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  1. Rid Skwerr

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

    Bonus point Q2 - Motherwell
  2. Rid Skwerr

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

    Since one wild stab in the dark is as good as another, I'll stick with the original "Laughing policeman" style choices. Thank you, BB.
  3. Tread Caerphilly, BB....
  4. Rid Skwerr

    Poor crowd expected Nomads game

    I'd go.
  5. Rid Skwerr

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

    ahhahhhaaahhhhha Furthest in competition - Edinburgh City
  6. Rid Skwerr

    Nomads game who’s going ?

    Likewise - will be in England all next week.
  7. Rid Skwerr

    New Owner

    You must be a young whipper-Snapper. Once you achieve sufficient maturity you will appreciate the subtle deliciousness of a well-crafted pun.
  8. Rid Skwerr

    Glasgow Cup Tie - Tuesday Evening

    Ah - "Fringe Players"...... Took me a minute or two, but I see what you did there! :-)
  9. Rid Skwerr

    Is McCall the Messiah?

    Is it Armand One recreating his highest ever leap to win a header?
  10. Rid Skwerr

    A reading from the Fourth Book of Lambiticus:

    My favourite bit this time ( and a lovely image to contemplate).... :-) Excellent as always, Semi.......
  11. Rid Skwerr

    Caldwell Sacked

    Well worth thinking about, i'd say. My reservation would be that, as far as I know, she has no club management experience. She did well to get the women to the World cup, but it all seemed to fall apart once they got there, and she seemed to have a major bust-up with the players. She certainly talked a good game when she appeared at that fans' night we had in the AR lounge a few months ago. (But then again, so does Caldwell !)
  12. Rid Skwerr


  13. Rid Skwerr

    Thistle Legends v Maryhill Juniors Sun 1 Sept 2pm

    Archie wasn't listed in the Maryhill programme as appearing. I think he is for Dools' testimonial, though.
  14. Rid Skwerr

    Thistle Legends v Maryhill Juniors Sun 1 Sept 2pm

    Result 3-1 to the old Jags. Goals from Caldwell and Marko Roberts (2). Maryhill's goal was a penalty. Our players were - Arthur ,Craigen, Maxwell, Lennon, Caldwell, Irons, Rowson, McKinstray, Roberts, Twaddle, & Britton. Davy Elliott played in the second half, McCall was in attendance but didn't play and Craig Hinchcliff was listed but I didn't see him. Soma still looking lithe and fit - Lennon, Roberts, Rowson and Irons, one or two gone a bit to seed - Elliott and Banjo, with the rest carrying a wee bit of weight but not too bad. A bit of fun in the sun, but a pity that weren't more Jags fans there.
  15. Rid Skwerr

    Arbroath - an early warning

    For those that haven't visited before