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  1. dibble


    I never said it was Caldwell s team but I firmly believe his summer signings last year would have been better than Archie’s . His signings in January made all the difference to the team which on 2019 form was the third best in the league. Convinced he would have had us in the play offs especially given the size of our budget this season. Oh and bye the way he was right to let erskine go.
  2. dibble

    gerry britton- where are you

    Spot on
  3. dibble


    Our budget is tight next year. Choices have to be made. I want promotion next year. If kris going means being able to bring in a striker more suited to our style of play , like Mac Donald then that has to happen. Caldwell must reckon he needs to different type of striker and at the end of the day he’s been charged with taking us up. If he doesn’t have us at least in the play offs next year he is toast! I’m sure kris will do well somewhere else that happens all the time in football. The same arguments about legends were used to not let Archie go last year. I firmly believe and this years form backs it up is that if caldwelll has been brought in at end of last season we would be in the promotion play offs right now.
  4. dibble


    Kris will always be a legend . In a lot of ways keeping kris would have been an easy option for Caldwell. The one thing I would say about Caldwell is that he isn’t afraid to take hard decisions to move club forward. No room for sentiment in this game . Archie stated that one of his issues was he was too loyal. Right decision letting kris go - now is the time to bring in players who can move the club forward.
  5. dibble


    Caldwell knows he’s in the shit and is rolling the dice to try and get out of it and turn things around. I reckon he thinks it isn’t going to turn around so the roll of the dice is to bring in new faces and let as may go . He must have his reasons for those who have went. It’s not an impossibility he won’t keep us up and the gamble pays off. If he does kee pus up then the gamble will have paid off.
  6. dibble


    Good luck to chris probably good move for him. Not too bothered about him leaving. Would rather use his wage to get in decent striker or defender as that’s what we need to keep us up. Chris had a chance to shine last season and didn’t take it. Think he will struggle to get a game at livi. If he does may do ok but that will be due to having a team of better players around him.
  7. dibble

    let's think the unthinkable

    There is a real strong possibility we are going down. It’s between us and Falkirk . Alloa have showed they have more than enough to stay up . The board will need to factor this in when signing any new players so we don’t get left with an expensive aging squad next year in div 1 which could lead club to be big financial crisis eg Harkins contracted for next year etc. In Div 1 we will need the right type of player . Dumbarton signed a number of seasoned pros at the end of there career eg Forbes and from all accounts they don’t seem to be interested and are in real trouble at the bottom of the table .The board must be beginning to think through scenarios! Mind you given record of last couple of years maybe not!
  8. dibble


    Great signing. The transfer window in January is hard to get players in . Then pluses, Tried and tested in this league not some unknown from down south A early signing Exactly the player we need . Composed , can retain possession, and can deliver a killer pass. At the moment we see a lot of the ball but can't make chances therefore have very few decent chances. Can see dools benefiting from his assists. Gary is exactly the player we have been missing.
  9. dibble

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    I do wonder if McIntyre pulled his thistle application after being tipped off about Dundee job.
  10. dibble

    Who's next?

    It is Caldwell defo. I don't have details of contract length but would hope it's only for one year with extension dependant on progress.
  11. dibble

    Who's next?

    Caldwell will be announced tomorrow .
  12. dibble

    Who's next?

    Also think McIntyre has some credibility having won promotion and a cup . Having a feeling this group of players need someone who will get respect right away. Not many others mentioned have this.
  13. dibble

    Who's next?

    I am almost 100% sure McIntyre will or as already got job. Least risky out of all candidates and has decent track record and experience at this level . Hope it’s on a relatively short contract eg one year for him or whoever with longer term if they prove themselves. The above comes from a decent source.
  14. dibble

    Team rebuilding

    This news just confirms that the best we can hope for is mid table. Use the season to build for a promotion push next season bringing in some youngsters etc.
  15. dibble

    Team rebuilding

    This may prove controversial but for a while I have been wondering what exactly does erskine bring to the team and whether a different type of number 10 would serve us better or play him more as a traditional winger? BTW I think Archie still fancies storey to do a job for us. Every time I have watched training this year storey is always involved in matches , per season games etc. Whe. You see him in these environments I believe he is a class above all other players with terrific pace and technique. Would really like to see him get a run through the middle. If he could just get into the right places and scored a couple he could go onto to become one of the best in the division.