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  1. I think our only hope is the King of the potato people
  2. Had a look through the eyes of some of the posters (Note I said posters and not roasters) First, the tactical decision to completely dispense with Guardiola's six second rule and totally allow he opposition as much time and possession as they wanted, and boy didn't Raith Rovers fall right into our trap, truly inspired move. Bannigan as usual was immense with total control and command of the midfield, humiliating and humbling the opposition. Its displays like this that will have Bannigan's agent out and about looking for another club. He no doubt will be hoping his client isn't injured like the last time. I understand that Kenny has came out to address the malicious remarks that the simplest job in the world is that of goal keeping coach. There is a great deal more to being a coach than just throwing the ball directly at the keeper, far from it, there is the far more complicated method of kicking the ball directly at the keeper. That being said, Fox was on brilliant form also with total command of his eighteen yard box, so much in charge was he that any attempt upon our goal was treated with contempt and his refusal to give it credence by making attempt for it. At this time there is no need for despondency. thistles emphasis is based upon the passing game, we shun the hoof into the oppositions box in the vain act of scoring. it is much more dignifying to just pass the ball rather than any attempt to put a ball in a net. On the pitch and in keeping with the spirit of liberal enlightenment our homage to the world Rainbow movement is our delicate approach to tackling or challenging for possession, this deserves high praise. The rough tough burley displays of yesteryear are consigned to the past. Shankly knew nothing when he claimed that you cant get into the top league by playing football, just how many European trophy's did he win.....My point is made. beach balls and inflatable crocodiles at the ready
  3. God Bless....................cant say no more.
  4. As you all know Sabbath is a Jackie Mac man. that being said, I'm 100% behind McCall even if or when, to be more realistic we go down. This is an all hands to the pump time. Alarm bells were ringing right from the start with Caldwell, the one thing that save us and him was he signing of McDonald. Its not easy when your time is limited to build a team from scratch, and time is the one thing we don't have. We are where we are because the Clown before Caldwell destroyed the team and like an Albatross he still haunts Firhill. But hey hoo Beachballs at the ready.....
  5. We can see them sneaking in, We can see them sneaking in..........
  6. To save any bother what should have happened would have been to let Celtic have the whole ground and give us the Canal bank to stand, sure its a restricted view but at the end of the day its all money in the bank........
  7. Sad, Showed a commitment that others just talk about. condolences to the family, God Bless.
  8. To be a success in management you must first have a grasp on man-management, the clue is in the title. sadly for everyone it was glaringly obvious this was not his strong point. He might have loads of contacts in the game, went round different clubs watching other coaching methods and even spoken to Alex Ferguson. his failure was not to get the players on board with his plan for the future. The way Doolan was treated in his testimonial year was Caldwell's end. The only way to come out of that shambles with any sort of credibility was skoosh teams away with barrowloads of goals..........yep. not a huge success. Gary might at the very least claim to have kept us up, I would suggest perhaps it was Scott MacDonald who saved us last season, without doubt Caldwell's best signing.......................apart from the wee boy from Falkirk.
  9. Scottish football is basically Juniors in a fancy park. High ball into their box, get 2 perhaps 3 goals up THEN start playing passing football. Once we find this isn't working, back to the high ball..............Simples
  10. Closest we`ve got to Lambie. happy days
  11. God bless. thoughts and prayers with the family...........
  12. Basically No man management skills. Might know drills and patterns, but the greatest skill is how to man manage. Sad for the boy, if only we had been as quick with the previous Phanny. Lambie's deid and we`re in bother. Only one man left to save us now..................................Oh Jackie McNamara........