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  1. Agreed, and quite apart from complying with the rules of the competition, surely we have some first team squad members returning from injury who could do with playing at least part of the game, plus fringe/bench players who need to get some game time, in the hope that they might improve!? A good performance could put someone into "first pick" contention, given that few of those currently in the team have nailed done their places by consistent high quality showings.
  2. Clutching at straws, but Queen of the South managed to survive last year, even though they entered the process with substantial downward momentum.
  3. That's a really good point. I knew that really, but my mind (and I suspect other minds on the forum) keep lapsing back into thinking we would just have to beat one team over 2 legs (Raith, Falkirk, Airdrie, Montrose or East Fife) and forgetting that we have to do it twice. Likelihood 25% and that is leaving out factors like current form, momentum and spirit in the camp, which will likely be against us. We've just got to scrap our way to 8th somehow.
  4. I was pleased to note that how we defend corners has been copied and even perfected by a team in the English Premier League. Southampton got this down to a fine art against Burnley yesterday. Player at the front post watches the ball go past him, and ducks out of the way just to make sure. Goalkeeper stands behind the line, so that any save is ineffective. The enhanced feature from Southampton was that there was no need for an opposition player to nod the ball in unopposed from two yards out. Archie heading for St Mary's?
  5. I don't think that man ever got to be President, at least not on this earth. Surely we have won the odd game and secured the occasional clean sheet in the past two millennia, though I concede that it is becoming progressively more difficult to remember.
  6. As someone who used to edit a magazine called “Fulcrum”, it is wonderful to see the plural form “fulcra” being used correctly. Barney, you have cheered me up after such a miserable performance. I agree with you about Graham’s attitude. Also think that Penrice really cares and was the only one to put in a decent showing last night. At least he did try to straighten up our attacks and displayed some drive and determination.
  7. Conceding a corner is tantamount to losing a goal. As sure as night follows day.
  8. Your record of stopping pigeons was not as good as John Lambie's.
  9. Thoughts with Jackie and his family.
  10. BB, you may laugh, but just wait until this time next season when the Scottish Cup quarter finalists are Partick Thistle and 7 non-league teams and I am the only contestant left in your competition! Seriously, thank you for organising this. It was fun while it lasted.
  11. That's a very good point about where Cole should be stationed, especially at corners. His delivery from them is not so especially good that he needs to be taking them. When Penrice first came on the scene, his deadball delivery was excellent. Surely that can be revived, and perhaps others have the ability, if given the chance. I would also agree with giving Sneddon a run in goals.
  12. Lots of fair points being made by others in recent posts. Some of us are crazy and undiscerning enough to turn up to every away game regardless of recent performances, and in general we have been better rewarded than the long suffering regular home support in the past few lean seasons, with some cracking victories, including Dundee (last time round), Inverness and Queen of the South this season. But I can fully appreciate that anyone who travels with some element of expectation of victory or even of a decent performance will find it difficult to pick up the car keys or head to the train station or the bus stop! One small element of analysis to add to what others have said. For whatever reason, in the past few games Reece Cole has been much less prominent and effective than previously in all the elements of his game that made such a positive impression: 1) Forward passes from midfield, finding runners. 2) Being the runner himself, whom others find. 3) Shooting from 20-30 yards out, including free kicks, either scoring himself or enabling others to score from rebounds/deflections. Why has he almost disappeared from view and what can be done to restore him to maximum effectiveness? I think that this may be the key to our survival.
  13. Gordon and Saunders coming on. Not sure yet who they are replacing.
  14. Miserable half of football. Occasional limited spark of life from Zanatta and Cardle but no more. Not sure if there is any point in having Fox in goals at corners. Every attack super slow or lumped vaguely to an unsupported Graham.
  15. We failed to add him to our mccart before going to the check out.
  16. "NARF" is quite a good acronym for the Not a Real Fan Club. I am struggling for a reasonable acronym for AJ's Not in the Know Club, of which I am a member. NITKON is the best I can come up with, but that is not a perfect fit.
  17. Thank you all for your enlightening responses, in the light of which I will review my original suggestion. Get them both into the UFC. That Conor McGregor wouldn't stand a chance.
  18. I did not see the Cardle reaction (too far away in the John Lambie Stand), but the Muirhead rugby tackle was worthy of Dave the Ukrainian. Get him into the Scotland squad for the Six Nations!
  19. I thought the same when I saw the team sheet, but they have been 2 of our best players. Humble pie being consumed!
  20. Amazed that Hibs have signed Paul McGinn. He was hardly outstanding for us and in no way a game-breaker, though perhaps more composed and consistent than some. Has he suddenly improved? Would you have been excited if he had signed for Thistle instead?
  21. What a dull round. Just about all my underdogs lost. 3 did sneak though and I will be relying on BSC Glasgow, Ayr United and Falkirk to carry the banner forward. None of this glory hunting for me. 19 goals.
  22. PS. One thing McGinty was quite good at was being tall.