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  1. Needs must .... Livingston;Celtic;Motherwell;St. Johnstone;Aberdeen;Rangers Goals total = 16 Thank you, BB
  2. Young Robert Dunn (I think) running himself ragged in that game as he was the only player beyond the halfway line.
  3. That rings a bell....or is it just my Dingaling?
  4. HHAHHHHAHHHHAHAH Bonus Ball = 49 Thanks, BB
  5. So sorry to hear that. Condolences to all his family and close friends.
  6. Every player worked really hard today and harried ICT relentlessly, right up to the final whistle. Wonderful energy from the whole team and they played for each other and looked much more like a coherent team than previously. A wee mention for Foxy, who had a couple of really good stops today to keep us in the game.
  7. That's twice I have voted today - both for the right cause, I hope.
  8. Well, clever clogs, are you putting yourself forward to give the Working Group the benefit of your wisdom?
  9. That seems unnecessarily pessimistic (even for you :-) ). We're no doomed, yet!
  10. A good read, as always, SMCF. Re thought 5 - the players returning to the field after half time at EEP were welcomed back with stony silence, I noticed. Likewise the substitutions drew no applause either. Sending a message or apathy, I'm not sure.
  11. I single out JJ because over the years his adversaries have come and gone, but he appears consistently sure that he, and he alone, has the secret to life, the universe and everything, and is prepared to share his insights at interminable length. I suspect that the current crop of protagonists are equally certain that they are right, and I hope they will forgive me for not giving them equal status, but I can't be bothered name-checking them all.
  12. I go from one thread to "next unread thread", which means that I don't know which thread is going to be next. This causes me to accidentally hit these Mega-threads of Tedium that I wouldn't choose to read if I saw it the index. I guess I need to change my browsing habits here. What I notice is that combatants come and go, but the one consistent poster of continually agumentative guff is Jordanhill Jag. This goes back to threads of identical style where JJ and Red Monkey used to go at it interminably, over what I no longer remember, maybe 10 years ago. Accordingly, I skip through JJ's endless self-important posts and, increasingly those of the other contributors to these discussions(?). I guess Ineed to put JJ on ignore again so, if I miss other contributors' Bon Mots, then we are both probably the poorer for it. Now where is Dave Johnston these days...?
  13. I remember that bloke running to games, although I never knew him. I think his record away day was Dumfries for a Queens game!
  14. Ah - panto season has arrived...