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  1. partickthedog


    Could you clear the Board, the management team and most of the playing squad while you are at it?
  2. partickthedog

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Time to revive this thread. The 7 days and 2 hours from 3pm on Saturday 20th April to 5pm on Saturday 27th April are MASSIVE with a capital M, not just for Caldwell, but for Partick Thistle Football Club and all whose hope and well-being is caught up with its success or failure. There are 3 potential outcomes to the 36 game league season, and all of them are eminently possible. SURVIVAL PLAY-OFFS AUTOMATIC RELEGATION. How many of these dishes will still be on the menu at the end of this mega-massive 7 days? Possibly just one if we hit the heights or plumb the depths, maybe two if we are middling to good or middling to poor. Or will we go to Dumfries with more options than in a referendum or in a sliding doors movie? Fate in our hands or in the hands of rivals or in the hands of teams who could not care less? Will events in far away stadia bring grief, gratitude or total incomprehension? How will the Toblerone crumble?
  3. partickthedog

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Time to step up to the plate, stand up and be counted, walk the extra mile, put in a good shift, search for the hero inside of us, embrace our destiny and show what we are made of. I feel the hand of history upon our shoulder.
  4. partickthedog

    Now and Then Exhibition

    I was thinking of George Orwell's Down and Out in Partick and Livingston.
  5. partickthedog

    Jags Disabled Supporters Club

    Many apologies for butting in, but is that mobile phone number not one digit short?
  6. partickthedog

    County 13/04

    Yes indeed, but say we win by one goal, we are just a goal ahead on goal difference. After that, say Morton and ourselves have matching results, apart from one game where they win 3-0 and we win 1-0. The 2 goal swing means that Morton finish ahead of us by 1 goal. Reinstate the ghost goal, we gain 1, Morton lose 1, and we are ahead again. So this ghost goal could still come back to haunt us.
  7. partickthedog

    4 Games to go.

    Was Fulton's excuse not that he was giving some personal counselling and encouragement to Jame Mitchell who was going through a difficult time personally, though doing this in a noisy pub while watching the Grand National was perhaps not the most appropriate choice. Andy Dowie also came along for the ride, but because he was then a young player being led astray by two older colleagues he was treated less harshly. My recollection is that Fulton and Mitchell had their contacts terminated while Dowie was suspended and/or fined, but somebody else better informed than me can perhaps fill in that detail.
  8. partickthedog

    County 13/04

    Impressive first half performance with great link up play between MacDonald, Doolan, Spittal and Penrice in particular creating numerous chances. Pity we could not score, but certainly we have been positive and slightly the better team.
  9. partickthedog

    County 13/04

    But if you keep travelling and don't arrive, you start to lose hope.
  10. partickthedog

    County 13/04

    Whatever formation, personnel and tactics we adopt, the one thing we must not do is keep pumping high balls to giant defenders against small strikers. Time and time again over the past two decades we seem to end up playing that way against Ross County, and they just love it!
  11. partickthedog

    With The Jags in Sweden 1972

    Did I see an 11-1 score in Thistle's favour in the group stages, presumably against a local Swedish amateur team? So the Albion Rovers game is not unique and our fellow forumite will have to rename himself elevensesone. Given that they had some wilderness years in the lower leagues, I tend to think of that the current Manchester City team must be the best there has ever been. But that is some squad they had in 1972 as well. We could do with Colin Bell in our team, and it would be great if Miles Storey suddenly became Rodney Marsh overnight.
  12. partickthedog

    County 13/04

    I am sure that's where I parked last year for the awful 0-4 game. Was free of charge then and quite good for a quick getaway on to the main road south, away from the queue of cars coming back over the railway bridge. Having said that, going over the bridge before the game and going straight on gets you closer to the ground and gives plenty of good parking space even though there are now more yellow lines than there were before, and the queue takes only 10 minutes to clear. On principle I try to avoid paying home teams for parking. Have driven far enough to get there, and I am paying for the game anyway.
  13. partickthedog

    Board Changes

    You can check out the new director on googly.
  14. Thank you for running a great competition AJ. I tried to honour Robert’s memory by being positive and always predicting Thistle wins. Robert would have loved that 2nd goal today and the celebration after it. He would have been perfectly placed to high five Scott MacDonald on the way past. Will see you at the Alloa game. All the best to the last competitors standing.
  15. partickthedog

    Dunfermline 06/05

    The fact that we brought on 3 attacking players to replace a defender, a defensive midfielder and a defender trying to play wingback shows how incredibly negative our starting set up was. Far too many high balls punted up to diminutive strikers.