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  1. I don't want Thistle to get relegated but to stay up off the back of the Coronavirus would be embarrassing. If we get relegated as it stands then it's unfortunate BUT or own fault for being bottom of the league (on points and on average points per game). Ideally we'd get to finish the season but ideally we wouldn't be in the middle of a pandemic and we don't live in an ideal world. We sound like pathetic Sevco Newco Zombie The Rangers 2012 fans greetin about sporting integrity when we're where we are because we've been shite. Bottom line is if we hadn't been honking all season we'd have nothing to worry about.
  2. The Scottish Cup Final (fingers crossed).
  3. ... he'd better not sell Kingsley.
  4. Sacking a manager with the 3rd best form in the league seems harsh. I don't care if his remit was to get us promotion, the team was utterly honking and had been on a downward trajectory for a year and a half. The remit might as well have been to win every game and beat Celtic 5-0 in the Scottish Cup Final, it was a stupid remit. People saying he should go should be careful what they wish for, Scotland recently sacked (pre-racisty comments) Strachan when we were heading in the right direction because he didn't meet a remit and look how that worked out. Fair enough if we start the season poorly but you don't sack him when he's doing well.
  5. Regards the Hazard / Sneddon chat, at this stage of the season and in the position we're in the manager has to play whoever he thinks is the most likely to keep us in the league irrespective of which players / clubs development this benefits in the long run. I'm assuming he believes that player is Hazard and that is why he is getting the nod.
  6. Please just sign a decent striker. No matter the cost, I don't care if we go bust and have to start again in the 4th tier of the women's league next year. It'll be worth it.
  7. I went to hospitality for a curry buffet night a couple of years ago, paid extra on top of my season ticket and the food was basically rationed so I didn't even get a proper feed. Won't be going back. Piss poor value. I would have been much better just going for a curry in the West End before the match.
  8. Dumbaya warming up like a fat kid that doesn't like P.E.
  9. We always make an arse of it when we score first, giving them a goal head start is a masterstroke.
  10. Depends which Sevco turns up. They had a good result under Murty against Hearts last week but then they had a good result under Pedalo against St Johnstone recently and then lost to Motherwell and drew with Kilmarnock.
  11. Sammon played on the left wing so didn't really start in front of Nisbet or Storey (unless you think either of them would also be considered an option here?). Apparently he played here a lot for Kilmarnock last season so it's possible he's been signed as to play both here and as cover up front.
  12. Just think of all the earth shattering discoveries I would have made in the 11 seconds I wasted reading those farm puns. Don't just feel sorry for me though, it's humanity's loss.
  13. He’ll just need to spend all the money we got from Cambridge for Azeez to sign some cover. Has it been announced how many millions of pounds it was yet?
  14. If Lindsay is likely to leave then what value transfer fee are we expecting?