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  1. mulguy jag

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Full metal jacket required, me thinks. He may learn something if attacked from the flanks.
  2. mulguy jag

    Paratroopers training squad

    SAS logo on the thistle jerseys. Soft as shite comes in to mind.
  3. mulguy jag

    Rocksport Archie's interview

    Switched off when it became apparent that I was listening to the Alan Archibald arse licking show.
  4. mulguy jag

    How will we celebrate victory?

    Sick in the basin tonight AJ.
  5. mulguy jag

    How will we celebrate victory?

    Jackie husband stand to skinny dip in the firhill basin , starting at 5. Could end up looking like a wildebeest migration.
  6. mulguy jag

    Update from chairman

    The usual powder puff questions asked by a puppet interviewer. I was hoping he would say something down the line like, Jackie what is your view on some of the fans on WAT who think he was the wrong appointment and how long will he get before you pull the trigger?
  7. mulguy jag

    The Gaffer

    Maybe we should have hired Jack Sparrow.
  8. mulguy jag

    The Gaffer

    It seems Jacqui low and co may have fell for the " talks a good game interview'' as I read somewhere that they were blown away by his presentation. I hope this is not the case and the appointment of Caldwell brings the club success. By the way, McCall was my pick laukat.
  9. mulguy jag

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Also , Ayr fecking united playing 1st div football last year and who have now bumped us three times and sitting in a lofty position . Yep, we have went backwards bigtime. Lets hope the freefall will be checked sooner than later.
  10. mulguy jag

    Alloa away

    Exactly, the board have fecked up due to their continuous backing of a manager who was well by his time. Caldwell now has a job on his hands trying to get the best out this squad until he can identify and bring in players that hopefully will put us back in a strong position.
  11. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    That's the streak doon Firhill road right oot the window AJ.
  12. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    I would run down firhill road naked AJ.Then again I would not want to offend the numerous snowflakes on this forum who dislike cheap banter.
  13. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    I wish.
  14. mulguy jag

    Who's next?

    Played 29- Won 3, drawn 8, lost 18. This was his record at his last club Chesterfield. Could have been problems with the running of the club as they seem to have went into freefall and now lying at the bottom half of the vanarama league. Personally, not my choice but I'm hoping the board get it right with their appointment, whoever the successful applicant is.
  15. mulguy jag

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    I can't see the weirs been happy either. They have invested a large amount of money towards the youth academy along with the future facility in East Dunbartonshire. I hope this fantastic opportunity thanks to the Weirs is not squandered due to mismanagement.