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  1. I have to disagree.... I don't think we are a yo yo team and I absolutely believe that it matters greatly who is playing or who is in the dug out.... That statement is utter balls... Doesn't matter. I think everyone might disagree. Do you not think it Could have just have been an off day, or caught cold by the conditions.
  2. You are coming across like a big fan of the Gary Caldwells management style, and decision making over his time at Firhill. First you state he was never beaten at Arbroath and now reminding us all that we finished the dizzy heights of sixth.
  3. Well that was a disaster.... Well embarrassing. I don't see us getting out of this. Even McCall can't justify it, or excuse that performance. A disgrace to the shirt... I was actually looking over to see if Gary Caldwell was still in the dug out. The first half, our players touched the ball 23 times and only put together four consecutive passes. Really ******* embarrassing. I've been singing McCalls praise all week, impressed with the signing and thought today would be the start of our season. More like the end.
  4. TartanC4

    New Owner

    I don't think McCall would have taken the appointment without serious reassures from the board about the future and any potential takeover.
  5. I think he needs a thread of his own and we're only 34 minutes in.
  6. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17817509.transfer-budget-pulled-partick-thistle-insider-brands-club-a-shambles/
  7. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-championship/partick-thistle-metz-fans-go-16680677 Look like a reprieve... Get voting again
  8. https://youtu.be/L1s2jqeRN2o Looks a good addition to the squad.
  9. On top since bannigans goal. Storey a threat, linking up with Mcdonald, and Spital has changed things.... But as I type this... **** sake
  10. Unbelievable strike from bannigan.... Finesse
  11. Seven goals in two second half's....