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  1. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    If it does transpire I hope his injury is not too serious as he was in crutches when I saw him yesterday.
  2. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    In a nutshell
  3. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    Up pops another. So i'm beyond help, stuck in the past because I don't share your political correct pish. If my views on life differ from yours , then tough. I also do not use my long career in shipbuilding as an excuse for my views and humour, something you and your cronies on this forum seem to lack. Are you saying coalface shipbuilders[the ones that got their hands dirty] are inferior to you due to their coarse banter and humour?
  4. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    Whatever snowflake.
  5. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    My sense of humour comes from 47 years as a shipbuilder on the clyde. If white knuckle guys like jordanhill jag think I was been racist ,then i'm afraid he is way off the mark and is a prime example of your modern day snowflake who can't recognise a joke.
  6. mulguy jag


    I think that may have been Doolan,s thoughts as well. The guy seemed shellshocked on sportsound .
  7. mulguy jag


    Yes, I noticed that on P and B along with Vikington having a meltdown regarding the thought of doolan wearing a Morton jersey. An absolute clown.
  8. mulguy jag


    Colin weir won't be here forever either.
  9. mulguy jag

    Season 2019-20

    Our JL's statement telling us everything is rosy must be due surely. On a happier note , I see that the latest addition to the royal family has been named Archie. Sandy will be over the moon.
  10. mulguy jag

    Out of Contact Players

    Probably went for a few dollars more.
  11. mulguy jag

    Season 2019-20

    If this is the case, what must Colin Weir be thinking if his large investment in the setting up and follow on contributions to the academy are being squandered due to mis- management.
  12. mulguy jag

    This season vs. last season

    The Weir's involvement along with their generous cash contributions towards the club should have enabled thistle to consolidate and progress, but due to mis- management this opportunity has been squandered. If I was Colin Weir I would be thinking hard before investing any further cash into the club.
  13. mulguy jag

    This season vs. last season

    Spot on .
  14. mulguy jag

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    My thoughts too when I first read his comments.
  15. I'ts not over until the fat lady sings.