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  1. Me thinks that you're memory is playing tricks on you..The only dial inn I can remember was in West Regent street opposite the side of the Odeon Cinema...
  2. Cheers P.T. rings a bell....I am going back 50 years....
  3. Anyone remember the name of the pub on Howard st ..If you walked down the left hand side of Lewis's under the railway bridge it was on your left...We used to drink pints of a German lager called Holstein...
  4. Thank you who ever you are for funding our legal challenge..
  5. Falkirk were only a point behind Raith with 8 games left to play, they had as much chance of promotion as we had of avoiding relegation..
  6. Was this not Greame Souness first game in charge??
  7. Fox last night at 5.00 pm.and now Sunday at 6.30.pm . Zanatta..who's getting all the overtime at the club???
  8. If you include Manfred Mann's version as well he is definitely on the run..
  9. Just poured myself a large one......!
  10. What happy memories driving back down the road from Peterhead.....If only we had the spirit of that team a few months back...Happy days...
  11. Fantastic ....Really worth a watch...
  12. The pitch is looking fantastic like a stripey booling green ......The club still has to pay the ground-staff with no games for the foreseeable future.......sad...
  13. In town just days before lockdown and passed by it and its still empty......