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  1. mulguy jag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    You just can't resist sandy, can you?
  2. mulguy jag


    A game marred by some flying bottles,which I remember clearly as I was inches away from been a casualty.
  3. mulguy jag


    Wednesday night replay in the Scottish cup against Ayr Utd, 1965. 7-1 victory to Maryhill,s famous. That was my initiation . Shame we got bumped 5-1 in the next round.
  4. mulguy jag


    That's something I've always wanted to know. Exactly how much clout do the Weir,s have at firhill??
  5. mulguy jag

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    Aye the protest about the pies been cauld.
  6. mulguy jag

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    AJ, I personally hope that Caldwell somehow turns this around and things improve quick. I was listening to the pundits on clyde going home from firhill tonight and they stated what we all know . It would be a disaster if we were relegated. I understand your view on boycotts but I would expect the fans to at lease voice their concerns in a stronger manner as we are in one mess at the moment. Firhill seems to be riddled with apathy.
  7. mulguy jag

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    There would be no strong vocal or visual protest present at the match today .This I predicted to my good lady before entering the ground . It would seem that there is a lot of hot air been produced on this forum. Caldwell will be in charge until the season closes folks, like it or lump it or make a GENUINE statement on match day.
  8. mulguy jag

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    A west end luvvies protest indeed. This board need a rocket up the @@@@ to take any notice. Would they seriously take any notice of any vocal protest?
  9. mulguy jag

    aiden fitzpatrick

    Had a look at the Aidan Fitzpatrick thread on the scum site. Some of the comments were par for the course from these fecking low life scumbags.
  10. mulguy jag

    Winter window

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  11. mulguy jag

    Training Ground

    Andy mac, you know that,s a non starter on a public forum for obvious reasons.
  12. mulguy jag

    Training Ground

    I believe there has been interest showing. My neighbour is a taxi driver and he told me one of his fares told him that his sister in law overheard a conversation between two guys who were trying on shoes in the shoe shop that she worked in .
  13. mulguy jag

    Training Ground

    Step forward Charlie Dimmock.
  14. mulguy jag

    Training Ground

    Someone has come up with a figure in the region of 1 million for a 4G pitch. This board would try and get Alan Titchmarsh and his ground force team to come out of retirement and do it on the cheap along with some flower beds throwing in at the bing.
  15. mulguy jag

    Training Ground

    If all this speculation becomes real , it just brings more humiliation to the club and therefore there must be resignations.