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  1. And of course Kelty Hearts and Brora Rangers have no vote. Cunning! Two teams called Hearts and two teams called Rangers are caught up in this.
  2. Unfortunately he was snapped up by the Old Grey Whistle Test.
  3. Yes. Stick to the Jekyll button.
  4. Interesting that the article describes Thistle initially as rent-paying tenants of Firhill, which is consistent with my research into the title deeds. I had been surprised that the first title mentioned in name of Thistle was in 1916, notwithstanding that the club moved to Firhill in 1909. It can take 7 years to transfer a title to Firhill Stadium!!
  5. That was similar to Almondvale, as Livingston went through their umpteenth administration, despite having apparently wealthy backers. Intelligent Finance, you're having a laugh!
  6. Not at Firhill, but at Cappielow. Thistle put in a very poor first half performance, showing little effort and determination. At half-time, some seagulls broke into a vicious battle over a piece of stale pie. Someone shouted "See Jags, that's what hunger looks like".
  7. Looking forward to resuming our pre-game chats. Thinking of Eunice and you at this time and trust that you are keeping well and staying safe, and enjoying some good memories.
  8. Our new top league would also just have 2 Silly teams.
  9. Ian Ross Alexander David Ross Alexander
  10. Other Thistle players with crime writing connections: Agatha Christie Elliott Kenny Arthur Conan Doyle Irvine Sean Welsh Peter James Craigen John Jamie Buchan
  11. Eastern European centre forward named "Mooc". First name began with V, but difficult to spell. Made virtually no impact in a handful of games.
  12. Gary Gow and Denis Connaghan, who still got league winners medals
  13. Would I be right in saying that there is no relegation from the Highland League, so no one really suffers by calling it now? I understand that Brora were absolutely miles ahead, so their potentially challenging clubs were bighearted enough to concede early and not insist on it all being played out (a bit like a golfer conceding a short putt). So not directly equivalent to the situation in any of the SPFL divisions. Straying off topic, I refuse to use Donald Trump jelly moulds as I do not want to set a president.
  14. If we can finish the current season just before the end of 2020, this could be a unique opportunity to reconcile the football season with the calendar year. It is rather embarrassing conducting business meetings from home by Zoom and realising that people can see Raffa da Vita peaking out of the calendar on the wall behind me.
  15. The answer is "No". Just checked, and title position on SCOTLIS (Scottish Land and Information Service operated by the Registers of Scotland) is still as I reported it on 29th February, so title will still be with Three Black Cats Limited