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  1. I'd go for the rockers one - never could stand Vespas and Lambrettas!
  2. References - 1) John Le Carre's book done on TV, with Alec Guinness as George Smiley. Very slow by modern standards, but a real favourite of mine. 2) A (retired?) Metropolitan Police Commissioner advertising Goodyear? radial tyres. Yes - I am an older supporter. :-)
  3. From a fan giving loads of abuse to Billy Dodds while warming up for the opposition - "Don't kid on ye cannae hear me - no wi' ears that size!"
  4. Welcome CWJ. Crime Writer Jag? Edinburgh? Ian Rankin has joined us! :-)
  5. There used to be a supporter who posted on here (maybe the late nineties?) and made loads of thistle enamel badges. Memory says he went by the handle Sussex Jag, but that may be totally wrong.
  6. And ex players - noticed Freddie Frans had been generous. Bravo Freddie! et merci.
  7. On a quick look, the people involved mostly seem to have extensive and varied work experience and should bring some useful skills to the party. I wish them well and thank them for their contributions.
  8. The I cannot get the app to work on my Lenovo phone - it aborts as soon as log in is pressed (with correct userid and password). Works fine on my Samsung tablet, but that's a bit big to take to the game! I used the plastic season ticket to get in. App works fine on Lady Skwerr's Samsung phone and she used it to get into the United game with no trouble. Last night she tried two different turnstiles and both refused the QR code. She was let in by a steward. Not a solid performance yet, methinks. (Oh and password is spelled "passwrod" twice within the change password screen.)
  9. Surely the Dandy Dons will lift themselves out of their lethargy - Aberdeen to nick one early on. Thank you, BB
  10. Just as an aside, the ref who gave, then took away the penalty last night, is called David LOWE. Coincidence or conspiracy - you decide.....
  11. Got there in the end . Fixing the dodgy data in the DOB field allowed the password update to complete.
  12. Thanks for that - will follow the advice of the IT Crowd and reboot the phone.
  13. Lady Skwerr has logged on ok with the details sent in second email. She tried to change the password to something more memorable, but the update page just sits there without ever finishing. Has anyone managed to change password successfully?
  14. On a very brief look - is the scanner app not just for the stewards or whoever is scanning your QR code to let you in? IE not for the use of us punters