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  1. partickthedog

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    Just received the Law Society Journal for September 2019, and turned the pages eagerly to read an article on page 22 headed "Too much for one person: the GC role today". The analysis, though couched in David Brent Speak, seems to sum up Gary Caldwell pretty accurately: "While the vision of GC as partner-guardian and statesman is both compelling and necessary, the current reality for GC is quite different. Crushed under a daily avalanche of role overload, cost pressures, recurring litigation, major deals and periodic crises, and facing many challenges brought on by the twin revolutions, GC has little time to figure out how to build an outstanding football team or move toward an ideal state" PS The only word I have changed is "football" for "legal". GC is apparently a general counsel.
  2. partickthedog

    Caldwell Sacked

    WGS? Wee Gordon Strachan?
  3. partickthedog

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    Can I have a guess (and also give you an excuse)? You had just listed Cammy Palmer. So your subconscious mind suggested Cammy Bell.
  4. partickthedog

    'Not in the know club'.

    Not worth opening a special thread, and this seemed the most appropriate existing thread. I know nothing about the takeover, tensions in the team or the future of the manager. But I do know that Boris Johnson and Maurice Johnston have one thing in common, apart from similar sounding names. They both fell foul of the Scottish courts!
  5. partickthedog

    Montrose (away) Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup

    Agree as regards Elgin. Until Edinburgh City and Cove Rangers annoyingly sneaked into the league, Elgin's ground was the only one where I had not seen Thistle play. Having said that, I "tidied up" Montrose yesterday as my only previous experience there was a non-competitive pre-season friendly. Another interesting possible tie would be against Glenavon, whose goalkeeper is our old friend Jonny Tuffey. At what stage of the competition, do all fans attending receive free Caramel Wafers?
  6. partickthedog

    Montrose (away) Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup

    Galasso half empty
  7. partickthedog

    Montrose (away) Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup

    We have the makings of a "Sick in the Basin" League. Any other potential entrants?
  8. partickthedog

    Montrose (away) Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup

    Kakay’s JagZone interview gave the impression that he was making his way back to fitness after injury so might not be fit to start for a few weeks. So OK is not OK.
  9. partickthedog

    Thistle For Ever - Fans Ownership

    If you listen to the podcast mentioned a few posts earlier, you will realise that Paul Goodwin is a longstanding and committed Thistle fan. He revealed his best memory as attending the 1971 League Cup Final and spoke of Gerry Britton as King of Spain in a way you would only do if steeped in Thistle culture. Worth a listen. Obviously lots of relevant experience and a calm and intelligent speaker.
  10. partickthedog

    Transfer News !

    As is Oliver Kahn......and Owen Koyle
  11. partickthedog

    Transfer News !

    Osman Kakay is OK
  12. partickthedog

    Liverpool v The Jags

    And (eventually) Scott Paterson and Nathan Eccleston
  13. partickthedog

    'Not in the know club'.

    Socrates: "I neither know nor think that I know" (in Plato, Apology 21d). Manuel: "I know nothing, Mr Fawlty" (in Fawlty Towers, Cleese/Booth)
  14. partickthedog

    Bannigan and O’Ware told to leave?

    Are AJ and I the only Partick Thistle fans in the whole world who are never in the know? It's easier on the brain just to turn up and support whoever is playing for Thistle (and whoever they are owned by) on any given day.
  15. partickthedog

    Bannigan and O’Ware told to leave?

    I think it might even slam shut!