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  1. He wasn’t at Firhill for long, but I think Steven Craig is one of the best strikers we’ve had in the past 10 years. Couldn’t understand why we let him go.
  2. Planning on driving - anybody know if you can still park at the quayside (across the road from Cappielow)?
  3. Posted the next morning - how far exactly did this hospitality extend?
  4. Fcuk that - look how Cappielow turned out.
  5. Was wondering the same Jaggernaut - if this is ever settled (whatever this is) we need him to be able to step back into the team. It's baffling. Paul Paton can be involved in something high profile to the extent that it goes to court (what happened with that by the way?), Utd have an internal investigation and he's a mainstay in their team. McMillan faces an internal investigation and disappears. Surely the press would have printed something if it was newsworthy? I've no idea what he's supposed to have done, but it's unlikely he's got a feckin superinjunction to prevent it being published.
  6. Not looking for a bite, but no matter what league we're in next season, I'd be happy with Elliot in the team. And Craigan. And Balatoni. At least they seem to have a genuine affection for the club, always give 100% and never throw in the towel. There's obviously others I'd want as well, but I guess it depends on where we are playing whether or not we could hold onto them.
  7. Wondered if anybody knows (or is) a reputable builder? I'd rather give my cash to somebody Thistle related! Pretty sure it's a builder I need - we've had some water into our property from the flat above and I just need somebody qualified to look at it and either say it'll be fine when it dries if it doesn't happen again, or if some work needs done it'll cost £x. If that's you - please PM me. I am insured - just don't want to pay my excess to be told the former! If it's not as easy as the above, I'm also willing to be told I'm being naïve and I should just raise a new claim.
  8. I'd add to ChewinGumMacaroonBaaaz that we managed to get promoted at a time when the prize money was pish. Both Dundee and Hamilton will have got substantially more than us in coming up. We've lived well and within our means. Much as McColl has been lauded in another thread, some of the pish we watched in even recent times, even with him as manager, makes the past two seasons bearable for me.
  9. No - I'd play Galls, and I tend to agree with Mr Bunny on the team selection last night.
  10. Think the only flaw in this is our ability to bring in the hypothetical players that he has been monitoring. Clearing out (if that is what is required - I personally don't agree) is the easy part - getting the targets signed is something else. Two words - Lyle Taylor.
  11. We were one of the more expensive days out in the recent BBC 'Cost of Football' report (in the Scottish Premiership anyway). That can't be ignored. I'm happy for the club to try whatever they want to increase the gate - I'm a ST holder, but it's about much more than value for money so don't mind if PATG ends up the cheaper option.
  12. Is your point that people should be taking faulty goods back, rather than trying to fix them themselves? Just asking - not clear what point you are trying to make.
  13. The liberal in me says he's served his time, but I cant disagree with an of the points above. I guess I'd respect any club that employed him, but would be glad it wasn't Thistle. He's still protesting his innocence and I'd say he'd be better concentrating on his appeal before looking at getting back into football.
  14. Think that one's too subtle for me - not getting it.