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  1. erty13

    QOS away 1/12/18

    I do not think he has met you, as you never go to any games.
  2. erty13


    Happy for you to have an opinion, it is how you express it. You never saw the performance yesterday but were happy to call the players " bawbags" and "disgrace to a jersey". The fans who were at the game were disappointed with the result, but saw the effort they put in yesterday. We applauded the team at half time as we were the better team.
  3. erty13


    is your judgement based on you being at any games this season, because you are prone to make some big ill informed statements.
  4. erty13

    The Gaffer

    The squad is not woeful. The results have been woeful. The style of play has been woeful The performances have been woeful. We have a better squad than most teams in the league, apart from a good central defence and cover at right back.
  5. erty13

    The Gaffer

    A good manager improves players, finds a formula that suits the players, and makes you hard to beat. This has not happened yet. I will give him a little more time to improve before I call for his head. We have had the benefit if watching the team slide for the last 18 month, so we know who is underachieving. A team of our size can not afford to make dramatic changes in January, I can not see us signing more than three players. This means we need 8 of our existing team to form the core of a good team. We have some good players, however have had at least six players per game missing in action. My core of the team would be Sneddon Elliot (based on our successful years) Penrice Bannigan McCarthy Ntambwe (based on his physique and getting better as his match fitness improves) Dolan (you do not become a bad player over night) Quitongo
  6. erty13

    Who is to blame

    I could have picked and set up the team better yesterday. The 5-1 defeat lies soley with Caldwell.
  7. erty13

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I would swap the front two and have Storey through the middle and Quitongo on the wing, if the other strikers are not match fit.
  8. erty13

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    When you play a front three you need your midfield three to not only be a strong unit, but also capable of passing to the front three to start attacks. Bannigan, Spittal and Slater are not a unit that will do this. Bannigan needs support. Too many times did he play the ball and then pick up the return. He needs McCarthy in the centre beside him. I am not filly convinced that Slater is improving the team, he does play a few nice balls but he is guilty of too many sideways and backward balls. Storrer in his 12 min showed both his good side and his bad side yesterday. Some nice forward passing but also a silly late tackle. He played well against Celtic in the cup, apart from the late tackle. He would be my third midfield player if he could calm his temper.
  9. erty13

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Not only was the game awful, it was matched by the line dancing music played a half time. Who on earth picked it.
  10. erty13

    Stuart Bannigan

    Stuart drives the team forward as most of his passes are forward, let's hope this catches on with the rest of the team.
  11. erty13


    We just need to stay in touching difference of the teams above for the next month as the team will get better every week. Ayr are top but they have all their best players performing, they will not keep this up. Inverness and county have full squads available. We have Banzo getting better every game Quitongo has been out for five months and is almost there Keown did not have much of a preseason but was a lot beter yesterday. Dolan has looked slow in the first games, but is now scoring Brice has not played a lot in five months. Elliot had lacked confidence but will get better. Penrice and Fitzpatrick growing into good players We had a strong bench yesterday that did not include Storrer, Gordon, Scobbie or McCarthy. Three good results and teams will start to fear us again.
  12. erty13


    I thought the ref was dreadful today. Had his back to play far too often, and missed too many fouls on thistle players.
  13. erty13


    Are you going to the game today?
  14. erty13


    I think you have your players mixed up Jack Storer is a midfielder, but you did not pick him. You picked Storey who is a forward, never seen him play in the centre of midfield.
  15. erty13


    No right back, and one central midfielder, who was taken off after 30 minutes last week. Were you just back from the pub when you picked this team.