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  1. World Cup Pop Up

    Echo the sentiments above - well done, Thistel4celtic1.
  2. Davie McParland

    Sorry to hear this news, but his name and memory will live on in the new training ground. Hope he got to hear about it yesterday.
  3. Training Ground Update

    Wow! What a great shot in the arm for the club and players at the start of a new season. Another brilliant contribution by Colin Weir, and a fitting tribute to Mr. McParland. Let's hope that planning permission goes through smoothly (at least we're not dealing with "Old Firm friendly" Glasgow district council this time).
  4. World Cup Musings

    I've got nothing against the team, but the English media constantly over-hype them. We've been listening to the same sort of patter about England winning tournaments for decades now. Allow us a wee gloat when their world comes crashing back to earth. Ps if you turn over to STV+1 they're still in the World Cup....... Pls Hoddle is an utter diddy - "that was the cross of the tournament"
  5. World Cup Musings

    So sad, too bad, never mind. The commentators don't know how they lost - rather ignoring the stats - Croatia 7 shots, England 1! Kane not in the game, Ali not in the game, Rashford zero contribution. They lost to the first decent team they met (pretty much as usual).
  6. World Cup Pop Up

    Going with Croatia to make the final. Thanks
  7. Another great piece of positive news for the club off-field. If Kris can instill his kind of dedication and work ethic into our youngsters then we should be able to look forward to some good professionals coming forward in the years to come. Delighted for K D and for the youth setup.
  8. World Cup Pop Up

    Brazil thanks, BB
  9. Further investment in Weir Academy

    Thanks Colin. Your investments are greatly appreciated by us terracing types.
  10. World Cup Pop Up

    12 games to finish in normal time
  11. World Cup Pop Up

    France, Spain and Croatia for me. Thanks, BB
  12. David Beattie stands down

    Lady Skwerr is a big fan and has a fairly broad support base already.......... (but please don't tell her I said so) :-)
  13. World Cup Pop Up

    Stab in the dark time (abroad at the moment with no tv access, so only seen 30 minutes of the action) Player - Greissman Team - Argentina
  14. Season Tickets 2018/19

    Mine and Lady Skwerr's renewed this very day. 'Mon Archie (& Gerry) - get it spent......
  15. World Cup Pop Up

    My wild guesses are - A 1342 B2134 C 1432 D 1342 E 1423 F 1423 G 4132 H 4132