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  1. This Thistle team has the Alan Archibald 2017-2018 team fingerprints all over it. Can’t score, can’t defend against set pieces and have absolutely no balls!! Very disappointed in IMC’s input so far.
  2. The team quit when that first goal went in, more than likely they knew Fox would make at least1 stupid screw up. Jones is the worst player I have ever seen he could not get a game for the Dunoon Stanklifters!!!&
  3. We will be ok when we get our injured players back.
  4. Has Gerry Britton the authority or the balls to fire the eedjit?
  5. I have had issues with live streaming for a couple of months now using Chrome on my PC alright for highlights and interviews but says browser does not support live streaming. Fine on IPAD. Contacted the support they are absolutely useless!!!! Don't want Windows 10 so can't use Edge. Need a solution soon
  6. PTFC1942


    Is anybody having issues with live streaming on Jagzone? For the last month we have been unable watch Jagzone live streaming on my PC, highlights, interviews and full match replay are all fine but when I try to watch the matches live a message appears saying my browser (Chrome) does not support live streaming. Everything is fine on my IPAD. Jagzone support are unable to help so hopefully somebody here can help.
  7. A bad team "coached" by a bad manager, hopefully ex-manager, deservedly bottom of the league. We must be close to the top of the league in back passes and side way passes. To have a good team you have to have first and foremost effort. This we do not have. Next you need good organisation. . This we do not have And lastly skill. This we do not have.
  8. Here is the striker to solve all of Thistle's goal scoring issues, Felipe Avenatti. At 6' 5" and only 24 he would be a sensation in Scotland. Perhaps if we have a whip round in all the pubs in Maryhill every Saturday afternoon then we could sign him. We can dream in technicolor can't we?
  9. Fantastic signing!! Now the really big dream signings would be, Left sided centre back. An attacking midfield player with balls. Sandy Brown where are you? A good goal scoring striker. Am I being greedy? Who cares.
  10. Very little skill with a complete lack of balls and not for the first time this year. Booth, Edwards and Amoo should be gone total wasters. Some people seem to think that Edwards is good because he runs a lot. He has the ball control skills of a 10 year girl, sorry girls, and hangs on to the ball way too long.
  11. Why are teams not signing Highland League goal scorers or other players from there? Buckle 84 goals for 25 against, Brora 72 goals for and 21 against. Just a thought.
  12. What a statement by the manager, spend money on a player for the first time in years, give him a three year contract and the tell him he can"t get on park ahead of Welsh or Lawless!!!!!! This is relegation stuff already a bad team with no effort or brains and not much hope of getting any better.
  13. Sorry, if you Google Celtic PLC 2013 annual report, a PDF version is available.
  14. This is where the money goes as per 2013 statement, Lawwell makes more than double the total charitable donations. Remuneration of Directors Directors’ remuneration and benefits for the year to 30 June 2013 are set out in the table below. Salary/fees £ Bonus £ Benefits in kind £ Pension Contributions £2013 Total £ T Allison 25,000 I Bankier 50,000 D Desmond 25,000 B Duffy 25,000 P Lawwell 999,591 I Livingston 30,000 E Riley 256,898 B Wilson 25,000 Here is the link if anybody wants to see where the info came from. file:///C:/Users/Main/Downloads/AnnualReport_2013%20(5).pdf
  15. I guess Collins probably thought that Celtic had too many Scots in the team last night!!!!! Hope they get thumped.