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  1. sb1876

    Jacqui Low

    This, plus, as JJ said a while back, directors are required to act in the best interests of the company. This clearly must be legal and in line with laws, h&s and codes of practice or they, and potentially the company (if aware or complicit) could be in significant bother. Also, for anyone doubting whether directors end up in jail, the HSE do a great regular newsletter highlighting just that, it's always an interesting read and often sobering at times too. Subscribe below. http://www.hse.gov.uk/news/subscribe/index.htm Can we also agree that there's little doubt that Jackie wanted to be a success personally at Thistle and to all intents and purposes wanted the best for the club too, she probably could have done things differently (couldn't we all?) and may or may not end up involved again one day. No one knows for sure although it's reported on here that TFE have said that she won't have any official role within their model so that's that till we hear differently.
  2. No idea how they managed to make the highlights look half decent? Terrible game and credit to Penicuik who did play decent football at times.
  3. I shared a flat with a Celtic fan and he watched me heading to Firhill and traipsing around the country during that time, one night after about 6 years in the flat we're speaking about football and he says to me. So, who do you really support? He's still a mate but I couldn't believe what he was asking.
  4. sb1876


    Completely agree with this, he's a supporter and has chosen to wipe out our debt and to fund grassroots elements of the club (potentially other areas too?). We then had a billionaire consortium apparently taking the club over (communication could perhaps have been better all round) and Colin decided, if there are billionaires involved then they can fund the grassroots part too. I always got the impression that if the consortium didn't materialise, Colin hadn't ever ruled out stepping back in (for the grassroots element) however several folk on here have implied he went in the huff and walked away from kids futures and coaches lively hoods. I asked myself, if I was him would I keep funding something when there's a billionaire owner? Almost definitely not. I'm delighted Colin Weir was and is a Thistle fan.
  5. sb1876

    New Owner

    I'm sure I read that Colin Weir would also fund the purchase of the areas of the ground not currently owned by the club. Amazing gesture all round
  6. I think we'll be lucky to get out of the group!
  7. I remember Alan Roughs testimonial in the early 80's!! Versus a Scotland select, seemed to me at the time that there were a lot of big names playing and amongst the others getting off the bus! Filled my autograph book back in the day.
  8. Wouldn't mind Elgin away as a tie, just up the road for me and one of the few grounds I've not seen Thistle play at.
  9. I get a distinct feeling that Caldwell is either brilliant and if he can get a team who do exactly what he wants on and off the pitch then we'd end up being spreadsheet-tastic! Or, he's a Muppet who throws his toys out of the pram when he doesn't get the 'respect' he deserves as manager. Another thought is that, maybe he's trying to get sacked? Doesn't fancy football management anymore (3 spectacular failures and who'd employ him now anyway?). He's got enough cash so he's making as much of a mess as he can and trying to force a decision from the chairman, pick up a nice wee payoff too and end up summarising on BT or Alba!!?
  10. Mine was a Thistle top from the mid 70's, used to love wearing it around Drumchapel playing football and running rings round a bloke who wore a terrible Motherwell top!! (Couldn't resist - I grew up in the Drum too, a few years after you tho I think?) It had a massive badge (I thought it was anyway) and thick R&Y stripes, I wish I still had it but it got nicked from the washing line back in the 70's. I also had a Man City top as my only other strip as a young kid, back when they were pretty mince and I'm glad I don't still follow them as my other team.
  11. I've been told by my mates son that 'Shagger' is being used now as a general term of endearment for almost everyone they know, a bit like 'mate'? Seems a bit strange but apparently it's just the current fad as to how folk are referenced?
  12. Davie Robertson is the manager there, watched a really good documentary a few months ago about him and Real Kashmir, worth looking up for anyone who hasn't seen it