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  1. Maestro

    What to do with a problem like Caldwell?

    Lib i totally agree the position were in at the moment i think decisions have to be made to change now not a bad shout about Erskine and Dools as its not going to cost the club as theyre already on the payroll i just think the players now and whatever new additions would respond better to these guys instead off waiting until its to late once again
  2. Maestro


    It looked like we had quiet a strong team out today but got an absoute pasting
  3. Maestro

    Who's next?

    Just a thought i know we nèed experience howevér thats not a guarantee what about Dools and Erskine as interim managers
  4. Maestro

    Archie sacked

    TBH Archies downfall started when we made the top 6 games after that the players had downed tools we had very poor results but had the pre season break and after we retuned we never stepped it up and the downward spiral stemmed from there
  5. Maestro

    Who's next?

    With the deadline be set for this Friday and Gerry going to take charge for the forthcoming game i think there must be someone in mind for the position i dont think it will be someone attached to a club as that would cost the club money i would think it would be someone looking to get back into the game
  6. Maestro


    I would have thought some of the players thats not had a lot off game time might have featured for a period of time today to get them match fitness i understand Banzo not playing re the surface but to only have a goalkeeper as a sub is embarrasing
  7. Maestro

    Jack Storer

    Archie did say in an interview when he signed him that was part of his game he had to sort out i see hes listened to the manager
  8. Maestro

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    The whole thing about Niall is Archie is only going to play him when he really has to because of the situation of being relegated and Naill not taking a pay cut i for one would be playing him if i thought he was better than we had however how can you blame him for sitting tight as he has a contract that both him and the club have to adhere to so if he can improve the team while hes still here why not play him afterall the club still have to pay his wages
  9. Maestro

    Questions for Archie

    Sandy i agree with your point but i dont think it will happen Archie has said that Keown didnt have a clause in his contract stating if the club were relegated then a pay cut was required (Also its not Keowns problem as the club must have agreed the terms of the deal when he signed) so unless theres injuries or he himself decides to take a pay cut then i think he may sit tight as i think if he was going to take the cut he wpuld have done it by now hopefully something can be sorted
  10. Maestro

    Archie out - Now or Never.

    I for one dont like anyone losing there job but i think Archie has to go i dont think that he can motivate players now and some of his signings have been terrible however i think the board may wait until january before making a decision as his contract runs out at the end of the season
  11. Maestro

    Team rebuilding

    Totally agree to Vinnyjag Don Cowie in my opinion would be a great signing i thought he done well for Hearts last season also has bags of experience but it remains to be seen if we could get him to the club
  12. Maestro

    Tomas Cerny

    See hes signed a 1 year deal with Aberdeen
  13. Maestro

    Team rebuilding

    Still think we need a target man up front to mix it and give us different options getting good delivieries into dangerous positions in the box but lack height
  14. Maestro

    Team rebuilding

    Agree with jsarmy a fit bannigan will be like a new signing if he can get back to his best re lamont i thought he would have got his chance this season i dont think we have anything coming through thats better and for mclaughlin 50 plus goals in two seasons i would defintley have given him a chance
  15. Maestro

    Playing Squad Update

    Got to agree with weebaw1 Storey just hasnt done it ...not just mclaughlin albeit he has scored a barrowload of goals for the development squad in the last two seasons but even a few other boys on the fringe could have got there chance to show what they could do but we will never know