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  1. Jimmy McD

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    The amount of time and effort that the club put into getting this guy signed has been horrendous .... only for him to break down without even playing a full 90 mins. Could only happen to us...
  2. Jimmy McD

    Scottish cup draw.

    Forgot how it felt to wake up on a Sunday morning not depressed having seen us get beat on the Saturday....Even last weeks draw felt like a defeat.
  3. Jimmy McD


    Last time I looked Rothesay was still part of Scotland....
  4. Jimmy McD

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Thought that I was the only one who spotted this........As far as I know 75% of guys are colour blind.............
  5. Jimmy McD


    Everyone thinks that we will be ok come the January window, the cavalry will arrive and everything will be fine and we might end up mid table, but who is going to sign for us if we are bottom or near it. We are in the same position as last year, "everything will be fine when the injured guys come back"
  6. Jimmy McD

    Half Time Draw 18/19

    My son was lucky enough to win £..350...down at Dumfries last year...Straight after the game round to the office the cash was sitting waiting in a brown envelope no probs. He even got a mention in the programme the following week...
  7. Jimmy McD

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Yet another goal for Shankland.. Crowd given as per livescore 1742. for a team that is top of the league . terrible
  8. Jimmy McD

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    How easily pleased are we Jags fans. And he still has another 6 months to go...
  9. Jimmy McD

    Hospitality in October

    By my reckoning that works out at £120..per person for a 2 course meal ,ok that includes drinks but at £2.99. a pint still a bit steep .No mention of S.T. discount ....
  10. Jimmy McD

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Just saw the line up Doolan not in the team or on the bench...
  11. Jimmy McD

    A right Good Kick At The Baw.

    It was a very enjoyable evening all-round should have been a bit better supported ..I hope it is the first of many.......
  12. Jimmy McD

    A right Good Kick At The Baw.

    A Q.A. night at Firhill tomorrow night for season ticket holders ....anybody else going....
  13. Jimmy McD

    Happy Anniversary!

    We still have the Tennents sixes cup that year we won it was the last time it was contested....
  14. Jimmy McD

    Happy Anniversary!

    Great day never to be forgotten , sadly it is only a memory for us of a certain age mostly 60 and above....Hard to believe it's our only MAJOR cup final in almost 50 years........................
  15. Jimmy McD

    There something very unprofessional about this

    All change on the website. Now getting beat 1.0...