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  1. Backward step. Enthusiastic player but if we have ambitions of getting back into the premier , we should be looking for players with a bit more ability.
  2. They will just proceed to do what they done in the game I have already commented on. Turn up without wearing colours, then break out in voice when the goals go in.
  3. I was under the impression that this fiasco was fixed and addressed after the mid- week shambles when celtic visited Firhill a couple of seasons back. There was no segregation that night due to celtic fans purchasing tickets willy nilly. If not for police intervention it could have turned into a riot. Police officers apologised to me and the good lady after a fan landed on top of us while been apprehended . No lessons learned is very apparent. and the club seems hellbent on making a quick buck ,rather than providing safety for the home support and protection for an old timber stand.
  4. Absolutley AJ, from a great position we have nosedived to a club been ridiculed for total mismanagement over the past few seasons. I sincerely hope that this upcoming new regime will have the right personnel running the club and we move forward to been a club that progresses and brings back the fans who have been demoralised by the events of late.
  5. Will be interesting to see who will be on the board after the interim period. Would have liked the owner of thistle bloodstock and other businesses involved as he is a true jagsman.
  6. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    I had the jags down to win a cup before Brexit AJ.
  7. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    He may have had the same thoughts as many of the fans , that the club was in grave danger of been taken over by some bunch of charlatans .
  8. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    Can't understand why Beattie and his board are so enthusiastic about handing the reins over to these charlatans. I think there is more to this than meets the eye.
  9. mulguy jag

    New Owner

    My last employers BAE would frequently have what was called road shows. The entire workforce would be in attendance and all future plans,developments, proposals were presented in a professional way. After the presentation the employees were giving the chance to voice their opinion and ask any relevant questions to try and achieve some clarity. A similar exercise performed by both bidding parties would be much appreciated as at the moment we are not getting the full picture, clarity, information in depth ,motives..etc etc. This is a critical period in the clubs history and both bids will have to be fully scrutinised before any decision is made.
  10. What a breath of fresh air the appointment of McCall has brought to this forum. The forum has been nothing but doom and gloom for ages and I sincerely hope the man brings us the success we have been denied due to the total mis-management of the club in recent times. Over to you Mr McCall.