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  1. IN or Out

    Nisbet and McLaughlin released. Mccarthy and penrice stay as we thought
  2. New Management

    Delighted the board has kept archie. We need stability at the moment. There is a quick turnaround for the start of the new season and too many changes could damage us. Archie knows which players he wants to kept and get rid off. He has made mistakes but also gave us a brilliant top 6 finish. He should be given next season to turn things around. If it doesn't work next season then he may have to go. But we must give him the chance.
  3. IN or Out

    Keep: Bannigan Keown Booth Penrice Barton Cerny Elliot Osman Lawless Doolan Spittal McCarthy Out: Mcginn Scully Woods Sammon Storey Dumbuya Fraser Devine Think its important that we make changes but don't have too many because you want some familiar faces going into the championship. Look at caley thistle, although the came good in the end, in the first part of the season they struggled after signing up a whole new team. Also we need as few injury prone players as possible as we have been carrying a lot of injuries in the last few seasons which eventually caught up with us. Would keep banzo on as we need our identity back and he is someone who fits the bill.
  4. I would say Jamie Sneddon, Neil McLaughlin, Ross Fleming, mark lamont and Callum Wilson could do a job in the championship.
  5. New Management

    Archie to stay! He deserves the opportunity to bring us back up. Also the turnaround this summer will be quick and we need people in charge who understand our club. You saw with inverness caley thistle how difficult they found it after getting relegated when they brought it in new players and new management staff. If we were to bring in a new manager he would be unfamiliar with everything and we may suffer. We need to make changes but for the right reasons. Not just simply changing things for the sake of change.
  6. douglas clark

    Poor performance. But at least there is only one goal in it. Could have been worse. Hope Archie changes that diamond formation cause we didn’t have enough width. It will be different at firhill with the big pitch. Still confident we can get the job done. Important that the fans stay right behind the team and don’t get on their back.
  7. dun (d-day) away

    Archie saying that erskine is struggling. Hope he makes it. I’m sure he will as he will be desperate to play.
  8. Thistle v Motherwell

    Poor second half performance last night. First half was encouraging though. Big changes needed in the summer regardless of what league we are in. I would play our best passers of the ball on Saturday as we need guys with composure. Hopefully archie realises that. We are no good when we punt the ball forward. We are at our best when we are passing the ball. Lets all get behind the team!
  9. Thistle v Motherwell

    I wish that Archie would give penrice a chance. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Poor kid must be wondering why he bothered to sign a new deal. Would rather he played than McGinn. McGinn does give 100% but is absolutely useless going forward.
  10. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    Although we lost, I thought the fans and players were good. The fans kept on supporting the team. Its good to see that as other supporters from other teams would be quick to boo and get on the back of their players if they were in our position.
  11. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    We need to try and get back to the passing game that was our strength. That’s why we need the old guard back. We should get 100% behind the team. One goal could boost our confidence. Even though we are struggling at the moment, there is still time to turn our season around. Mon the jags!
  12. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    I think Archie needs to get the old guard in for this one. Lawless, erskine and dools should start. Elliot to right back. Booth at left back. Play Andy McCarthy, drop woods and storey. Play 3 at the back with Barton in the middle cause I don’t feel confident with 2 centre half’s
  13. Why has it went so wrong?

    There has been a number of things that have gone wrong this season. 1. The new signings haven't fitted in very well. 2. We don't pass the ball as much as we used to. 3. Injuries in the 1st half of the season cost us some points. 4. Archie keeps making too many changes to the starting line up Don't think it is one person's fault.
  14. Ross County 3/4/18

    Feel so sorry for the fans that travelled. What time did everyone get back at? Was there any problems with the snow on the way back?
  15. Bannigan

    Think the inflamation is the after effects of the knee op. Also apparently he had a blood clot in his knee and loose tissue after the op