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  1. The Skandis play summer football too , and seem to have little difficulty qualifying for international tournament finals , or even putting our clubs out of Europe after their winter breaks .Why can't it work for us ? And the Jackie Husband is brutal in winter - metal roof and concrete floor, and the only noise the sound of teeth chattering . At least in summer , the sun is in your face and you get a bit of a tan !
  2. topcat The situation now is a lot different from then . Summer leagues may give us a chance of saving a lot of lower league teams and could possibly generate better media deals .
  3. I reckon that we should use this hiatus to fully consider moving to a summer league . Could finish this season June/July , new campaign August - October, break from November to March , then the rest of the games thereafter . I don't see many Thistle players getting international recognition , but games in higher divisions would have to be arranged around Euro 2021 and the World Cup 2022 . Going by what I've read , it looks ike we'll be playing in the summer anyway .
  4. I thought we did OK last night , and if we'd scored the penalty , would have gone on to win comfortably . I'd also blame the goal we lost on McColl and his team . Before the corner was taken , there were subs lined up at the halfway line . Theirs came on , ours didn't , but there were still at least four of our players looking there for the board rather than concentrating on the corner . I was about the halfway line and was surprised that the corner was taken with he sub still to come on .
  5. Teams with young , athletic (and inexperienced )players are running over the top of us , home and away . We need to get pace into the team to combat this , and the young guys we have could give us that uplift . Surprised how unfit Rudden looked when he played .
  6. My tuppenceworth . There was a wee tug on Forrest's right wrist and he dived - wasn't enough to impede his progress . Wee Joe got an elbow in the ribs and dished out his own punishment as the assistant decided he saw nothing . Should still have been a red . Thought the difference between the sides was that they were playing with confidence , whereas we were learning to play together . We'll get better and turn the draws into wins . Surprised how unfit Rudden looks .
  7. Don't know if this helps or hinders , but I bought a couple of tickets last week and ,even as an ST holder , JH stand wasn't available . The lady wouldn't/couldn't look me in the eye when I asked if I was in my normal seat . In my opinion it's better to put them and other cheek followers in JH . Some idiot set off a smoke bomb thingy v Dundee Utd , so imagine the carnage if that lot were let loose in a wooden stand . With them , it's all about history and tradition until it comes to somebody else's . And keep them in until 15 minutes after full time to let normal folk go about their business . And just win !
  8. Are we taking Lewis Mayo and Jamie Barjonas on loan from the blue cheek ?
  9. I think McGinty would be better used as a nailed down centre half in the middle of a back four , with Bannigan in front of him . Miller disrupts team balance and should be on the bench , replacing Cardle when he runs out of puff . Mansell lack confidence and a decent supply when he's been playing , but seems willing to chase everything up front . I nearly left early for the first time when we brought on Harkins as centre forward . Bound to end in tears , especially with his diinterested body-language . Killed what little enthusiasm there was in the team . There's also the persistence with playing down the left side - it's not working .
  10. My feeling is that we didn't get unlucky for a change last Saturday , and that confidence might build because of that . I wouldn't have put a dog out in thon weather , though . Fair play to both sets of pkayers , and maybe even the match officials .
  11. The draw might give the players the kick up the *rse they need after Saturdays's dross . Need to play for a jersey now .
  12. I reckon Kenny Miller is part of the problem rather than part of the solution . He's trying to play Fantasy Football on the park . You can see it in his childish histrionics whe it doesn't pan out for him . He also lacks discipline in his positioning - translated as running about like a headless chicken . He also seems to have brought the same m,alaise to us that he brought to Dundee . But he scores goals .
  13. I think that if we hadn't shot ourselves in the foot at the offside "goal" , we would have gone on and won it because they looked worse than us . But what is the point of having defenders who can attack but can't defend ?
  14. I know we are selling flags for 2 quid but these are 3ft x 5ft and cost £2.89 . Buy in bulk to save postage. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chequered-Yellow-Large-metal-Eyelets/dp/B003M4P5CY/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=A3AI6VNMBE48LI