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  1. dibble

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    I do wonder if McIntyre pulled his thistle application after being tipped off about Dundee job.
  2. dibble

    Who's next?

    It is Caldwell defo. I don't have details of contract length but would hope it's only for one year with extension dependant on progress.
  3. dibble

    Who's next?

    Caldwell will be announced tomorrow .
  4. dibble

    Who's next?

    Also think McIntyre has some credibility having won promotion and a cup . Having a feeling this group of players need someone who will get respect right away. Not many others mentioned have this.
  5. dibble

    Who's next?

    I am almost 100% sure McIntyre will or as already got job. Least risky out of all candidates and has decent track record and experience at this level . Hope it’s on a relatively short contract eg one year for him or whoever with longer term if they prove themselves. The above comes from a decent source.
  6. dibble

    Team rebuilding

    This news just confirms that the best we can hope for is mid table. Use the season to build for a promotion push next season bringing in some youngsters etc.
  7. dibble

    Team rebuilding

    This may prove controversial but for a while I have been wondering what exactly does erskine bring to the team and whether a different type of number 10 would serve us better or play him more as a traditional winger? BTW I think Archie still fancies storey to do a job for us. Every time I have watched training this year storey is always involved in matches , per season games etc. Whe. You see him in these environments I believe he is a class above all other players with terrific pace and technique. Would really like to see him get a run through the middle. If he could just get into the right places and scored a couple he could go onto to become one of the best in the division.
  8. dibble

    Team rebuilding

    May need another goalie. Looks like Cammy Bell has hurt wrist and fingers I'm afraid.
  9. dibble

    Playing Squad Update

    One of the issues Archie needs to address is why his teams start so slowly every season. Has been a key feature over the last few years. The other point I would make is not convinced by cerny for next season . Yes pulls off good saves but could have done a lot better in a lot of games e.g away to livi. His kicking is poor and also has been out injured frequently over the last few seasons.
  10. dibble

    Club Statement Archie

    Given the drop in projected income very surprised that there will be no non playing redundancies. Does this mean the coaching , fitness staff etc remain the same?
  11. dibble

    Club board meeting

    I have very mixed emotions about Archie staying or not. A lot will come down to whether he can lift himself , the club , fans and players from the our current low point. He will have been under tremendous pressure over the last few weeks and we shouldn't underestimate the toll that will have taken on him personally. I am now however beginning to think a big name like miller is exactly want the clubs needs now to lift spirits. He will generate a lot of media interest, is a winner and will have a lot of contacts in the game for signings etc. he is vastly experienced , from international level to working through the lower leagues with sevco . I think this season will leave a number of mental scars on the club is terms of number of loses , how we have played. The worry is that mental fragility carriers into next season with low comfidence etc and Archie under pressure right away. Not sure that's any basis to manage the club.
  12. dibble

    dun (d-day) away

    Thought Sammon put in a very good shift today. Not a lot came off for him but he like all the players worked very hard. In the last 10 minutes he was running all over the pitch closing people down.
  13. dibble

    Thistle v Motherwell

    At least one player has already agreed to join st mirren but I will not name them.
  14. dibble

    Hearts at Tynecastle

    I tell you what. I wouldn't like any of you lot in my corner if in a fight. All is still to play for. We are three points above the bottom team and only three points off Dundee who have hearts and the old firm to play before the split. Even if we manage to secure second bottom we could easily and believe we would have more than enough to win a play off. Long long way to go. Supporters have a big role to play when times get hard by getting behind the team no matter how bad it's going. If we were sitting 10 points adrift fair enough. At some point in our life in the top flight we were always going to face a play off type fight. Archie will be going nowhere and still deserves the chance to keep us up. Yes shite season but still very much can be saved.
  15. dibble

    Dundee 17/2/18

    Spot on. Dundee will look for every opportunity to win set pieces. May be best for Abdul to man mark him at corners free kicks etc. key is not giving away silly free kicks in our own half.