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  1. Thought O’Ware had an excellent game tonight. Won a lot of ball in the air and on the ground and really led the team. Bannigan, Cole, McKinnon and Penrice all stood up to the task and did not show too much respect to Celtic. Penrice unlucky with first goal as ball broke to Griffiths after Penrice tried to retrieve Robson’s error. Robson had a dreadful first half but showed a fair bit of character to give a much improved performance in the second half.
  2. Unless there are ancient examples from over 100 years ago (and I think that relegations and promotions may have worked differently then, depending on votes/elections as well as or instead of league points), only two managers have led us to immediate bouncebacks. Step forward David McParland in 1971 and Dick Campbell in 2006, although only the former restored us to the top level. A near equivalent would have been Bertie Auld in 1976 who led the promotion campaign from the second tier in the first season of the new three division set up. Strictly speaking, we had not been relegated in failing to make the initial top ten, but this did immediately bring us back again to the top flight. John Lambie engineered our only consecutive promotions in 2001 and 2002, while a variety of managers masterminded our consecutive relegations in 2004 and 2005, Gerry Collins, Gerry Britton and Derek Whyte, and the aforementioned Dick Campbell. So golden Yo-yos awarded to Messrs McParland and Lambie, and an honourable Club biscuit with plenty of chocolate on it to Bertie. Empty wrappers to the others mentioned.
  3. What's big brother Gary doing these days?
  4. I am sure that Hamilton can be added to that list.
  5. Only Thistle could lose an imaginary play off!
  6. Strangely the toothache began on Saturday. Now one tooth lighter, but pain free! Just wish the dentist had been on Maryhill Road, so that I could take pride in my Maryhill extraction. Back to the thread. Some really interesting posts and great to have constructive discussion rather than destructive dismantling. After a temporary Firhill flirtation when attending with school friends in the mid/late 1970s (including a semi yo-yo as we failed to make the original Top 10, but immediately bounced back into the Premier League), my serious Thistle supporting began in 1996. I cannot believe how naive I was then in the ways of football and finance. While the experienced and intelligent Thistle fans were devastated by the Tannadice debacle, I was relatively relaxed, thinking that after a season of drudgery and regular defeat, it would be refreshing to be winning games at a lower level and challenging for a quick return. How wrong I was, and it took just two seasons to realise that hammering in a piton while sliding down a slippery slope is a virtual impossibility. Thistle seem to career downhill faster than any other team with a recent Premiership pedigree (the other serial sliders such as Cowdenbeath, Stenhousemuir and Brechin City have started from a lower level). I have seen three landslides in my two decades, and amazingly the present poor show is the least disastrous of the trio. It is nothing short of a miracle that we clawed our way back twice after dropping two leagues, and I question whether we would be lucky enough to return on a third occasion if the trap door to League 1 were to open. Hopefully we have already plumbed the depths of the current trough and are once again rising to the surface. Just cannot ever see us being a stodgily reliable St Johnstone or a Hamilton with their tepid supports. Somehow that is not the Thistle way and like Sisyphus of old I suspect we will be destined to keep pushing that boulder up the hill and then having to chase back to recover it again. The yo-yo is built into the DNA of our circle of life.
  7. Just cheering myself while waiting at the dentist by pondering the interesting concept of a yo-yo club as a chocolate biscuit combination.
  8. We may have had more chances than any team to torpedo the Quadruple Quintuple or whatever it is called. Given that Celtic have been so far ahead in the League each season, there has never been one league game where another team by winning it could have stopped the QQ. Therefore it comes down to the Cups, and I count at least 4 occasions (2 in the League Cup and 2 in the Scottish Cup, if we include next week). The only team I think might come near to matching that have been Aberdeen, who have lost a few cup finals in that time. What a great opportunity to make history!
  9. It seems that we lose games easily and win points with difficulty. I have not gone back and checked every single result (so somebody may be able to point out the odd exception, but not to disprove the general rule), but I believe that the following stats apply to all our league games this season: 1) In all our draws we have had to come from behind after losing the first goal. 2) In all our wins, we have either had to come from behind after losing the first goal, or, having scored first, we have been pegged back to level terms, and have had to go on to score a further goal (or goals). These stats might show some surprising evidence of character and resilience in the team, but more realistically demonstrate that we are incapable of winning comfortably. We have never scored to take the lead and then seen the game out. On the other side, when we lose we often crumble very badly. Either we meekly surrender a lead, or after we concede a goal, the team caves in completely. There have been an alarmingly high number of such games this season. Not wanting to enter into a manager comparison debate, but the trend identified above commenced under Caldwell (except that he had no wins!) and has continued under McCall, The collapses still happen and the draws are similar, but thankfully are now being balanced out by some hard earned wins. So, in conclusion, some grounds for hope, but none for complacency.
  10. Weather during the game much better than before. Miller and Zanatta creating chances but lacking composure and confidence to score. Should have been at least 2-0 up before they scored. Playing some really good stuff before revealing our softness.
  11. I am pretty sure that he made his debut (or possibly his first start) against us for Ross County in the 1-1 draw away from home in our relegation season (the one where Blair Spittal scored after a quick throw by Kris Doolan). He had an exceptionally good game that day and from memory was a terrier like midfielder who got all over the pitch winning the ball and showing a fair measure of skill as well. Reports thereafter suggested that he was an energetic and impressive young player with a good attitude who was going places. If he played regularly at that level he would be some signing. I can only assume that things went downhill for him, but whether due to injury or other reasons I do not know. There must be a player in there somewhere, so hopefully Ian McCall has confidence that he can help restore whatever was lost in these intervening years.
  12. Chris Erskine could play that free role a lot better than Kenny Miller.
  13. Missing Kakay’s energy, although Slater has put in some good crosses. If VAR in operation, I think Alloa would have been awarded a goal for the near post header. I had quite a good view. Fox did well to get down low and shovel the ball sideways but it seemed to hit the net just behind the post. There was that post goal slump by some defenders and many fans, but after a second when time stood still everyone played on. Relief!
  14. Do Alloa sell rolls with pies in them? Roll and sausage, roll and bacon, roll and pie? Seems rather a mouthful.
  15. Not worth a thread of its own, so the team of the decade seemed to be the right place to post this. Just back from running the Beith 10 kilometre race on a wet and windy day. The "athlete" marshalling point was the Ladeside Pavilion. I was inspired to find on the wall a large photograph of Chris Erskine (who of course came to us from Kilbirnie Ladeside Juniors). He was in full Thistle kit (the macB strip), slicing through the Ross County defence. Higgy (also in Thistle strip) was looking on, so it must have been during the period when Chris came back to us on loan from Dundee United in the second half of our first season in the top flight (ie early 2014). It was like meeting an old friend in an unexpected location!