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  1. Does that paper bag looking like thing on your head not function as a mask?
  2. I was also expecting a much higher goal return from Tam, based on his exploits with Morton. Our most successful seasons in reasonably recent memory have involved regularly scoring centre backs, Conrad Balatoni winning promotion and Liam Lindsay in gaining Top 6. It was so great to have that feeling of excited anticipation every time we were awarded a corner!
  3. I was going to make the same point as in your second paragraph. If you are looking for an experienced player with a good attitude who can start half the games and come on and influence the other half then I would take Erskine over Cardle every time.
  4. Having read the judgment (I am a solicitor, but not a court practitioner, and therefore have no relevant expertise in such matters), I am relatively encouraged by the independence and quality of the arbitration panel and the powers which the judge has given them (or has at least clarified that they have these powers) as well as the speed with which the panel requires to act. I must confess that up till now (due solely to my own ignorance!) I had thought that arbitration by the SFA involved a few blazers who would be bound to take the SPFL's side or would simply kick the ball into the long grass. It would seem to me that there is still something to play for here. The judge did demonstrate clear understanding of the prejudicial nature of the penalty and the reasonable course of action Hearts & Thistle had taken in not pursuing court action until any realistic possibility of reconstruction had been denied. PS East Kent Jag submitted his longer post while I was typing my shorter one. I think we have come to reasonably similar conclusions.
  5. I envy WJ's amazing speed of thought and typing. By the time I have typed one sentence, three other people have replied, and my point is no longer relevant, if it ever was.
  6. I Its Friday, its 5-2-5 and its CrackerJag!
  7. If you become a party to the court action, you can get copies of everything. The SPFL can tell you how.
  8. Magnus Magnusson repeats the question.
  9. 2 lovely mugs arrived this morning. Superb! One is for my office, so that there is no doubt whatsoever which is my mug. The other is for my Thistle-supporting daughter who with perfect timing moves into her new rented house tomorrow. Great work, Phil!
  10. I am claiming honorary membership. You might remember a couple of years ago in our ultimately unsuccessful struggle to avoid relegation, we had a vital away match against Ross County. It was postponed and ended up being played in the middle of the week I was on holiday on Skye. I drove all the way from Skye to Dingwall and back the same night for that shocking 0-4 defeat. I think I deserve honorary membership for that. I should have been running in the Isle of Skye Half Marathon yesterday, but will be back for next year!
  11. If you put it in a sandwich, it is a very long read. Quorn Piece.
  12. I am sure that reconstruction will not happen as every variation on the theme has fallen by the wayside. Why should this similar attempt succeed when all others have failed? But just assume for a moment that to my surprise this initiative succeeds and we are reinstated to the Championship. Where does the club stand vis a vis Fox & Zanatta? Does no relegation mean that a relegation release clause cannot have been validly triggered? Do we have to take them back (if they want to come back)?
  13. They could palm the ball over the bar