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  1. I envy WJ his deep well of patience and ability to cull the wheat from the chaff, both amply demonstrated upon this thread.
  2. A bit away, I know, but this is their thinking on the back of Celtic closing in on another influx of funds:- "We desperately need to get back to pumping the diddy teams on a regular basis. We need to get back to the diddy teams going into games fearing to play us. Dispatch the diddy teams on a weekly basis and we'll be there or there abouts at the end of the season." Don`t ya just luv `em?
  3. "Two Glasgow Rangers, there`s only two Glasgow Rangers, toooo Glasgow Raaangers, there`s only two Glasgow Rangers........" (repeat ad nauseam)
  4. Never post, but do enjoy the pre and post match chat, would miss very much if not there, and so very hopeful that the wherewithall will be found to keep the show on the road
  5. Hear, hear. Only come back to watching the Jags as a result of the classy passing game on show - a real treat. Would go further by saying that they appear to have allowed themselves to be deflected from that as the season has progressed - a confidence issue more than anything - and we really have been dragged down to the "long ball and hope" of many others. Against Kilmarnock was hoarse screaming for the simple easy ball, followed by another of the same ilk, when the players seemed to feel under pressure to play some long speculative ball, 90% of which resulted in loss of possession and immediate putting us under pressure again - bit of a vicious circle. Anyway, chins up - let`s do this and, as you say, build and prosper after the summer break.