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  1. partickthedog

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    It's brilliant having all these Scotland central defenders whose names end in "A".
  2. partickthedog

    Women's World Cup

    Whichever gender is playing, Erin Cuthbert is the feisty, combative sort of character who makes football worth watching, encourages the team, rumbles up the opposition and inspires the fans. For some reason, Kim Little has been the precise opposite. She obviously has bags of skill and the ability to change games, but has been content to do the minimum to recycle possession, as though she were on a "work to rule". If we can get her more engaged, then with Claire Emslie on from the start (cannot understand why she was dropped), there must be a reasonable chance of further progression. I agree with a lot of what the opening poster said about similarities to Thistle. The season just passed has been notable for a lot of performances where the quality of the first half has been light years from the quality of the second half (and the difference has of course been in both directions). Hopefully this season we will see some Cuthbert-like spirit and vigour from Thistle and some 90/95 minute performances.
  3. partickthedog

    Lewis Mansell

    Please enlighten me. What is his one glaring deficiency? I thought he was quite good at glaring (though I would have to say that Shelley Kerr is the master of that particular art).
  4. partickthedog

    Pre Season

    the pies?
  5. partickthedog

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    I think I know where that is. Let me take you down.
  6. partickthedog

    Phil Bowen

    Don’t tell JJ about him!
  7. partickthedog

    Phil Bowen

    Indeed the world is full of interesting Phils. Phil your boots!
  8. partickthedog

    BetFred Cup Draw

    Edinburgh City to tick off an unvisited ground would suit me. Even better if we could be spirited into the northern group and travel to Elgin City and Cove Rangers.
  9. partickthedog

    Next Season's Championship.

    With the prospect of multiple elections and referenda on the horizon, it may be worthwhile registering for a postal vote in Angus.
  10. partickthedog

    State of Play

    Thank you AFK. Always better at remembering these little details from away games. Presumably because you go to the ground less often, what happens there sticks longer. Totally unrelated and apologies for going off topic but my best memory from Ochilview was the usual tannoy call for the owner of car 123XXX to return to his vehicle, and a steward leaving to great applause.
  11. partickthedog

    State of Play

    That's a fantastic list, thank you. I see that Ledgerwood had to come off on 7 occasions, so that might have been a bit of a concern. Would the likes of McGowan and Harvey who each had 3 stints in goal have been given special goalkeeper style training as there was at least an appreciable risk that they might have to step up now and again? I am absolutely certain that Albert Craig played in goal against Stenhousemuir at Ochilview. It was near the end of the second of our three seasons in the third tier, ie the season before our promotion under Lambie. Perhaps it was a temporary role, while the principal goalkeeper recovered from injury, but then returned, which is why it is not in your stats.
  12. partickthedog

    Ryan Edwards

    Ryan scored more goals in his final season (including fine finishes against St Johnstone and Dundee and a vital winner against Hamilton), though strangely he generally played better in his previous season, when he scored more rarely.
  13. partickthedog

    State of Play

    Albert Craig away at Stenhousemuir. Kennedy and Docherty were both away as well (Forfar & Alloa) and all involved quite long stints in goal. I think that Stevenson's time in goal was the only recent one at Firhill and was fora relatively short time as Ryan Scully was sent off, having replaced the injured Tomas Cerny.
  14. partickthedog

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    But Mr Bunnet did know how to inspire a fightback. You say we rode incredible luck at Peterhead (and I still remember the temporary incomprehension of trying to compute that the ball was somehow behind the goalkeper and over the line), but in the run of 4 away games culminating in that afternoon, we were behind in each match, but recovered to win. Stirling Albion, Dumbarton, Stranraer and Peterhead. Only the second of these was not absolutely vital. That took nerve.
  15. partickthedog

    Out of Contact Players

    Reverse of the season John Lambie led us to the First Division title when we acquired several players from Livingston. Gerry Britton and Derek Fleming for starters, but I am sure there were more. Paul Deas was definitely at Livingston before, but I am not certain if he came straight to us.