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  1. Not sure I'd fancy a one off game to even up the fixtures either. It's been a terrible season all round and playing it to a close (whenever we can) is my preferred option followed by everything null and void and restart. Expanding the leagues is also a good shout but almost impossible due to how it could affect the ugly sisters and those who feed off their games. Visiting and inviting them round to your place once a year should be more than enough for most folk!
  2. I'll take a t-shirt too, happy to contribute to help the club however I can. Well done all round.
  3. The 2020 version of the Cowdenbeath fog to the rescue!
  4. Excellent Camallain, thank you. What were the Dunfermline players complaining about, it looked like a decent goal?
  5. That's the thing for me, the linesman didn't flag at the time or in the 2nd phase of play. He waited until the ref made a decision that it was a pen. Apart from the fact that it was onside, if he did think it was off, he should have flagged as soon as the ball was touched after the ricochet.
  6. Completely agree, you could take the oft given advice and add someone to the ignore option for the site, you may miss something relevant if they ever post such a thing, however it does make it much better and you can avoid most of the stuff that isn't contributing meaningfully to the debate (or the topic most of the time).
  7. 4-4 Morton now, reasonable day all told! Just need to start winning our own games now.
  8. I've never met or played (amateur) with any player who wants long balls punted up to them, no matter how good they are,! It's not something that works particularly well, Graham is a really good player and superb for Thistle, but he's much more than a target man. (I'm not saying that's your plan Jagfox, just that McCall should know more than you or I about this and it should be plan Z!)
  9. Completely agree, our defenders seem to stand and wait for the ball!
  10. No match thread as yet so here goes. With another week of training and the team getting used to how each other play, hopefully the squad can start producing performances and results (a scrappy win would do!). Pars have been a bogey team this year so far but don't actually look that great a side. 3-1 Thistle.
  11. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  12. It's the BBC so always guaranteed to be wrong. We scored plus had the free kick at the corner which rattled off the keepers hands. That's two in the first half. If definitely wasn't prolific with shots on target but, for the first time in a while I thought we had a real chance of scoring each time we attacked the Ayr goal. Definitely some signs of improvement and the attitude looked better last night too (IMO).