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  1. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    That's the streak doon Firhill road right oot the window AJ.
  2. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    I would run down firhill road naked AJ.Then again I would not want to offend the numerous snowflakes on this forum who dislike cheap banter.
  3. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    I wish.
  4. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    Played 29- Won 3, drawn 8, lost 18. This was his record at his last club Chesterfield. Could have been problems with the running of the club as they seem to have went into freefall and now lying at the bottom half of the vanarama league. Personally, not my choice but I'm hoping the board get it right with their appointment, whoever the successful applicant is.
  5. mulguy jag

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    I can't see the weirs been happy either. They have invested a large amount of money towards the youth academy along with the future facility in East Dunbartonshire. I hope this fantastic opportunity thanks to the Weirs is not squandered due to mismanagement.
  6. mulguy jag

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    That's why it is critical that the board get this appointment right.
  7. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    Henry Mcleish would do a better job
  8. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    I would like a vibrant , enthusiastic and ambitious manager in the same mould as the Bournemouth boss, Howe. Is there someone off the same template out there , if so, come along to firhill. I get pissed off with the same old candidates been mentioned everytime a vacancy at a Scottish club comes up. Tonight's international is a prime example as to the calibre of manager we hire.The guy has been round the block and stale and should never have got the job.
  9. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    If Duffy gets the job I will be watching Milngavie Wanderers on a Saturday.
  10. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    Rumours are flying at the moment. I was told last night that the club had approached Alloa regarding Jim Goodwin.
  11. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    Rumours appearing on P and B and Dundee utd mad that thistle have made a push for neilson this morning
  12. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    The day after archie is sacked they come out with this decision. I wonder if archie's departure had any bearing on their immediate reaction. Was Neilson ever a realistic candidate for the thistle job.?
  13. mulguy jag

    If you could throw a vegetable....

    Archichoked and parsnip for our latest failure .Wee bit of shipyard banter for the snowflake posters .
  14. mulguy jag

    Jags Related Gg's Today's!

    Thistle bloodstock's zig zag Ziggy going for third win in a row at Redcar on Saturday.
  15. mulguy jag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Don't know about ripping the league apart Andy Mac, but with an up to speed coulibaly and Quitongo looking lively when he came on against the pars, there is now goals in this team. All depends on our manager's approach.