of our most improved players under G.C...
  15. Just a wee reminder to one and all that its a 7.05.. kick off......mon the jags.........