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  1. That's a lot of Cuikies! Will any settings at Firhill have to be adjusted so that Cuikies can be accepted?
  2. Yes, indeed the return of TJR would be most welcome.
  3. So you think Ben might be here for the long Hall?
  4. Would want to keep Cole, Kakay and Palmer who all played big parts in the win on Saturday. Can we cash in DeVita and get Erskine instead? Not to bothered either way about Hall. Bit slow and ponderous but a reasonable squad player.
  5. Sounds like they could be Cuikie Monsters.
  6. You are absolutely right, thank you. Got my cups confused. I will stick with my prediction so as not to confuse BB any more. Should have realised that we were playing away fur the wafer. Bit like is it a meringue or am I wrang?
  7. If Shea Gordon was starting I would confidently predict no teams scoring before Thistle. Unfortunately he will be away with Northern Ireland under 21. However, I have to be a bigger optimist than AJ, so I am going for only 3 teams to score before us.
  8. Thank you AFK. You answered my question before I even asked it! In an idle moment this morning I was speculating whether Banzo had been sent off more times than Archie. Now I know, but I suspect that Banzo may have his eyes set on the record. My other idle thought was totally unconnected. I believe that Thistle have supplied 2 right fullbacks/wingbacks to the Sierra Leone national team in the shape of Mustapha Dumbuya and Osman Kakay. Is there any other instance of 2 different Thistle players being capped at full international level by the same country other than Scotland in the same position? I say other than Scotland deliberately as I appreciate that Alan Rough and Nicky Walker both played as goalkeeper for Scotland and I am sure that there are several other examples.
  9. Yes. in JagZone interview, Shea describes how he was just carrying on his run on to the pitch as sub, and as he arrived at the edge of the box, he realised that Tam was going to get his head on the ball, so he hovered in the appropriate zone where the ball might drop
  10. Looks like we agree on the best players today. Do not want to dwell on negatives but Zanatta showed very little heart. With his sort of play, some things work and some things do not work, and that is fair enough, but he has to try hard and put himself about.
  11. Agree that Tam was good today, as were Penrice and Cole, but going to give my MOTM award to Kakay. Covered a lot of ground and showed pace, skill and heart. His run won the corner which led to the passage of play from which Gordon scored his second.
  12. He was even more than OK today!