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  1. But is it a real deadline, or an SPFL style indicative, sounding, manipulatible deadline?
  2. Bad news and I wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Great, commanding, centre half.
  3. As a small getitupye, I just voted for our player. Am I being paranoid, or does the voting page being headed by a large picture of Shankland not seem like an attempt to influence the voting? Should the illustration for the competition not be a neutral picture of, say, a goal net?
  4. Got my mug this afternoon and enjoying a first coffee from it. Good quality and great service. Thanks, BB
  5. Congratulations, Phil, that is a great choice of design and all classy as **** ( all get out)! Will have a family confab and drop you an order.
  6. Can I vote for option 3, please? I'm sure we'd pass the eleven votes to one hurdle - on this forum, at least.
  7. I have found the ICT statement and read it, and I would recommend everyone to do likewise. From a club with something to lose, a promotion play-off, it is a remarkably comprehensive expression of their disgust at the way the SPFL have created and handled this whole mess. Hats off to them for their excellent contribution. Let's hope other clubs stick their heads above the parapet.
  8. To put an optimistic slant on our current predicament, it gives us the chance to win another league championship or two. An opportunity that has been denied to all the self-preserving, serial mid-table mediocrity clubs like Aberdeen, Motherwell, St. Johnstone, etc. in many decades. These clubs will never see a league flag unfurled, unless they go to Parkhead or, less likely, Ibrox. How their fans motivate themselves at the start of yet another season they can't possibly win utterly defeats me. Let's get it right up the lot of them!
  9. That's awful for such a young man. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery. One of my favourite players.
  10. Who authorised the cost of the Deloitte (whitewash) one?
  11. Aye - That's him. A good young player, if memory serves.
  12. Who was the ex-Jag who worked in Greaves? David somebody? Had to retire early due to injury, I think.
  13. Yes, indeedy - hilarious (and confusing!)