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  1. Rid Skwerr

    Ryan Williamson signs

    So happy that Shea has signed. It will be good to watch a player whose shirt I have (thanks to Auld Jag), for another season. Checking Wikipedia, he must be one of very few Thistle players who got a double on their debut, especially within six minutes of kick off. Welcome back, Shea - hope you have a long an successful career as a Jag.
  2. Rid Skwerr

    PAWS 2018-19

    No rush, BB. ;-)
  3. Rid Skwerr

    Season 2019-20

    This is my feeling, too. No team outwith the gruesome twosome will ever win the Premier League again, which makes the whole Scottish setup pointless. But, hey, it sells tv subscriptions, so that's ok.
  4. Rid Skwerr

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    This tit-for-tat badinage is getting really tiresome. I'm pissed off wading through reams of these posts trying to find something interesting or amusing to read. Reminds me of the worst days of the over opinionated and super-argumentative poster known as Red Monkey. Hope it dies down soon....
  5. Yippee! I won! Predicting positive Jags scores was a triumph of hope over expectation - but it paid off! I'm so thrilled - I'd like to thank the director, my agent, God, my wonderful wife who had stood by me through thick and thin....... But mainly I'd like to thank AuldJag for generously sponsoring this wee competition and giving us all some entertainment through the darkest days of this dire season. Shea Gordon is by far the best of the three players whose shirts I've won over the years. One of the those was Antonio German and the other I don't even remember now! The first two went to my eldest and second granddaughters, and this one will go to the third one, wee Georgia, who'll need to do a bit of growing since she's only five. Thanks to all the other competitors for the good wishes and I hope you all have a nice sunny close season and come back in July to a resurgent and competitive Jags side. Off now to check the bank book, because Bowenboys will be chapping at my inbox any minute now for all the sponsorship money I owe him.
  6. Rid Skwerr


    Another gem, Semi. :-) I liked Jackie Baja in particular.
  7. Rid Skwerr

    On line tickets

    I had exactly the same problem this morning. (See QoS match thread) However, the bloke on the phone told me the site had been sorted a couple of weeks ago, so it must be our fault.
  8. Rid Skwerr

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    Update to ticket buying- Lady Skwerr informs me that the club's Facebook posts indicate that tickets can be bought ONLY online until Tuesday. Thereafter they can be bought from the office and over the phone. This makes very little sense to me, and I was not told on the phone that they would be available over the counter later in the week. I have tried to get them online but can't get past the registration page, which tells me that the password "must be at least 8 letters". I tried many combinations of password (all of 8 letters or more - the longest being "thiswebsiteisshite") and none were accepted. As a season ticket holder I tried to login with my customer number and a guess at what my (years old) password might be. No success there, either. Glad to hear that the ticketing site had been improved, though.
  9. Rid Skwerr

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    On the subject of tickets for QoS, I have just phoned the office. Apparently they are ONLY available online and NOT at the office in person. I don't want to go through some registration process just to buy a ticket for the last (maybe) game of the season and I would be quite happy to call at the office for away tickets, as I have done for decades. Further, how are the tickets delivered to fans? I assume by mail, which is more effort and expense to the club than simply selling them over the counter. This also suggests that tickets will have to be purchased early to allow for delivery time. I know the money is not going to Thistle in this instance, but ffs - why put obstructions on the way of your own fans? PS there is no mention of the requirement to buy in advance on the so called "match hub" on the web site. Only info about supported buses. Poor stuff from a poorly run club I'm sorry to say.
  10. Rid Skwerr

    A reading from the Third Book of Lambiticus:

    "The Dalry Lama" Pure class, big man!
  11. I fear that Thistle will keep us on tenterhooks for another week - 1-1 for me, thanks AJ
  12. Rid Skwerr

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Thread hijack - Lady Skwerr and myself are going to Cologne late next month for a wedding in the adjacent town of Bergisch Gladbach. Jeez-oh! Digs are expensive round your way! Hotels seems to be about £150 a night and even AirB&B apartments are coming in about the same price. We're meeting up with family from Italy, sharing an apartment. and have had to go as far as Seigburg to get somewhere at a reasonable price. Will wear a jags shirt when in Cologne city , so if you see us around give us a shout and we'll buy you a beer. ** apologies to fans who were enjoying (?) discussing the game on this thread **
  13. Rid Skwerr

    Jamie Sneddon Lotto

    Allez quatorze! Thanks, BB, another wee clever competition.
  14. Rid Skwerr

    A Bing Solution

    I gave LIB a wee "like" for the above pun, but I think it deserves a bit more..... A double pun is a thing of rare beauty - Well done, your Ladyship.