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  1. Rid Skwerr

    Newborn fan!

    By well done that man! It's the duty of all relatives to try to deflect weans away from the ugly sisters.
  2. Rid Skwerr

    attendance v DU

    That sounds like a witness statement - were you in the room?
  3. Rid Skwerr

    What’s your favourite pre match boozers

    I couldn't agree more. No actual light is being generated by that thread and I now just skip past all posts from those two in case there is some real information hiding in the posts of others. There is certainly nothing new to be gained from reading their tit-for-tat sparring.
  4. Rid Skwerr

    New Owner

    ....not to mention that multiply-convicted fraudster Giovanni di Stefano, that they allowed to run Dundee. It might be "due", but it's definitely not "diligence".
  5. Rid Skwerr

    Youth Teams

    Brilliant! Is that not about 2 or 3 years in a row that the youngsters have won that tournament? Someone's doing something right at youth level. Congratulations to all involved.
  6. Rid Skwerr

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Writing from here in Palermo, Sicily, can I suggest it was a Palermo FC fan who perpetrated the graffiti? He was, apparently, very successful here, until sacked by the Chairman for being "an unrepentant womanizer", if my information is correct. :-) Possibly the most unusual reason for being bagged from a football club!
  7. Rid Skwerr

    Open Day - Saturday 10th August

    Woohoo - rowing used to be my sport, in my teens. Wonder if they're looking for an over 60s crew....
  8. Rid Skwerr

    Mitch Austin

    On Sportsound, heading for the game yesterday, I heard them discuss Austin's signing where they talked about his medical being delayed until he had recovered from the effects of the 24 hour flight. That does suggest that he is in Glasgow.
  9. Rid Skwerr

    Shea Gordon scores v Hamilton Academical 20.07.2019

    well worked goal, I thought.
  10. Rid Skwerr

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Meeting a pal at this game, but I don't know what side of the ground we will be in. I'm guessing both sets of supporters will be in the"home"stand, but it would be handy to know. Can't see anything about this on the "match hub" so does anyone have any info?
  11. Rid Skwerr

    What’s your favourite pre match boozers

    Tutties Neuk.
  12. Rid Skwerr

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Am I alone in thinking that AF was a wee bit overhyped? I never saw him in the reserves/under 18s, but, apart from a great run and one-on-one goal for the big team, I was never all that convinced of his contribution to the cause. Maybe 350k will look like a very shrewd piece of business if he fails to cut the mustard "darn souf".
  13. Rid Skwerr

    New Owner

    The English League seemed to have no problem with the consortium's simultaneous ownership of Barnsley and Nice, so why should they object to their owning of Barnsley and Thistle? Consistency in football decisions? Hmmmm.....
  14. Rid Skwerr

    This, and I, shouldn't be here: Cathkin Park

    Well, that's the explanation for something that has puzzled me for 50-60 years! I can remember my maternal grandfather taking me to see Thirds a few times back then, but the only one that has stuck in my mind was watching them play at Hampden. I could never figure out why Hampden, when the crowd wasn't big enough for a cup semi or final and I don't think they were playing Queens Park. It must have been during the renovations of Cathkin - mystery solved! Much obliged, LIB
  15. Rid Skwerr

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    No great surprise there. Heard at lunch time that Kearney still wanted to commute from NI next season and the Saints weren't prepared to fund that.