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  1. Thought mcCall got the subs all wrong today..Bringing on Zanatta and Harkins. Why..????Jones and Austin must have got to question why not us ..what did we do wrong in training..
  2. The game against Arbroath is now a must win . a team we have not beat this season.
  3. Thought today's substitution s were the least affective that McColl has made..why not give us the chance of seeing Myth Austin , after nearly 6 months since signing...Or will he be a player we signed and never played for us..
  4. At that time my wife's cousin was staying in Houston and on a visit they told me D.J. was a near neighbour and that when the ice cream van comes hes always is there..Sure enough 30 minutes later ding dong the vans here I am out there , sure enough he's beat me to it.. Hi Derek I say visiting my wife's cousin how's it going big man I am a Jags fan, no he did not even by me a pokey hat..
  5. Again today far to many sideways passes,why don't we go more direct at times..The only player who is prepared to have a shot at goal from any distance is Cole ...We will play a lot worse than that and win..
  6. Only at February and we are a player down Callum Wilson being allowed to leave in the January window.
  7. A Happy New year to all Jags fans everywhere...Let's hope 2020 brings us better times, promotion ,cup joy, Europe..All the best..
  8. I only we could counterattack much quicker than we we do..Every other team can do it why can't we ???.Great 3 points today..
  9. Very sad news..Thanks for everything that you have done for our club... R.I.P. Colin......
  10. Feliz Navidad To all Jags fans everywhere...3 points on Saturday please Santa..
  11. Great result today ..Felt as if it was a carry on from Dumfries last week..The only comment I can make is who does Foxy not come off his line and command his area. ..If. I am sitting in the J.h.s. and seeing him rooted to the spot at corners why can't the management not see..
  12. According to the managers preview of tomorrows game on the official Thistle site we are playing Alloa tomorrow................
  13. Mc call on Jagzone says that hes nearly got Cole tied up to the end of season happy days.....
  14. We should have been dead and buried today..Coming back up the road tonight could not believe we got the 3 points ,made the journey home in the pouring rain a pleasure..Great to see McCall on the pitch at the end joining in the celebrations..